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  THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE IN MY LIFE! So grateful for your friendship, so grateful for family and so grateful to live in the beautiful Austin Texas area. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day together and make it special by sharing your gratitude with each other. Hap...
  Volunteer Revolution…To serve Him you must know Him!   In order to have a relationship with God you must be able to hear His voice. If all you ever do is tell God what you want or what is going on or ask Him for help and you never hear Him speak to you, that is a one way relationship.   So tod...
  Going Shopping this Black Friday weekend? Why not shop for a Home? Three great reasons you should consider looking at a home this Holiday season.   -Limited competition. The Austin Market has been very HOT over the past few years. Many homes selling above market value. Short inventory supply. ...
  If you can't make it on a Sunday...Try Saturday Night at the Grace Place Austin! We have fun, the music is live and loud and the message always encourage, challenge and inform!  Share your Grace Place story. Tell us how God has made a difference in your life. Use #graceplacestory and link it w...
Do you remember the TV show Man from U.N.C.L.E?    Robert Vaughn was Napoleon Solo and David McCallum was Illya Kuryakin. UNCLE was the United Network Command for Law Enforcement.        My dad really loved this show and I used to watch it with him. The hero's from UNCLE handled their jobs profes...
  Whither you believe the economy is good or bad, owning real estate can be a solid investment. Assets that can be improved upon give you the ability to add value. I do own some stocks but I have no control over the companies and I can add no value to the product. I also own some real estate. Ju...
To all my AR friends across the US who are freezing their fanny's off right now let me just say today was so nice in Sunny Phoenix AZ. A hight of 76 and low tonight in the 60's brrrrr. Sorry to rub it in but looks like I picked a great time and place to be on Vacation in the US. Hope you all sta...
  What do I want in my next home? That may be the wrong question to ask. The real Question is...Who am I? When you understand who you are and how you like to live in community it helps a great deal in finding the home that is the best fit. Do you like to workout, jog, ride your bike? Do you like...
  Do you remember Time Tunnel? Jame Darren was in the series. What a great series.        Some great story lines for every episode. Often an episode would end in a cliff hanger of sometime leading to the next episode. Very fun to watch. Many of these episodes are on youtube so you can catch up o...
  Vererans Day! To all who have served us and active military who continue to protect our freedom we salute you. The great warriors who fought for us and the American idea, we are so honored that you stepped up and took our place. Today and everyday we will remember. Our prayers are with you.   ...

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