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Q. What is a "point one" bathroom? As in 1.1 bath, 2.1 bath. Does it mean a bathroom has an extra sink? I've never seen .1 or .2 bath defined anywhere.


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Here in Oklahoma the point one means that the home has a half bath.  So 2.1 would mean the home has 2 full and 1 half baths.  A half bath used to be denoted as .5, so that a home with 2 and half baths would be 2.5, but now it would be shown as 2.1. 

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Ruth Ann Mertens

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Sylvia Young, Broker (Options Realty Group): Real Estate Agent in Emeryville, CA Sylvia Young, Broker (Options Realty Group)
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In California, it also means a half bath.  A half bath, is usually a toilet, sink and shower, whereas a quarter bath, is usually a toilet and sink, also known as a powder room.

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John Elwell (CENTURY 21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Zephyrhills, FL John Elwell (CENTURY 21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.)
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A. Funny how things are different in different states. Here in Florida it is still 1.5 or 1 and 1/2. And here we consider a bath with a shower to be a full bath. A half bath for us is just a sink and a toilet, sometimes referred to as a powder room. The 2.1 does not make sense to me. Wonder where that one started.

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Jim Ludes, Grundy/Will County, IL REALTOR (RE/MAX Top Properties): Real Estate Agent in Coal City, IL Jim Ludes, Grundy/Will County, IL REALTOR (RE/MAX Top Properties)
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Like the first two ladies answered on behalf of their states...In Illinois, .1 means 1/2 bath. The number in the tenths place (the digit immediately following the decimal) is the number of half baths! 2.1= 2 FULL and 1 half bath.... 2.3= 2 FULL and 3 HALF baths!

Whether it's 1.1 or 5.6...seems to make great sense to me and really cuts down on any confusion! John, what do you do in Florida when you have 2 full and 2 half baths in a house? If you have 2 halves--do they make one whole and call it 3 baths (as opposed to Illinois' 2.2)?? See why it helps?!?!

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Eileen Landau, ABR, CRS, e-PRO (BAIRD & WARNER, NAPERVILLE): Real Estate Agent in Naperville, IL Eileen Landau, ABR, CRS, e-PRO (BAIRD & WARNER, NAPERVILLE)
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Our multiple listing service made changes to their software program about four years ago.

We used to indicate bathrooms: 2.5 which means 2 full baths and 1 half bath.

A half bath in MLSNI terminology is a toilet and sink. A full bath is a room with a bath/shower (doesn't matter here), toilet and sink(s).

Many larger homes will show up as: 4.3. And, I've even seen some 5.6 baths.

All I can say, I'm just glad that I'm not cleaning them! 

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Randy Lyon (Kettley and Company): Real Estate Agent in Oswego, IL Randy Lyon (Kettley and Company)
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In Illinois the period denotes full baths to the left and half baths to the right of the period. A half bath will have a sink, toilet or both and a tub or shower will make it a full. We use the term powder often for a half bath since the one thing lacking from a half bath is the means to bathe. Go Tell.shower makes this a full bath

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