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Des Moines, Iowa -- There are a lot of positive things going on in Des Moines that make it a great place to invest in Real Estate, either as an owner-occupant, or an investor. Check us out!



From what I understand, Michael Moore makes a serious case for why we should be taking the profit out of the health care industry.  When you think about it, it is kind of disgusting that companies make money off people's illnesses.   Oh, some say that it is critical to have excessive profits as i...
The first step for me was just acknowledging, whether I liked it or not, big brother was watching me and I would not be able to escape being under the lenses.  Let's face it, any one who lends money wants it back.  I'm sure there are lots of other blogs here that speak to the particulars but for ...
It's bad enough that the world is diluged with what my neighbor calls "snout houses", but now we have these townhome developments where all you see are garages as you drive into the development.  Do you want to get to the front door, on foot?  Well, you'll have to park some long distance away,  t...
And, we're looking for REALTORS who are subscribers to this service to join.  Check it out here!  
I saw this message on a bumper sticker recently, and it reminds me how much I need to stay out of politics -- I just get a little too empassioned about things.  Then I want to volunteer for too many freebie activities.  I need to hold off on most of that until I retire.   But I'm not talking abou...
A few nights back, John Stossel did a report on the state of Real Estate sales, and how some people seem to be having good luck selling their homes themselves.  He gave an example of one women who had received a market analysis from an agent -- the agent said the home should sell for around $470,...
From Chris Lengquist's blog - he makes the case that REALTORS can build a good investment portfolio by investing in one property per year.  All that follows basically supports this advice, so if you're in a hurry you can skip this blog entry.  :^) In our Two Rivers REIA we spend a lot of time mak...
Approximately 1,000,000 year ago (in computer time) but a mere 24 years ago, in 1983, I had just completed my MBA program at Drake.  I had a choice -- get back into real estate sales, in the doldrums at the time, or get into this burgeoning new field of personal computers.  The whole industry see...
With the issuance of IRS Rev Proc 2002-22, Real Estate held for investment as a Tenant-in-Common was promulgaged as being eligible for a Tax-Deferred, 1031 exchange, subject to 15 provisions or restrictions. Since that ruling 5 years ago, the total equity being invested in eligible TIC offerings ...
One thing I really like about having returned to RE sales, after 20+ years in the IT industry, is that "they" are not changing the rules all of the time.  Oh, there is:the slow and gradual march toward more and more documetation, to protect the consuming public.  This we know.  the less slow but ...

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