follr: Why Upgrade to Follr Professional? - 03/17/14 12:36 PM
People often ask what the difference is between the free version of Follr Personal and the paid version. There are lots of differences, here are some of them:

Social Stream – Follr Professional displays up to 30 posts from each social source going back up to 180 days. This is far more content than our free version.

Web Links – Add links to all of your profiles, blogs, services, Web sites and all other Web links that matter to you. With Follr Professional you can add up to 50!

Documents – Add a printable résumé/CV, sales documents, … (0 comments)

follr: Life in the “Digital Now” - 01/06/14 10:29 AM
One year ago, Abha Dawesar was living in blacked-out Manhattan post-Sandy, scrounging for power to connect. The experience left her asking a question; have our lives now become fixated on the drive to digitally connect?
In the following TED video Dawesar states:
"The self as we once knew it no longer exists and I think that an abstract digital universe has become a part of our identity.”
She then discusses the importance of story:
“I’m a novelist and I’m interested in the self because the self and fiction have a lot in common; they are both stories, interpretations. Our story of … (0 comments)

follr: Not All Email Signatures Are Created Equal - 01/06/14 10:16 AM
A picture tells a thousand words or so they say :)
In the this case the pictures highlight the huge difference in Cheryl Ritchie’s (Southern Maryland Real Estate) email signature. This is the before shot:

Signature Before

And here is the after:

Signature After

To see Cheryl’s Digital Identity Website go to:
Nice job Cheryl! :)

follr: 10 Unusual Business Cards You Will Remember - 01/06/14 10:10 AM
Whenever I meet someone in business environment I normally go through the tradition of exchanging business cards. I later create a contact record in Outlook for that person and throw their business card in the trash.
But with the following, very creative, business cards I don’t know that I could discard of them so easily. Could you?


If you want to see more click here! :)
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follr: Digital Identity in the News for December 2013 - 12/27/13 12:48 PM
Here are this week's list of our favorite articles on the subject of Digital Identity.  If there is a post you'd like us to highlight just contact us.
Nov.24 - Jonathan Saragossi: Facebook is for grandparents. What we need in a next gen social network.
"As more niche networking servies and platforms enter the space, people are finding thatnot any one company is serving all of their networking needs. Our tastes and channels are becoming fragmented, and users are pushing back on accepted norms in the social media space. This is inevitable." 

Sara M. Watson: You Are Your Data

follr: What Is The True Cost of Avoiding Social Media? - 12/27/13 11:49 AM


follr: Business Cards. They Are So 2012… - 12/18/13 12:13 PM
Time to stop giving out traditional business cards and start sharing your Digital Identity Website address... 


follr: Would You Want to Live Online Forever? - 12/18/13 12:02 PM
UK based Perfect Choice Funeral Plans created this infographic following a survey that asked "Would you want to live online forever?" and other realted questions.  With over 32m Britons nowon Facebook and over 10m on Twitter a growing issue is emerging which many are yet to consider; what happens to your online profiles after you die?  Where do you stand on this question?


follr: Where Do You See Your Digital Self in 100 Years? - 12/18/13 11:47 AM
Every day we are filling the internet with portions of our lives. The data of every status update, blog post, image, vieo and email is floating around the internet.
Have you ever wondered what happens to all that data when you die?


follr: What is The Internet Version of Your Story? - 12/18/13 11:38 AM


follr: Follr Releases Rewards Program - 12/16/13 09:36 AM
Our partner Follr is excited to announce the release of their rewards program!
You can now build your professional network and get rewarded while doing so. Share an amazing Follr deal with friends and earn points and Follr Dollars you can use for Follr upgrades and add-ons. Everyone wins!
1. Share Your Link – Grow your network, save your friends money and earn Follr Dollars you can use for upgrades and add-ons.
2. Friends Join Follr – Earn Follr Score points for every signup from your link. Your friends receive an amazing savings thanks to you!
3. Friend Upgrades – If … (0 comments)

follr: Stories Are Data With a Soul - 09/26/13 07:44 AM
I was recently on a business call, talking to someone I had never previously spoken to or met, and she surprised me by saying:
"I feel like I know you so well!" She felt this way having viewed my Follr Website, my digital story. The comment made me think of 'strategist, linguist and author' Valeria Maltoni. Valerie designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover the value of promises and its effect on relationships and culture and she states:
"We connect with stories because they are about people and are rich with emotional data." I've often said that people connect … (0 comments)

follr: What is Your Online Story? - 09/24/13 09:44 AM

Start telling your story today.

follr: How To Use Follr To Organize Events - 09/13/13 05:38 AM
Follr adds significant value to events, conferences, seminars, training — any kind of meeting by enabling attendee connections before and after your event. Our unique approach allows attendees connect before, during and after events and provides ongoing value to the attendee. Make your next event more valuable to your attendees at no cost!
Our solution consists of three interwoven components:

Add Event Details
The event organizer creates an event (date, time, location, description) plus optional link to external details (e.g. third-party ticket solution).

Invite Attendees
A potential attendee list can be uploaded. Future releases will allow for list re-use, … (2 comments)

follr: If I Google Your Name Right Now What Will I See? - 09/12/13 09:28 AM
More importantly, what will I think?
It's not a matter of if you are googled (or binged or yahooooooooood!) it's a matter of when. Let's be real; someone, an employer, a client, a potential client and the NSA ( ;) ) has already used a search engine to research you. So the question that needs to be asked; what did they see?

If you are job hunting, search engine results could (and increasingly do) determine if you get a job. It's no secret that companies are using social media as part of the recruitment process. As Fox points out:
"It … (2 comments)

follr: We’re On The Internet Twice As Much As We Were Just Three Years Ago - 09/09/13 07:05 AM
We love the Business Insider Website in part because it shares great info like this chart.
The data is interesting especially because many believe we still have <em>a long way</em> to go. One person in that group is Google Chairman Eric Schmidt who earlier this year tweeted:
"For every person online, there are two who are not. By the end of the decade, everyone on Earth will be connected." As we increasingly live our life online, as we become more connected, the question that has to be asked is will you take the blue pill or the red pill?


follr: Privacy - Does it Really Matter? - 09/05/13 07:38 AM
Increasingly, especially when discussing Digital Identity and social media, the issue of privacy arises. One common objection I hear is "I don't want everyone to know my information" and when I hear this statement I can't help but feel that it's an overly simplistic view of things. Is it?
I admit I get a little frustrated when people simply repeat what others say without giving it some personal thought. I suspect that in many cases this is exactly what is happening when people throw out this particular objection especially when it is combined with ever fashionable commentary trashing social networks. The … (0 comments)

follr: Follr Releases Enhanced Business Networking Tools - 09/04/13 01:37 PM
New features extend open social network capabilities as company continues to improve professional networking.
Wappingers Falls, NY (August 28th, 2013) Follr, Inc. ( today announced the release of several new business networking tools and feature enhancements aimed at improving the companies open social network. The new features include email messaging, activity notifications and Hover Cards, a visual summary sourced from a persons Digital Identity Website.
The company also released improvements to connection suggestions, content editing and the Follr score and user interface. The news follows recent announcements about the companies universal content sharing feature, event management tools and the release of … (3 comments)

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