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Happy Friday to you! For many Friday is not the last day of the work week but it is a milestone in the week. Three things to do today:   1. Analyze what was accomplished over the week and make a list of to do's for next week.  2. Close out corrospondence. Make sure you have answered all emails, ...
STARRING: Fred McMurry and William Demarest   Honestly have you ever met a nicer Dad than Fred McMurry?       One Dad raising 3 sons with the help of Uncle Charlie. It was a great show and included lots of laughs. Hope you enjoy the episode. As usual feel free to share any memories you might have...
  Lone Rangers never make it. The mythical Lone Ranger was not alone, he had a friend, his name was Tonto. If you are trying to make big decisions in the absence of sound counsel from seasoned advisers you will probably regret it later. Tips from the Lone Ranger:   1. Look for the good but expec...
  Business encounters do not always lead to business CONNECTIONS. When you meet someone who could be a potential client how do you advance the encounter to a connection so that you can work together?    "People do not care how much we know...until they know how much we care"   You must be able t...
  The axiom used and well known by business minds is try to do the opposite of the market. Sell when everyone is buying and Buy when everyone is selling. This is mostly true but there are exceptions in every market. You can also buy when others are buying and you can sell when others are selling...
  There is a time for waiting. There is a time for watching. There is a time for planning. There is a time for Action.   Are you ready to act on your Real Estate Dream? Current Austin/Round Rock real estate market is an action only market. Very low inventory and builders are backed up almost 8 m...
    Grace connect is our small group weekly meetings at Grace Place Austin! Find our why they are key to many peoples week. You can give them a try Wednesday 7pm or Friday at 7pm. For information on the one closest to you email us at:  Make new friends and make your w...
  Elephant in the Room…How I got here   There are issues in our lives that we cannot go around, in under or over. We have to go through them! These issues are the elephants in our room. They stand in the way of our personal growth, development and in many cases our FREEDOM! Not the cute elephant...
  From the great state of TEXAS! Home of the last American FREE! Filled with warm friendly people and a job producing MECA! Discover Texas and why so many people are moving here!    No State Tax Top Rated Schools Strong Family friendly core values Strong Job Creation Affordable living 1 Billion ...
  A timeless Classic! My oldest daughter born in 1986, four decades removed from the original airing of this wonderful show is a huge fan. She has a collection of the DVD's of each season. There was something wonderful about this classic TV show that makes watching it a fresh experience no matte...

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