Des Moines, Iowa -- RE Investor heaven?

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Des Moines, Iowa -- There are a lot of positive things going on in Des Moines that make it a great place to invest in Real Estate, either as an owner-occupant, or an investor. Check us out!



Wouldn't that be fun to watch "Joe the Plumber" engaging in a serious debate with "Joe the Hedge Fund Manager" -- asking him questions like, "Why do the top 15 Hedge Fund Managers make an average of $870 Million a year".   "How is it that your net after tax income, Joe the HFM, is a cool $1.5 Mil...
1st-time Home Buyers, and even 2nd and 3rd's -- take note!  Building equity and looking at your home as an "investment" that should produce equity from day one has now returned into favor.  Gone are the days when all people wanted was to step into the "good life" but mortgage their futures to a h...
What is at stake in the current financial "tsunami" that seems to be an amorphous attack on the very heart of capitalism, is many people's livelihoods, their retirement savings, or worse, their jobs.  This is non-trivial stuff.  The number of foreclosures and delinquencies, as of Sept 2008, conti...
The Two Rivers REIA of Central Iowa, LLC will be hosting a "Rehabbing for Profit" Seminar, presented by David Seymour of the David Lindahl Group, on November 1, 2008 at 11:00AM.  The location is the John & Mary Pappajohn Education Center at 1200 Grand Ave, Des Moines -- one block west of the new ...
It has been my pleasure to serve as the Executive Director of the Two Rivers REIA for two years this month.  I founded our local chapter of the National REIA back in October of 2006 and, as with most associations, it takes a while to really get things rolling. However, from day one, our focus has...

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