tarp: Success goes to the clear, decisive thinker in our TARP-dominated world - 03/29/09 12:41 PM
The first third of the last century was the "age of big business" -- the age of capital, conglomerates, monopolies, and steel trusts.  In the US, many of the gigantic mansions, which we experience more often today as publicly owned museums, not privately-held personal residences, were built by industrialists who used the power of creative thinking and inventions to lead us out of the agrarian age, into the industrial age. 
The second third (+) of the century was the "age of big labor" -- all the way from the great depression, through WWII, through putting a man on the moon, on into the quagmire that resulted from the … (4 comments)

Andrew Lietzow, MBA-Exec Dir Iowa Real Estate Investors Association - (IaREIA | Iowa Landlord Association)

Andrew Lietzow

MBA-Exec Dir Iowa Real Estate Investors Association -

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