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Vermont Mortgages - Scandal at the FDIC!!!!!! Take a look at this video post from ThinkBigWorkSmall & tell me it doesn't get you unbelievably mad!!!! I spend my days doing Vermont Mortgages & blogging on Vermont Mortgages & had tho...
Great Grid on the RD program!  Call me for more details, it is one of my most popular programs in Vermont, and most places in Vermont qualify!!!!If the USDA Rural Housing loan applys to your area, make sure you are working with a local lender who will offer this product to your client as a possib...
Vermont Mortgages - A lifeline for people needing help from FHA So now, some good news from FHA!  Some people with Vermont Mortgages may be happy to hear that if they have gotten their Vermont Mortgages from FHA, and they are in trouble of defaulting, they will now be able to modify their loan di...
Very thoughtful article on FHA loans.  Please read it to familiarize yourself with FHA.  FHA LOANS need to go !!!!   FHA loans need to go....  so many defaults... GROWING by the thousands. If we don't kill FHA mortgages now, the economy will crumble. Sound confusing?   Okay Jeff, have you flipped...

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