ActiveRain Success Stories

Nancy Bain, Supernova Media | Real Estate Marketing (Supernova Media): Services for Real Estate Pros in Bridgewater, NS Nancy Bain, Supernova Media | Real Estate Marketing (Supernova Media) said over 2 years ago,
"Active Rain is the real estate industry's online resource for real estate professionals. Simply by thoroughly completing the profile section you can move up the ranks, gain points and be featured in your area. Supernova Studios will be encouraging Nova Scotia Realtors to sign up and actively participate in Active Rain as part of their marketing plan."
Mutter  Real Estate Group (Real Living Mutter Real Estate Group): Real Estate Broker/Owner in Titusville, FL Mutter Real Estate Group (Real Living Mutter Real Estate Group) said over 2 years ago,
"At Mutter Real Estate Group, our mission is to make the process of buying or selling your home or investment property as easy, profitable and satisfying as possible. We respect the needs and unique circumstances of each and every customer we are commissioned to work for. We keep your best interest in the highest regard throughout the process of our transaction. We strive for excellence at all times!

There are two dozen agents in our firm to assist you. Most are real estate professionals with college, advanced degrees or extensive specialized real estate training. Many of us came from public service backgrounds such as police officers and trainers. All of us consistently attend educational sessions to keep up-to-date in order to better serve you."
Mike Barrett: Services for Real Estate Pros in Kirkland, WA Mike Barrett said over 2 years ago,
"From the beginning I have always wanted to be found on Google "spot light", then when as soon as I started blogging with ActiveRain there I was- That fast! I have had the pleasure to work in the Active Rain office in Seattle, WA with their employees and know they value their customers as do I. Thanks ActiveRain for the best blogging platform I have ever used."
Pamela Montero (Keller Williams): Real Estate Agent in Springville, UT Pamela Montero (Keller Williams) said over 2 years ago,
"One very special buyer always comes to mind for me. Her name is Charlene. She registered on my website to look at homes about 2 years ago. I contacted her she said that because of a nasty divorce she had no hope of ever owning a home but she loved to look. She shared a little information with me bit by bit and it just seemed that she had worked hard to pay off some bills and had a good work history. I wanted to give her hope. I told her that I bet her credit wasn't as bad as she thought. I told her she should give one of the lenders that I work with a call who does credit repair to see what she needs to do be able to qualify. It took several promptings but she finally contacted my friend, Melanie Morrison of Academy Mortgage. It was just like I thought-her case was not hopeless and within 9 months of doing what Melanie told her to do she was able to qualify for a loan and I was able to find her a great house in Payson, Utah. It was a dream that she never believed was possible. She keeps thanking me and Melanie-but we just tell her that she is the one that made it happen. All we did was give her hope, and that is all she needed. This wonderful lady has raised 10 children of her own and is now helping to raise 2 grandchildren. These are the type of clients who keep me doing real estate. I have certainly had clients who make me wonder why I am in this crazy business-but 1 Charlene makes up for 100 unappreciative customers. I think it is important to treat a $50,000 client with the same respect as a million dollar client. We are all just people sharing the same earth. I love helping people achieve the American Dream of home ownership."
Illine Davila (EWM Audrey Ross Team): Real Estate Agent in Key Biscayne, FL Illine Davila (EWM Audrey Ross Team) said over 2 years ago,
"After 15 years in the commercial sector I decided to add residential and joined the Audrey Ross / Esslinger Wooten Maxwell team. My areas of expertise are the Key Biscayne and Brickell/Downtown corridor. Allow me to show you Myami!"
Paula Stone, Real Estate Agent (Crystal Palms Realty): Real Estate Agent in Marianna, FL Paula Stone, Real Estate Agent (Crystal Palms Realty) said over 2 years ago,
"After going many months without a profile, today I was persuaded to complete my Active Rain Account by my Broker Captain Wayne Rowlett. I was surprised when I saw myself and my company posted as a featured Member and was happy that I took the time to complete my account. Thank you Captain!
.............I would like to add ....after some months later of being active in the Rain, I have truely enjoyed Active Rain!"
Dan Chapman (Chapman Lending Team - HomeBridge Financial): Mortgage and Lending in Carlsbad, CA Dan Chapman (Chapman Lending Team - HomeBridge Financial) said over 2 years ago,
"I've had a few clients contact me through activerain, so it can bring in leads for agents.

I find activerain VERY handy for finding great agents to refer my out of area friends and family to."
Drew Caldwell (FUTURE Multimedia ): Services for Real Estate Pros in Annapolis, MD Drew Caldwell (FUTURE Multimedia ) said over 2 years ago,
"ActiveRain has given me a place to share my thoughts on the social media aspect of the real estate business, and in turn, see the thoughts of others in the industry. I have been able to create my own online presence, much as I do with my clients.

ActiveRain has allowed me to make many new contacts with real estate professionals. It has made my business much more successful overnight."
Gallegos Team Brian and Yolanda (Amerifirst Financial Inc): Mortgage and Lending in San Diego, CA Gallegos Team Brian and Yolanda (Amerifirst Financial Inc) said over 2 years ago,
"Active Rain has literally put us on the first page of Google over and over again. We have found many new partners and vendors on activerain. The ease if use, and help from the Rainmakers has taken our business to new levels. We have added activerain to our business model every day."
David Robinson, Call Now (877) 828-0710 (Lloyd Cullen Real Estate): Real Estate Agent in Murrieta, CA David Robinson, Call Now (877) 828-0710 (Lloyd Cullen Real Estate) said over 2 years ago,
"What we hope you gather from viewing our blog, our profile, our company, is that we are not your traditional brokerage. We do not simply go out, put up billboards, sit behind a Large name waiting for business to come through the double doors into our reception area, etc. We prefer to take an active role in our community, by doing projects such as the "A Community A Day" project where we highlight a local community or tract of homes, and do everything from Photo It with our photographer to talk about the market in that community, what homes sell for, who the HOA is if it has one, what the tax rate is, are there any issues with resales, desirability, who the original builder was, etc. We take pride in helping families properly research an area PRIOR to purchasing in that particular area. Purchasing a home is generally the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime, and doing it with a brokerage you trust will be a descision that benefits you for many years to come."
Sharon Chou, 626 833-8888 (Coldwell Banker George Realty): Real Estate Agent in Arcadia, CA Sharon Chou, 626 833-8888 (Coldwell Banker George Realty) said over 2 years ago,
"I Love What I Do. Helping People Is My Passion, and Real Estate Is My Conduit. My Business Continues to Grow Every Year by Leaps and Bounds and I Do Not See Any Limits Ahead. Coldwell Banker and Specifically Coldwell Banker George Realty and I Have a Great Relationship. Without Their Friendship and Support I Might Not Have Achieved This Level of Success. Professional Services from an Ethical Person; I am a Realtor®, Problem Solver, Shrewd Negotiator, and Your Marketing Consultant and Real Estate Buyers Guide for Life 626 833-8888 ~ Call Me I Will Help You Today."
Lisa Schlitz, Realtor - Wellington, Florida Homes 561-214-3216 (Home Run Real Estate, Inc.): Real Estate Agent in Wellington, FL Lisa Schlitz, Realtor - Wellington, Florida Homes 561-214-3216 (Home Run Real Estate, Inc.) said over 2 years ago,
"My Active Rain Success Story may not sound so WOW to anyone else but I have to say, it was a WOW day for me when I realized someone was actually following and reading my blog.
A would-be client called on one of our listings, and of course I got the lead since I am the team's main Buyers' Agent. She never mentioned a word about my blog until one day I was showing her properties-probably the second or third time we had met, and I was talking with her about short sales and she said 'yes, I read your blog on Active Rain. That's why I called your office because I have been following your blog for quite awhile now".
I tried not to appear shocked but form that point on, I began diligently blogging and commenting because that was proof enough for me that Active Rain works!"
We Travel to You! Expert Westside Notary Service (Blue Sea Notary): Services for Real Estate Pros in Santa Monica, CA We Travel to You! Expert Westside Notary Service (Blue Sea Notary) said over 2 years ago,
"So, today I get a call from Sam. Names are changed to protect the innocent. He’s at the Volvo dealer waiting on his car with mortgage documents from Wells Fargo. Can I come notarize, of course I can. Forty-five minutes later I step into the Volvo customer-service lounge to find a young mother holding an infant peering at me with silver-blue eyes. Sam rounds the corner finishing a cell call from work and introduces the family, wife Sarah and his 3-month old daughter, Jenny. Sam and Sarah agree the dealership is too warm for Jenny, so she's not at her best, but precious enough for me. I try to work when all I really want to do is google with Jenny, “Hi precious! Hi, little poopsie! Aren't YOU a sweetie-pie!” I let out just a few coos. She likes me, smiling in that way that infants do without smiling that means they’re smiling? My heart skips grinning back. She coos, but I go to work. I mean, I don’t want to be Psycho Notary. "Yea, she notarized the docs, but she was way into the kid and we couldn’t get her to leave!" Not so good. Now let’s take a look at these documents. It’s a large loan package. I review them to make sure all tagged are those that require notarization. I find a couple the bank missed. I also advise that we update the notary verbiage to current California standards on two. Gotta get this thing funded. Ok, psycho notary is worth her fee. Sam takes a few more biz calls on the cell. Sarah discreetly nurses Jenny under this big cloak thing that Sam tells me he calls the burqua. Sarah needs to sign. Sam takes Jenny and BURP, Jenny goo-goos in after-meal heaven. Sam floods her with kisses. I consider standing and cheering...too much? Back to work, I stamp affidavits and tell them one last thing, they’ve signed an affidavit, so we need to take an oath. Let’s raise our right hand, as I indicate raising mine. Up goes Jenny’s little hand the size of a quarter, up goes Sam and Sarah’s. We laugh. Invoice paid, glad-to-meet-you’s, hand-shakes. Call me if you have any questions. Sarah says to me out-of-the-blue, so, what’s one of the coolest notary jobs you’ve ever been on? Some people can’t wrap their head around the fact that I’m mobile all day. I tell her that I’ve seen some amazing homes and businesses, I’ve met two beautiful women over the age of 100, inspiring. Wow, she says, not much here at the Volvo place. I don’t know about that, I tell her... Later it occurred to me, the stakes in that little dealership on Santa Monica Blvd, the place that secures the transportation for the loves in Sam's life. Those weren’t mortgage documents, but his family's future. And little Jenny just born 3 months ago... just another notary job? I don’t think so.

(310) 383-3002

Owner: Amy Greenberg, Notary Public"
Beverly Femia, Broker Realtor Stager - Greater Wilmington, NC Are (BlueCoast Realty Corporation): Real Estate Agent in Hampstead, NC Beverly Femia, Broker Realtor Stager - Greater Wilmington, NC Are (BlueCoast Realty Corporation) said over 2 years ago,
"Currently, we have our first Active Rain success story under contract and look forward to the completion of the build in summer 2012."
Kamal Jain (Discover Real Estate LTD): Real Estate Agent in Calgary, AB Kamal Jain (Discover Real Estate LTD) said over 2 years ago,
"I have had people buy small business and have good life with very good income with 100k to 200k investment helped them get loans if required, had people buy investments houses have an good income etc"
John Lee ( Real Estate Agent in Boca Raton, FL John Lee ( said over 2 years ago,
" offers a full suite of automated billing solutions that turn the telephone into a lucrative revenue stream, including: 800, and 900 numbers, billing & collection, programming and reporting."