google: An Overview of the “How Search Works” Website - 04/11/14 09:55 AM
In the following video Google’s Matt Cutts talks about the ‘How Search Works‘ Website. Google provide lots of interesting information via their Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel – you should check it out from time to time if you want real, accurate advice from Google themselves.


google: How Does Google Evaluate Algorithmic Changes? - 04/01/14 08:17 AM
In another video from Google’s own Matt Cutts he answers what metrics Google uses to evaluate whether one iteration of the ranking algorithm is delivering better quality results to users than another.
For more videos like this visit the Google Webmaster YouTube channel.


google: Google Discusses How it Handles Duplicate Content - 02/03/14 12:52 PM
In the following video Googles own Matt Cutts discusses how the tech giant handles duplicate content and what negative effects it can have on rankings from an SEO perspective.
I highly recommend checking out his other videos - they are all available via the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel. Matt covers lots of interesting and important subjects including:
How Can I Make the Pages on My Site Unique?
Disavow Links Explained
How An Older Website Can Maintain its Ranking Over Time
How To Create Great Content that Performs Well in Google Search Results 


google: What Is The True Cost of Avoiding Social Media? - 12/27/13 11:49 AM


google: The Danger of Google Maps :) - 08/08/13 10:41 AM
If you've ever used MapQuest you'll understand just how good Google Maps is. I think the name 'MapQuest' is either (tragically) ironic or a secret joke - following their maps really is like a quest.
The last time I used their service it took me two hours to travel to somewhere an hour away. I saw some beautiful homes, picturesque towns and countless fields which was great but I was late for my appointment. As a result I switched to Google Maps and have never looked back (sorry, couldn't resist that!)
But Google Maps has its own problems, specifically Street View. … (27 comments)

google: How Men Will Use Google Glasses ;) - 03/08/13 06:17 PM

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google: Will Google Remove Pages You Don't Like? - 04/27/12 06:54 AM
Your online reputation is increasingly important especially in real estate where the vast majority of consumers research an agent online before ever meeting them. But what if there is content out there that doesn't exactly portray you in the best light? Will Google remove that page from their search results? In the following video Google's own Matt Cutts answers this question. He has also blogged about it and of course you can help things yourself by creating a Follr digital identity Website. … (0 comments)

google: If You Buy Google AdWords Will It Cause Your Search Rankings To Rise? - 01/05/12 08:24 AM
The Google Webmaster YouTube channel is full of short and interesting videos that answer a multitude of important questions. Here is an example and to see the channel click here: … (8 comments)

google: Address Is Approximate - 12/31/11 10:34 AM
A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View. … (1 comments)

google: Introducing the New Google Bar - 12/28/11 06:57 AM
A new Google toolbar helps you navigate quickly between products making them more easily accessible. To get the toolbar go to: After many user interface failures this is definitely a step in the right direction. Or is Google Toolbar works with Internet Explorer, Firefox but not Chrome. Sigh.... If you don't use Chrome then here is a brief video explaining the benefits of the toolbar: … (6 comments)

google: How To Know If An Email Is Real - 12/08/11 08:29 AM
Phishing (pronounced 'fishing') continues to be a problem and you need to protect yourself from it. Wikipedia describes phishing as: "the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication." Basically it's a fraudulent email from a thief and their objective is to rip you off. I've written about this before (see: "The Latest Facebook Email Spam Scam" and "How To Identify A Phishing Email") but with the problem persisting here is more advice direct from Google: … (4 comments)

google: Why Do I Need To Use Single Property Websites? Reason No. 12 - 10/21/11 12:12 PM
As a Realtor, how do you demonstrate your ability to effectively leverage online marketing? One of the most important parts of any Web based property marketing plan is having the home appear on a multitude of real estate search engines but how can you possibly syndicate content for all of your listings to so many places easily? Home owners are aware of the importance of these Websites and buyers are using them to research and find a home which is part of the reason why our free syndication to all of the major portals is so valuable. With a simple click … (0 comments)

google: Google Answers - Do URL Shorteners Pass Anchor Text? - 10/19/11 02:03 PM
Google staff answer the question: "Since Google is now using Twitter and Facebook links as ranking symbols, will custom URL shortners be looked at as providing anchor text on the links?" … (1 comments)

google: Share Your Single Property Websites With Google +1 - 09/21/11 09:54 AM
One of the best features of AgencyLogic single property Websites is that every design includes a share button: This allows anyone who is visiting the Website to share it via more than 300 places including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and email. And that sharing functionality just got better with the addition of Goggle +1! The next time anyone looks at your single property Website they will see the +1 icon. By clicking the icon they are giving it their public stamp of approval and that will get conversations going about the home. Google +1 lets people share recommendations with friends, contacts and … (4 comments)

google: The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords - 07/22/11 09:13 AM

© 2011 WordStream, Inc. … (0 comments)

google: Google Working On Facial Recognition App - 05/04/11 02:07 PM
The Minority Report, a futuristic movie where criminals are caught before committing a crime, is less futuristic than one might think. The movie highlights marketing based upon an iris (eye) scan; as the main character John Anderton (Tom Cruise) walks through mall he sees ads focused on his personal interests. We blogged about this technology becoming available last year (see: 'Ads That Watch You') and Google are taking things another step forward. Using Google Goggles technology the company are discussing an app that will allow anyone to take a photo of your face then retrieve information about you. Accessing personal information … (0 comments)

google: Google Answers: Does The Number Of Subdirectories In A URL Affect Its Ranking? - 04/19/11 06:38 AM
The domain used in a single property Website can impact where the Website appears in the search engines but how much of a difference does the number of levels in the URL make? In other words; does '' get higher rankings on 'keyword' than ''? Google answers these questions in the following short video: … (1 comments)

google: Behind The Scenes With Google Street View - 04/15/11 10:16 AM
Go behind the scenes with the Street View team, and learn about how we get our cars ready to hit the road. … (0 comments)

google: New Faster, Easier Google Chrome Browser Now Available - 03/29/11 05:13 PM
According to TechCrunch: "The browser comes not only with speed improvements but also a simpler settings interface (see video) and an extension of Chrome’s sandboxing tech to the integrated Flash Player. In addition, you can now quickly log on to the websites you frequent even when you switch computers by synchronizing passwords across all your Internet-enabled devices. You can also choose to sync bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes and more." You can download Chrome by clicking here. … (1 comments)

google: Google Answers: How Important Is It To Have Keywords In A Domain Name? - 03/24/11 02:02 PM
Every AgencyLogic single property Website comes with a unique domain name. Normally that URL represents the street address of the property but not always. We have seen many examples of single property Website domain names that are more descriptive and they do get results. Last year we highlighted Malibu Realtor Michael Gardener who used several AgencyLogic PowerSite features to market a $13.95M Malibu Mansion. Michael amazingly made the single property Website rank number three organically on Google in two days for his listing at: He explains: “Getting the site ranked so quickly was easy. I first choose a domain with … (4 comments)

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