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An education in assistive technology The need for 24 volts and 3-5 amps does not appear to be a big ask. But require it, day in day out, for continuous mobility then it can be an important issue. The charger for my chair ceased to function. Given that it has had a hard, demanding life, and has b...
A (fairly) quiet week for earthquakes With only forty earthquakes for the week registered in the Intermountain West, we are below average to get to an estimated 700 for the year. For those interested in figures: most were below 1.0, a few 2s and one bump on the southern UT border coming in at 3....
Summer Starts Tommorrow ? It's official. Utah has just had its coldest, wettest Spring on record. How do we deal with it? We let Summer start on time tomorrow. Longest days and shortest nights. If we could move further north, say beyond the Arctic circle, we could have 24 hours of sunlight each ...
My reading gets a boost Over many years I have accumulated lots to read. With my libary I am about 7ft 6ins behind in my reading, on the computer I am hundreds of ebooks behind, books downloaded with intent but languishing behind their .pdf status. Have no fear, I am constantly reading. I read ~...
                                    Neighborhood Barbecue All it takes is a nice, warm(er) Saturday afternoon, an (officially) closed street and a simple invitation ("Meet your neighbors"). Even late thunder and the threat of rain did not deter as our neighborhood met for a casual meal and a cha...
                                    High clouds and blue skies for Utah Along with the high clouds and blue skies, the bright sunlight is rather contrasty producing distinct shade near trees and walls. Snows are retreating ahead of advancing green. There is a mix of warmth and cool, although the...
                                    The difference of a few warm daysMy yard is a barometer of local weather.We waited long, and hard, for Spring. Plant life was either stunted or non-existent until, it looks like, a day or two ago.Now the lawn needs mowing every other day, foliage is everywhere...
                                    How did they know I was having a day off? Yes, we had received notification of resurfacing of neighborhood streets and proposed dates. Our Circle was not on the map. However, orange cones, especially tar speckled ones command respect. The new surface looks goo...
Cats have their uses Since my vehicle is old, it displays some of the tendencies of old age and leaks a bit. It resides outside the garage because by necessity it is higher than normal, too high to fit in. Repairs in the driveway have produced even more spills, a good mixture of motor oil and va...
Spring cleaning reveals a gemPersonal Development has been a major pursuit of mine for quite a few decades. I like to think I can improve on me, make me more efficient, be a better contributor. With this in mind I usually try to keep active in as many fields as I can. I am a voracious reader - m...

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