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Q. is it normal for a seller to have past utility bills available for their agent or people looking to buy their home?


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Some sellers make it available as part of the listing and others will make it available upon request. You or your agent can always ask the listing agent to see what the seller will/can provide.


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Maureen  Rooker (REMAX Vision): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Hutto, TX Maureen Rooker (REMAX Vision)
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Yes, some REALTORS do request that you provide that information in order for buyers to have a better knowledge of the home. 

The Texas Association of REALTORS Seller's Disclosure asks sellers to provide contact information for utilities. This form is part of the Listing Agreement that a seller fills out to give buyers a brief overview of the home. Since the utility contact information is provided on this form, having past utility bills provides a better picture for the buyer to make an educated decision about utility providers should they purchase the home. 

In addition, some Buyer's Agents will request that information for their buyers. It is better to be prepared, because everything is time sensitive! 


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