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                                              Memorial Day (plus 1)For Memorial Day our local cemeteries attract a large number of floral tributes. This may be common across the country, but I have only Utah for my reference, as I  am "new" resident and seem to be here for most major holidays. T...
Weekly Activity in the Intermountain West.For a hobby I look regularly at the seismic activity  of the Intermountain West, with the area chosen having me in the center.We can expect about 650 plus occurrences per year, roughly two per day in the Region. At the moment the daily average for the we...
Holidays at our place can be interesting times.Christie is firmly entrenched in American traditions - I fit in Australian observances where I can. With family spread all over, and being of mature age, we are mostly by ourselves for holidays. Never fear, we observe, party or celebrate in our own t...
Approaching Memorial DayI appreciate being schooled  in the significance of special occasions and the meaning of Holidays.Since  Friday the nature of this areas has changed. Traffic is different: evidenced by increasing numbers of "foreign" state plates,  especially in the rain, of visitors attem...
Musings in quiet time.Long ago, as a student I was in a class situation where we were asked "How do you determine the age of a rock?" Now, there are many learned answers that can keep many people involved for inordinate amounts of time. The suggestion that has remained in my conscious and sub-con...
Who Do You Think You Are?You can have this question answered on your next visit to Salt Lake City Utah, at the FamilySearch Center.The FamilySearch Center is located in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, 15 East South Temple Street in Salt Lake City.(1 801 240 4085 for enquiries or go to www.fa...
                                    In Reach of my ChairMy days can be hectic with lots of comings and goings (or is it vice versa?)But my home provides the rest and relaxation that I need to recharge. I often trundle around the yard to investigate the happenings in nature, and to see what plant...
A Simple Note in the MailAmong the many solicitations that appear daily in my mail box, rarely is there anything that coincides with my current thinking.An unpretentious note today from the American Red Cross, simply branded  seemed to stand out as thoughtful, timely and practical.It was enough ...
A Week of Seismic Events in the Intermountain CorridorFor those of you who are aware of my hobby, related to my early studies in Archaeology and Geomorphology, the study of earth movements  (seismic) for the Intermountain Corridor (Utah to Yellowstone), you may be expecting my map every seven or...
DUH! The Stupid History of the Human  Race - Bob Fenster (Book Review)There are times when I find the demands of reading in my life can be excessive. I seem to be reading from dawn to dusk, and before and after as well. If you are an enthusiastic member of ActiveRain you will know what I mean. T...

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