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Submitted 08/13/12 09:34 AM

Q. I need a competent and dependable loan officer in the St Pete market. I haven't heard from our last one in two weeks. Looking to buy investment property. Thank you.


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Submitted 08/13/12 09:43 AM
Stephanie/Bob The Ruiz/Miller Team, The Ocala Dream Team (Keller Williams Cornerstone Realty): Real Estate Sales Representative in Ocala, FL Stephanie/Bob The Ruiz/Miller Team, The Ocala Dream Team (Keller Williams Cornerstone Realty)
Real Estate Sales Representative
Ocala, FL

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Try this guy.  He can lend anywhere in Florida.

Joe Fowler




Inlanta Mortgage

Mention my name and ask for a pre-qualification letter and a good faith estimate.


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Submitted 08/17/12 12:59 PM
Sandy Williams (Keller Williams, sandy@sandywilliams.com): Real Estate Agent in Hallandale, FL Sandy Williams (Keller Williams, sandy@sandywilliams.com)
Real Estate Agent
Hallandale, FL

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If you are an investor, you are going to want to use a loan originator who works with investors on a daily basis.  I sell quiet alot of bank foreclosures and mostly to investors.  The person that several of my investors use is Triangle Financial.  The contact person is Daniel and he can be reached at 305-987-7379.  Although he is not physically in that area, I know that he loans all over Florida.  Great rates too.  Tell him Sandy sent you!  Good luck and good buy :)


Sandy Williams, Keller Williams

Where its "always Sandy on the Beaches"


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Submitted 08/24/12 09:49 AM
Ken Rizza (Homestar Financial Corp): Mortgage and Lending in Buford, GA Ken Rizza (Homestar Financial Corp)
Mortgage and Lending
Buford, GA

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I have been lending if Florida for 20 years.  I take calls 7 days a week up to 10PM every day.  95% of the time I answer the phone right away and if I am on a call the other 5% of the time I will call you back within an hour or less.  Be happy to provide references- lots of them.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Ken Rizza



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Submitted 04/27/13 08:45 PM
Jim McCoy: Services for Real Estate Pros in Martinsville, OH Jim McCoy
Services for Real Estate Pros
Martinsville, OH

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We are legitimate and accredited private money lenders. We provide loan to people in need of financial assistance. Do you have a bad credit or you are in need of funds to pay bills? We want to use this medium to inform you that we render reliable beneficiary assistance as we will be glad to offer you a loan.

SERVICES WE PROVIDE - Refinance, Home Loan, Mortgage, Home Improvement, Car Loan, Hard money loan, Debt Consolidation, Line of credit, Business Loan, Personal Loan, International Loan. 

Contact us today and allow us help you out of financial hardship. Funds may be used for any purpose including personal or business use.  

Send us an e-mail and request for a loan application to fill-up.  No credit rating check. No income verification.

Receive fast funding in less than 5 hours. 100% approval Guaranteed.

Contact us now for your financial solutions.

e-mail :  easternfundsinc@pacificwest.com

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Submitted 04/28/13 09:28 AM
Cara  Lam, Cara Lam, Gladewater National Bank (Gladewater National Bank,  NMLS#1009328): Mortgage and Lending in Pinellas Park, FL Cara Lam, Cara Lam, Gladewater National Bank (Gladewater National Bank, NMLS#1009328)
Mortgage and Lending
Pinellas Park, FL

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I am local in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area where I am a direct lender that is FDIC insured. We have all of the traditional loan products and investment products for all types of clients needs.

You may contact me direct at: 813-309-5626 phone or text..

I look forward to working with you..Make it a great day!!




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