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Q. Usually how much do closing costs run for?


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Melanie Ross, Benicia CA & Vallejo CA Real Estate, 707-319-2828 (Coldwell Banker Solano Pacific): Real Estate Agent in Benicia, CA Melanie Ross, Benicia CA & Vallejo CA Real Estate, 707-319-2828 (Coldwell Banker Solano Pacific)
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A. Different factors drive the closing costs when buying a home or even refinancing. You can always get an estimate from your Realtor or Loan Officer so you can budget for it. As a Realtor a "rule of thumb" I use is 2.5%-3% of the purchase price (in Calif). This often times is on the higher side, however, I would rather have my clients be delighted with less, than upset when they have to fork over more money! Having one loan versus two loans makes a difference. First Time home buyer programs make a difference. No matter what.... it is imperative when purchasing or refinancing you understand what the costs are. Talk to your Realtor and Loan Officer!! Knowledge is powerful and being informed when making the biggest purchase of your lifetime can ease some of the stress. Good Luck!

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Mike Mueller (Tech and Social Media Consultant): Education & Training in Walnut Creek, CA Mike Mueller (Tech and Social Media Consultant)
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A. Melanie is correct! For a ballpark you can usually use the 3% figure for a start. Other factors that will come into play are seller contributions if any. What prepaids will you have? Impound account? Taxes due? Insurance? HOA fees? they can all add considerably to the bottom line. What day of the month and what month you close on also matters.

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Gene Ward, Gene Ward (Area Pro Realty): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Danville, CA Gene Ward, Gene Ward (Area Pro Realty)
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A. 2-3 % of the purchase price. It's pretty easy to figure out once you know the purchase price, loan fees and prepaid interest, HOA dues, home inspection, etc. In this buyer's market your closing costs can be drastically reduced by writing an offer that asks for the seller to pay a certain amount of your closing cost. Best regards, Gene Ward - Broker Associate VM Group Real Estate and Loans (925) 933-8845

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Darren Hill (Confidence Realty): Real Estate Agent in Glendale, CA Darren Hill (Confidence Realty)
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Glendale, CA

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A. I try to explain to all of my clients to make sure to have approximately 3% to 4% of the purchase price set aside for closing costs. Since closing costs are variable, make sure to have your agent put together a closing cost estimate worksheet for you. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) requires a detailed broker and lender good faith estimate pertaining to settlement and closing costs to be provided within three days after you apply for a loan

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Michele  Lane (Re/Max Associates): Real Estate Agent in San Jose, CA Michele Lane (Re/Max Associates)
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A. Melanie is right different factors will effect your closing costs. A good rule of thumb is about 3%. However, ask your loan officer or Realtor to provide you with a Buyers Estimate Closing Cost Statement. This help make sure there are no surprises.

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James Gordon, REALTOR, PBD SFR SRS (Sibcy Cline Realtors®): Real Estate Agent in Cincinnati, OH James Gordon, REALTOR, PBD SFR SRS (Sibcy Cline Realtors®)
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A. Are you buying or selling? There are seperate costs involved on either side and the seller normally has higher costs. For the correct information it would help to know if you are SELLING OR BUYING a property.

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