ActiveRain Success Stories

Ricky Davis (Davis Total Property Management): Services for Real Estate Pros in Jacksonville, FL Ricky Davis (Davis Total Property Management) said over 2 years ago,
"I hope to network and help people to get what they want out of the property they are buying or selling."
Connie Harvey, Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate (Pilkerton Realtors): Real Estate Agent in Brentwood, TN Connie Harvey, Realtor - Nashville TN Real Estate (Pilkerton Realtors) said over 2 years ago,
"I joined Active Rain in May of 2008. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I logged in most days and read different blog posts, trying to figure it out. I would post a listing. But mostly just read other AR members' blogs and commented. The big change in my posts came from the contests Bob Stewart thought up to get us to do more hyper-local posts. I took each challenge seriously and wrote to the best of my ability.
Finally this spring I was emailed by a young woman who said "you write about the area we want to live in". They bought their first home from me less than a month later."
Randy Bolton (World Financial Group): Services for Real Estate Pros in Diamond Bar, CA Randy Bolton (World Financial Group) said over 2 years ago,
"I was contacted on ActiveRain by a person who wanted me to handle a $200,000 investment account for him. I LOVE networking!"
John Krol, Naples, REO, Short Sales, Luxury Homes (Top Producers Realty, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Naples, FL John Krol, Naples, REO, Short Sales, Luxury Homes (Top Producers Realty, Inc.) said over 2 years ago,
Aleem Mohammed (Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty): Real Estate Agent in Bloomingdale, IL Aleem Mohammed (Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty) said over 2 years ago,
"Aleem was instrumental in finding a fantastic home for us. He provided us with the best service and was a fantastic negotiator in getting us the best price for our lovely home. I would highly recommend Aleem to help with buying or selling a home. He is very detailed and honest, and provides exceptional customer service. Thank you much Aleem. Jay and Sherri,"
Tim Lewis, e-Pro (ERA Simmons Real Estate, Ltd.): Real Estate Agent in Alamogordo, NM Tim Lewis, e-Pro (ERA Simmons Real Estate, Ltd.) said over 2 years ago,
"Thanks to two ActiveRain referrals from an ActiveRain member in Ruidoso, New Mexico, I have had to successful closings in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Thanks Annie!"
Carl and Michelle Van Eyssen Kendall (Re/Max Preferred): Real Estate Agent in Fort Lauderdale, FL Carl and Michelle Van Eyssen Kendall (Re/Max Preferred) said over 2 years ago,
"The Kendall Team Short Sale Success Story

In today’s steadily declining market, sellers know all too well that a short sale is often their number one, if not only, way to escape huge mortgage payments on their devalued home. 4 or 5 years ago, a seller would have been embarrassed to tell friends and family that they just did a short sale on their home; however, today it's becoming an acceptable option, even the everyday norm.
Chris and Carol Jones have been lifelong family friends of ours. They came to us to help them sell their home. We listed it on the market for $489,000 in March, 2010. After sitting stagnant on the market, as home prices continued to fall, it was necessary to reduce their asking price every 2-3 months. Growing weary of fighting with lender banks, and 252 days later, they'd had enough. Chris and Carol could not believe that their home, a major investment for any family, was no longer worth their original $550,000 investment! Regardless, they had no other choice but to sell. After long, disheartening conversations with Carl V. E. Kendall, their realtor, they put their home and trust in his hands to allow him to work directly with the lender bank in order to sell their home. Carl changed the listing status to a short sale early January, 2011, while drastically reducing their original asking price down to $324,900 - a $164,000 reduction. The next step - we sought offers .
With Keller Williams phenomenal syndication program, we advertised the home through more than 350 websites, and activity started right away. 8 days later, we put the house under contract. These buyers backed out; however, Carl had negotiated and achieved bank approval for a short sale at $329,900.00.
In March, Jay and Kristine Hines called us to see the property. Kristine instantly fell in love with the house, and they made an offer of $313,000.00. Carl was now negotiating with the bank for both sides, buyers and sellers, and had his work cut out for him. On April 4, Carl presented the buyer/seller signed contract to the bank. We all waited for the bank's response. On April 19, after reviewing the offer, the bank came back with a counter offer of $339,000.00, now asking for an additional $10,000.00 over the earlier approved short sale price. If not for Carl’s extensive experience working directly with many banks on a daily basis, short sales as well as listing agent for bank foreclosures, this transaction would surely have fallen apart. The Hine’s would not have been able to purchase their waterfront home at today's current market value, and the Jones would still be trapped paying excessive mortgage payments for a home no longer worth their financial commitment!
Carl knew that, if the $313,000.00 offer was rejected, the bank would soon incur fees/ costs for code violations relating to the property's pool, fence, and landscaping. So, he went back at the bank to continue negotiating. It took Carl only one week , on April 27, to finalize an executed contract for $316,000.00 with closing paperwork from the bank in hand. Jay and Kristine Hines then closed on their South Florida waterfront home on May 27 - only 30 days after contract acceptance. At the closing table, Kristine Hines gave Carl a new middle name - Carl "Pit-Bull" Kendall. Thanks Kristine! And In the end, we gained new friends, the buyers and sellers became good friends, and everyone is happy.

As a successful full-time realtor, acting consultant for multiple banks, including property management of bank foreclosures, and court-appointed Receiver for bank foreclosed property, Carl had the necessary experience and knowledge to make this transaction close in record time. If you are looking to short sale your home, make sure your realtor has extensive experience working with short sales and bank owned property. When it comes to negotiation with any bank, you must know what you are talking about, how to push your contract through all the red-tape, or your short sale could likely end up on a foreclosure list. Another tip: sellers should know that they are required to present pay stubs, tax returns, hardship letters, and more. The sooner the bank receives your paperwork, the quicker and more likely your short sale will end up a success story just as it did for the Jones and Hines. Call the Kendall Team today to discuss how we can help you, at 954-253-4105, or email us at"
Josh Hansen (Strategic Realty): Real Estate Agent in Bend, OR Josh Hansen (Strategic Realty) said over 2 years ago,
"Several successes are the most memorable for me. The first was a short sale I completed with 3 liens totaling $13 million. The 2nd lien holder was a bank that failed and was taken over by the FDIC the day after the first lender approved the short sale. I negotiated another private lien of $80,000 down to $2500 and got the first lien holder to pay it. Final sales price was $328,000 and the sale was completed in 34 days, with no recourse or contributions from the seller.

The second was creating a multiple offer situation for my seller and selling a property for 122% of list in a market that was in the middle of a 50% decline in value.

The third was procuring a sale 8 days before year's end. It was a must have for the client and it had to close prior to the end of the quarter. The previous buyer pulled a very underhanded move late in the game and the contract died about a week before we acquired the buyer who finally closed.

While I consider these successes, the real success was working with my business partner and all of the people who made these events possible for the clients. It's all about the clients. At the end of the day, helping them achieve their goals is all that matters:)"
Sandra Harper (Fairhope Realty Group): Real Estate Agent in Fairhope, AL Sandra Harper (Fairhope Realty Group) said over 2 years ago,
"ActiveRain has been a great website for networking on the web with buyers and sellers of real estate. Now more than ever buyers and sellers need experienced Realtors/Brokers to work with them to make purchases and sell their property."
Dawn Brenengen, Sales and Management (Dawn Brenengen - Trailwood Realty): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Raleigh, NC Dawn Brenengen, Sales and Management (Dawn Brenengen - Trailwood Realty) said over 2 years ago,
"I attended Charlotte Raincamp where I met some great people! I reconnected with some local agents, and I found some new ones. A special thanks goes to out to the agents I met from Charlottesville, especially Ms. Gibson who I'm looking forward to knowing as a great mentor!"
Ian Lazarus, 2nd Home & Retirement Specialist (The Landis Co., Realtors): Real Estate Agent in Sea Isle City, NJ Ian Lazarus, 2nd Home & Retirement Specialist (The Landis Co., Realtors) said over 2 years ago,
"I Love Active Rain because I get so many great ideas about how to market my business online. Thanks to all the awesome agents that take the time to share their successes with us !"
Jill Jacks (Greater Midwest Resource, LLC): Real Estate Agent in Ham Lake, MN Jill Jacks (Greater Midwest Resource, LLC) said over 2 years ago,
"I have been able to help many people in MN and in other states with the help of the Active Rain Network of Real Estate Professionals. Active Rain has greatly improved my ability to provide great service to my clients and other real estate service agencies. The Networking is wonderful with Active Rain from all over the country, not just region specific areas. I have helped several clients relocate successfully and sell land, because of Active Rain. Thank You!"
Nancy Bain, Supernova Media | Real Estate Marketing (Supernova Media): Services for Real Estate Pros in Bridgewater, NS Nancy Bain, Supernova Media | Real Estate Marketing (Supernova Media) said over 2 years ago,
"Active Rain is the real estate industry's online resource for real estate professionals. Simply by thoroughly completing the profile section you can move up the ranks, gain points and be featured in your area. Supernova Studios will be encouraging Nova Scotia Realtors to sign up and actively participate in Active Rain as part of their marketing plan."
Mutter  Real Estate Group (Real Living Mutter Real Estate Group): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Titusville, FL Mutter Real Estate Group (Real Living Mutter Real Estate Group) said over 2 years ago,
"At Mutter Real Estate Group, our mission is to make the process of buying or selling your home or investment property as easy, profitable and satisfying as possible. We respect the needs and unique circumstances of each and every customer we are commissioned to work for. We keep your best interest in the highest regard throughout the process of our transaction. We strive for excellence at all times!

There are two dozen agents in our firm to assist you. Most are real estate professionals with college, advanced degrees or extensive specialized real estate training. Many of us came from public service backgrounds such as police officers and trainers. All of us consistently attend educational sessions to keep up-to-date in order to better serve you."
Mike Barrett: Services for Real Estate Pros in Kirkland, WA Mike Barrett said over 2 years ago,
"From the beginning I have always wanted to be found on Google "spot light", then when as soon as I started blogging with ActiveRain there I was- That fast! I have had the pleasure to work in the Active Rain office in Seattle, WA with their employees and know they value their customers as do I. Thanks ActiveRain for the best blogging platform I have ever used."
Pamela Montero (Keller Williams): Real Estate Agent in Springville, UT Pamela Montero (Keller Williams) said over 2 years ago,
"One very special buyer always comes to mind for me. Her name is Charlene. She registered on my website to look at homes about 2 years ago. I contacted her she said that because of a nasty divorce she had no hope of ever owning a home but she loved to look. She shared a little information with me bit by bit and it just seemed that she had worked hard to pay off some bills and had a good work history. I wanted to give her hope. I told her that I bet her credit wasn't as bad as she thought. I told her she should give one of the lenders that I work with a call who does credit repair to see what she needs to do be able to qualify. It took several promptings but she finally contacted my friend, Melanie Morrison of Academy Mortgage. It was just like I thought-her case was not hopeless and within 9 months of doing what Melanie told her to do she was able to qualify for a loan and I was able to find her a great house in Payson, Utah. It was a dream that she never believed was possible. She keeps thanking me and Melanie-but we just tell her that she is the one that made it happen. All we did was give her hope, and that is all she needed. This wonderful lady has raised 10 children of her own and is now helping to raise 2 grandchildren. These are the type of clients who keep me doing real estate. I have certainly had clients who make me wonder why I am in this crazy business-but 1 Charlene makes up for 100 unappreciative customers. I think it is important to treat a $50,000 client with the same respect as a million dollar client. We are all just people sharing the same earth. I love helping people achieve the American Dream of home ownership."