follr: A Great Example of How To Aggregate Your Social Media - 03/19/15 08:45 AM
Getting an email from Twitter stating "you have a new follower" is always a good thing but when one comes through like this it's even better!
Phil Faranda has been on the cutting edge of real estate for a long time. It is why he uses Follr and integrates his single property Websites into his Profile Website:

To setup your own Follr Profile Website click here. To create single property Websites visit

follr: What Version of Your Story Is Online? - 03/18/15 06:36 AM


follr: The AgencyLogic Social Real Estate Marketing System Explained - 03/10/15 11:11 AM
How do you take advantage of the many ways and places to promote your properties? Currently the only way is to find many services from many companies. It's time-consuming, expensive and none of them work well together.
AgencyLogic has solved this problem by creating the first fully integrated social marketing system. Everything you need from one company that all works together with minimal effort! Maximum property exposure and professional personal branding. Fully integrated and affordable!
But don't take our word for it, here is what Napa REALTOR Maurice Tegelaar says:

Each product works great alone but together they create a powerful … (0 comments)

follr: The New York Real Estate Journal Interview of AgencyLogic and Follr CEO Stephen Fells - 03/05/15 11:50 AM
AgencyLogic and Follr CEO Stephen Fells has been interviewed by the New York Real Estate Journal. To listen to the interview click here:


follr: Follr Featured in 'Online Footprint' Magazine - 03/04/15 12:29 PM
Are you using online marketing effectively for your business? If you want to learn how to really ramp up your online marketing strategies from professional experts who use Internet marketing for a living, then you need to read Online FootPrint. It keeps you up to date on the latest aspects of Internet marketing, traffic strategies, Website conversion and optimization, social media strategies and provides lots of social media tips and tricks. 

It also covers the latest from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn and Youtube. If you need to know about Website creation, press releases or just writing good copy for … (1 comments)

follr: How You Can See What Social Network is The Most Effective - 03/03/15 07:01 AM
If you are a Follr Pro user you get detailed statistics that show you many things!
To access your statistics simply log into your account and click your profile image in the top right corner: 

Click the 'Statistics' link which will show you the available reports:

You can see who has visited your profile:

and also where people researched you. Are they more interested in your Facebook account or LinkedIn profile? This is invaluable information because it tells you where you should be focusing your marketing efforts:

Click … (2 comments)

follr: Follr Community Feature #1: Advanced Messaging - 02/26/15 07:22 AM

This week we’re highlighting Follr Community Activity Digest Emails. With your custom Follr Community, you’re able to send a weekly engagement email to all members summarizing that week’s activity. The email will highlight the most popular content, discussions, interactions, etc. 
Should there be a slow week with no activity, no email will be sent to avoid annoying, empty emails. This is a great way for members to be reminded of what they’re missing each week and to increase engagement!
To get started simply visit the Follr Website!


follr: Real Estate Agent Phil Faranda Discusses What Is Needed to be a "Digital Agent" - 02/25/15 08:17 AM
T3 Experts was created to support, inform and empower real estate agents, teams and brokers to succeed at a higher level by providing "Expertise on Demand".

The organization takes the collective body of work of its founders - Stefan Swanepoel, Jack Miller and Michael McClure - and packages that half-century of research and hands-on real estate industry experience in a way that agents, teams and brokers can apply directly into their real estate operations. T3 Experts does this by delivering practical and actionable resources and execution plans that help real estate professionals run their businesses more efficiently, more … (0 comments)

follr: Have You Visited The AgencyLogic Real Estate Community? - 02/23/15 07:41 AM
We regularly cover the activities and great software features coming out of Follr but did you know about the AgencyLogic Real Estate Community ?

The community allows real estate agents to:
1. Chat and share ideas with other agents
2. Read real estate news
3. Sign up for referrals
4. Laugh at the 'Just for fun' posts :)
5. View social media content
6. Watch videos
And lots, lots more! If you want specific content added including new discussion threads just let us know. 
Did we mention it's free? To join the community simply click here!

follr: Digital Storytelling – Changing People, Perceptions and Lives - 02/17/15 08:14 AM
In today's society we have the tools to be connected anywhere at any time. The scene is repeated almost every day. People will stand in line with their cell phones to make a call to someone just a few feet away. We may believe we are connected with technology but in many ways we are becoming more disconnected socially. This prevents us from finding and telling those deep personal stories, or as Jim Jorstad, says "We don't dive deep to find the emotional stories right in front of us."
Jorstad, an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, researches how people can use … (0 comments)

follr: Finding Folks with Similar Interests on Follr - 02/16/15 08:36 AM
What’s a community without people forming bonds based on common interests? Here are a few quick steps to show you how to find people with your interests.
1. Log into your account:

2. Click “Connections” on the navigation bar.

3. Click “Finder,” and then enter a word or phrase in the search box, whether a hobby, enthusiasm, or professional interest. The tags related to the words you chose will display. 

4. A list of the matching Follr members will display below. Click away! Make new connections, and while you’re at it, why not form … (0 comments)

follr: Adding Documents or Files to Your Follr Profile Website - 02/12/15 06:36 AM
If you ever need to add a document to your profile, such as a PDF of your resume, a PowerPoint deck, or even a roster of your fantasy sports team, it’s quick and easy with Follr.
Here is how it’s done. 
1. Log into your account:

2. Click the down arrow next to your profile image, and from the menu that pops down, select “Edit Profile”.

3. You’ll see a variety of options — all sorts of ways that you can personalize or modify your account, including adding your resume and contact information. Here’s also where … (0 comments)

follr: A Modern Real Estate Agent's Story - What is Yours? - 02/10/15 10:13 AM
We have released many, many new Follr features and it is time to look at some of them from a real estate perspective. A question first though.

When people search for you online (and you know they do before they ever meet you) what do they find?
Some other things to ponder. Assuming they find information that actually does relate to you (and not to a namesake) will they form a positive or negative opinion about your marketing ability, technical knowledge, your character?
Put another way - what is your online story?


follr: Social Wall - A Centralized and Visually Beautiful Way to Highlight Your Social Media - 02/06/15 06:12 AM
One of the most popular Follr features is the "Social Wall":

Social Wall automatically aggregates all of your social content and presents a beautiful visual mashup of your Facebook updates, tweets, YouTube videos, blog posts, Pinterest pins and content from many other social Websites. You can also see the content full screen:

To see this full size click here or click here:
All of the content is responsive which means it will display on your mobile phone or tablet and is updated in real time!
Create your Follr account today by clicking here!

follr: The Matthew Ferrara Learning Network Weekly Video - How To Make Great Video Commercials - 02/05/15 08:23 AM
We routinely highlight Matthew Ferrara's weekly videos but this one is special. In it Matthew talks about the importance of 'story', something that is at the center of everything we are doing with Follr.
When people Google you, when they find out information about you online, what opinions do they form? Is your message nothing more than 'here's my listings!' or do you communicate something more, something personal, something that will make some connect with you?
Enjoy the video then start telling you're story with Follr today:


follr: Follr Integrates RebelMouse - 11/13/14 08:20 AM
One of the most popular Follr features is "Social Wall" which aggregates individual and corporate social media. To see it in action visit a Follr Website:  
and then click on either the 'Full Screen' or 'Social Wall' link:
And we've made the feature even better for Follr Community users by allowing integration of RebelMouse content!

RebelMouse is a content platform for the social, mobile web. It is redefining publishing and content marketing by helping content travel farther, faster, and be shared more widely. Like Follr it enables marketers and media companies to create real-time … (0 comments)

follr: The New York Real Estate Journal Interview of AgencyLogic and Follr CEO Stephen Fells - 11/05/14 06:44 AM
AgencyLogic and Follr CEO Stephen Fells has been interviewed by the New York Real Estate Journal. The interview is now available via the NYREJ Website. To hear it click here.


follr: Announcing The AgencyLogic Real Estate Community! - 11/04/14 07:41 AM
We regularly cover the activities and great software features coming our of Follr and we are excited to announce the release of the AgencyLogic Real Estate Community using the Follr platform!

The community allows real estate agents to:
1. Chat and share ideas with other agents
2. Read real estate news
3. Sign up for referrals
4. Laugh at the 'Just for fun' posts :)
5. View social media content
6. Watch videos
And lots, lots more! If you want specific content added … (0 comments)

follr: AgencyLogic and Follr CEO Stephen Fells To Be Interviewed By The New York Real Estate Journal - 10/31/14 06:23 AM
AgencyLogic and Follr CEO Stephen Fells will be interviewed by the New York Real Estate Journal on Tuesday November 4th. The interview will be available via the NYREJ Website, here and on the Follr Blog. Check back on the 4th to listen!


follr: Why Upgrade to Follr Professional? - 03/17/14 12:36 PM
People often ask what the difference is between the free version of Follr Personal and the paid version. There are lots of differences, here are some of them:

Social Stream – Follr Professional displays up to 30 posts from each social source going back up to 180 days. This is far more content than our free version.

Web Links – Add links to all of your profiles, blogs, services, Web sites and all other Web links that matter to you. With Follr Professional you can add up to 50!

Documents – Add a printable résumé/CV, sales documents, … (0 comments)

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