Des Moines, Iowa -- RE Investor heaven?

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Des Moines, Iowa -- There are a lot of positive things going on in Des Moines that make it a great place to invest in Real Estate, either as an owner-occupant, or an investor. Check us out!



Each RE Investor has some kind of buying criteria, then a formula through which s/he runs the numbers.   This can be fairly simple yet the simplier it is, the more prone to error it could be.   Take for example the old GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier).  Some used to advocate that 6 times the gross ann...
If you've been looking for an investors association in Central Iowa, you may have been looking for a while and not come up with much.   That's why we started a group called Two Rivers REIA, and details can be found at  The group meets twice per month, currently.   The g...

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