Life is a one-go-around. Make the most of it. As one who makes a daily decision to be happy (happy v. sad IS an individual daily choice), I have no need for medication to help me get through. I have no time to mope or be depressed. My father lived by the ideals "Life is a wonderful ride: nowhere ...
We've gotten our hour back My computer and phone agree. My watch, the wall clock and the microwave are still resisting... So I have been up all night for the beginning and end of this Daylight Saving period. I misplaced an hour, and now I have gotten it back. Daylight Saving gave the impression o...
The smallest of mind triggers One of the benefits of getting older appears to be an improvement in long term memory (Let's not get into discussions about the short term requirements of remembering important things without prompting, or even why I have come into this room). N.B. It hasn't, yet, co...
                                    Firing on three cylinders - almost... Seasonal allergies? Perhaps. I'll be over that in a few days... Persistent cough(lots of apologies for my interruptions during phone calls), chills and fevers. Missing hours and delirium... Fitful sleep and strange dreams....

Larry O'Sullivan

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