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Vermont Mortgages - Investment Property Refinances A lot of investors with Vermont Mortgages on their investment properties have been asking me if they can refinance their Investment Property Vermont Mortgages to take advantage of these historically low interest rates before they disappear.  The ...
WIth much love for our veterans, please read this post, and take care of those who take care of us.Vermont do You Know about the Veterans Memorial Red Brick Walkway,The Voluntary Services at the VA Medical Center in White River Junction, is doing a mighty good thing. A Veterans Memorial Red Brick...
Vermont Mortgages - Short Sales hijinks I wake up coming in to work every day as a mortgage lender writing Vermont Mortgages believing that one day soon I will come in and not be baffled by some of the stories I hear.  I guess that's not today. The shocking news of the day?  SHORT SALES!  No, it ...
Vermont Mortgages - Home Prices going down even lower? I want to remind everyone to please help out the earthquake victims in Haiti!  Please see my reblog from yesterday just below this entry on how to help! You might not think they could be, but an article posted on CNN Real Estate begs to diffe...
Here is a wonderful post on how you can help increase your impact by donating to victims in Haiti.  Please help as much as you can. Also, some good tips on marketing below...   Hi guys, this morning I received an email from a friend who wanted to organize something to help out with the awful eart...
Vermont Mortgages - Update on Foreclosure filings in Vermont Thanks again for stopping in, everyone, for your mortgage market news.  Today the big story is foreclosures in 2009, since we now have the final numbers in to see how our efforts worked in stemming the number of Vermont Mortgages affect...
Vermont Mortgages - Halloween in December?  BAILOUT MODIFICATIONS TANK!!!!! I agree that the government needs to regulate the mortgage and lending industry, Vermont Mortgages included.  Rampant greed has taken far too much steam from the market and tricked all sorts of people into bad lending dec...

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