nebraska land for sale: What is there to do in Lima, Peru? Daughter needs Spring Break ideas! - 01/30/15 11:09 AM
Have you visited or lived in Lima, Peru? Do you have some sure fire fun things that you can share with me for my daughter to do?
Spring break comes early in the semester in Lima, Peru.  Our daughter and her friend who are studying abroad this semester will have about 10 days with a lot of time on their hands and are looking for ideas on what to do during this time.
Although they live with host families...the families may not have much for them to do during this time.
I can already hear the sighs of boredom...from 4000 miles … (1 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Last Chance to Certify NRD Irrigated Acres in Nebraska is 12-31-14! - 12/01/14 10:18 AM
Attention Nebraska Farm Managers, Owners, Tenants, Trust Administrators:
December 31st, 2014 is the last day to Certify Irrigated Acres in the NRD controlled areas of Nebraska groundwater...which is the whole state.  (NRD's do not control surface water)
Check out the article in the Central Platte Natural Resources District November online issue or go to for more info.
The articles and laws are very clear...but if you have a question, contact Luke Zakrzewski in the Grand Island office at 308-385-6282.
Included here is the Result of this falls elections and the … (1 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Job Fair on UNK Campus in Kearney, NE Oct 7, 2014 - 93 Businesses! - 10/06/14 10:08 AM
If you have someone on...or near... the UNK or CCC campuses in Kearney, NE... they should know about this huge Job Fair!!  Roughly  93 Businesses are attending.
There is a large Job Fair on UNK's campus from 10-2 on Tuesday Oct. 7, 2014. If the link below does not work...type "UNK Job Fair on 10-7" in your browser.
You do not have to be a student to attend!! It is in the same building as the main basketball arena.
The list of companies is long and covers most industries. I highly recommend!!
I would encourage anyone who wants to … (4 comments)

nebraska land for sale: It's Harvest Time! Please Be Safe Out There! - 09/29/14 02:58 PM
It is Harvest Time through out Nebraska Land of the most exciting times of the year for me.  The combines have really fired up this past week.
I love seeing the crops come out of the field and the combines making pass after pass...the full grain carts...the golden color of the corn and the brown of the beans!
The haybales in the fields from the last cutting of alfalfa and grass!!
But I do not like how dangerous it can be out there!! 
It is simply a time that big equipment is in use in Nebraska and across … (4 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Nebraska Farms Hailed Out Looks Like Harvest Time (with photos)! - 07/18/14 07:40 AM
All I can say is Wow...When Mother Nature throws a temper can be a doozy. 
A large swath of Central Nebraska has experienced that wrath in recent hailstorms and wind storms in 2014. 
Some of these storms have been accompanied by high winds that act like bullets piercing anything in their paths. I cannot imagine the bruising on animals both wild and domestic.
Two areas that I sell Nebraska Farm Land in have been hit hard. 
The photos accompanying this blog all were taken the afternoon of July 15, 2014. Every field below should look like the first … (8 comments)

nebraska land for sale: How Much Are You Paying For Your 'FOR SALE' Signs? - 01/17/14 07:02 AM
Ok...I admit it...I am one of those who has some old and ratty looking 'For Sale' signs.
They should have been retired many years ago I suppose.
Now I am shopping for new ones and am curious as to what everyone who has to pay for their signs is paying for them?
I am not in need of a fancy sign as these are going to be in road ditches in the country.
What I need will be a metal sign with 2 leg steel frame.   
Blue and Red lettering on a white background like this >>>
You might wonder why not a fancier … (0 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Smells..The Word of the Day!! The Nose Knows!! - 01/16/14 02:27 PM
Are we almost like the big TV reporters who all seem to do the same story on the same day?  I read so many blogs on Smells today I decided to write my own.
I have a wife who can smell almost anything from a long distance and a Daughter who claims she cannot smell anything and I believe me I have tested her if you know what I mean!
Today at lunch I decide to fry up a couple of potatoes at lunch and forgot to stir them.  Left to go to a meeting with a client on a … (0 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Cute Fixer Upper -Original Windows and Siding and It's Worth How Much? - 01/15/14 09:37 AM
Attention All Home Sellers!! Do Not Receive This Letter...Only You can Prevent It By Having Your Home Ready To Sell When You List It!
Dear Mr and Mrs Seller and your agent,
Thank you for allowing my clients to view your "cute fixer upper" home!
My Buyers looked at a number of homes in the area but had the most comments about yours.
The many fine amenities that you and your agent mentioned about your home were, shall we say, perhaps puffed up a bit.
The "original" windows and siding comments in your agents listing should have been a warning … (0 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Make Them Tell You No...or...Cold Calling Ain't That bad!! - 01/14/14 08:19 PM
Ohh... the dreaded cold calls and door knocking... Are those days behind you? Did you ever do them?
Would you do them ... Or would you do more if you could muster up the courage?
I will make it simple for you...
If you don’t ask the question, the answer is already No!
Make them tell you No!  Why?  Because unless you can't get the answer you want.
It is either:  they don’t know, you don’t know, or you think they will tell you No.
So I suggest that you:  Make them tell you NO! 
WHY? … (5 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Hmmm...What Should I do On Sunday Now That It Has Finally Snowed? - 02/04/12 11:32 PM
Welll...after the warmest January started raining yesterday and after getting a strong half inch of rain it changed to snow and left us a very wet 8-12 inches depending on where you are around here.
Of course the "official" recorder of moisture in our fine city said we only received 7". 
I guess he (or she) was not in our neck of the woods as we had well over 10".  Even in the lowest spots...we had over 7" and where it drifted up to 24". 
If the trees withstand the heavy snow and melt tomorrow, we will emerge from this … (11 comments)

nebraska land for sale: Attention Farmers: DCP/ACRE sign up is NOW! Contact your local FSA office now. - 01/30/12 06:19 PM
The USDA Farm Service Agency is now taking appointments and signing up the 2012 DCP/ACRE Farm Program participants.
Check with your local FSA office and expect to have set up an appointment to complete the sign up.
FSA will work to have the majority of farmers and landowners signed up prior to spring field work...which may come early this year.  Sign up must end by June 1 unless the federal government offers an extension.
This is the last year of the 2008 Farm Bill and there will not be any advance payments. FInal direct payments are scheduled to be in October of … (0 comments)

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