Activerain Evangelist Bob Stewart

  • Bob Stewart, Community Evangelist (ActiveRain): Real Estate Services in Seattle, WA
    Bob Stewart, Community Evangelist (ActiveRain)
    Real Estate Services
    (Seattle, WA)
    ActiveRain Community Evangelist Does surfing ActiveRain all day sound like a job you would like? Well I have it. I have been entrusted with the position of "Community Builder" by the founders of ActiveRain. I took this role on after the departure of our last distinguished community builder. When I first came on board with ActiveRain formally, it was to head our advertising team. That lasted all of one week. When the makeup of our team changed, we needed someone to step in that had a unique understanding of the dynamics that are ActiveRain. The person most qualified to do that was me (I guess). So now I get to come to work with a whistle and a "smite" button. The whistle is to make sure everyone is playing nice, the "smite" button is in case they aren't. (I have yet to get to use it unless someone asks to have their profile deleted). I must admit, I had a little bit of an idea of the underbelly of ActiveRain, but my eyes are now wide open to it. I mean underbelly in the nicest possible manner. I love my job!!!