tips: FREE Top Quality Buisness Cards! - 10/08/08 02:56 PM
I have been buying businees cards from  for over a year now and I have been very impresses. Not only are they way cheap but they stand up to the rest and then some when it comes to quality. You can even upload your own backgrounds or choose from the hundreds they already have. In today's market we need all the breaks we can get as new Realtors or seasoned. Check it out.

PRODUCT DISCOUNTPremium Business cards 80% OF FREE Business Cards + Glossy Order Now!Standard Postcards Now FREE Over-sized Postcards Now FREECar Door Magnets Now FREE Large Car Door Magnets Half … (6 comments)

tips: ActiveRain Blog featured in local newspaper! - 08/05/08 09:26 AM
EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT. Early this summer I wrote a blog about a backyard experience I had with a swarm of bees. A local bee keeper came to the rescue and transformed the homeless swarm to a new home where he produces local honey.
I received a call last month from our local newspaper "The crossville chronicle" asking if they could publish my blog. Naturally I agreed and forwarded the origional photos for the article.
Since then I have stopped counting the calls from locals and friends who read the article. This week I got a call from a … (23 comments)

tips: Be Funky! Cool photo cartoonizer tool - 05/27/08 08:14 PM
(JUST FOR FUN) This is one of the coolest tools out there. Cartoonize or sketch your photos!  I've been playing around with portraits, pets and scenery. Tired of your usual website and blog image? Have a little fun with it by changing yourself into a cartoon. This site is free and very easy to work. You can also create a personal cartoon avatar of yourself "for a small fee".  But if you just want to cartoon a current photo "go for it" no cost!  Also for free You can have fun with adding accessories and text to your photos. Would you like a … (42 comments)

tips: Don't get stuck in the mud. - 05/19/08 09:02 AM
Showing property in my area is a wide diversity of landscaped color. From farms, large wooded land tracks, mountain views and country living. There is also another landscaped color of Retirement communities, luxury homes and new commercial property.
Crossville, Tennessee and a large surrounding area map between Nashville and Knoxville offers just this. Big country living with a few luxury spots & Retirement living.
Now, I'm a strong believer in dressing for success or dressing for the job you want!  But at the same time "I've just gotta be me!"
I have Buyers from the East Coast to the beaches fo Florida. … (21 comments)

tips: When is the last time you watched the Sun-Rise? - 03/28/08 07:27 AM
As a young girl and well into my twenty's I would ride my bike, walk or drive to an old train bridge that crossed the Wabash River. Indiana on one side and Illinois on the other. My favorite thing to do was get up just before sunrise so I could enjoy the view from the old bridge. Not one who is scared of heights..I would sit on the edge with my feet dangling and watch and listen for the quiet of the sun coming up across the plains.
Over the years I usually have a chance at sunrise watching when I'm … (23 comments)

tips: Yes...Another post about THE SECRET - 03/21/08 09:55 AM
 I know there has been several post and blogs about THE SECRET here on ActiveRain. This being said, there is a very good reason for it. Those who have listened to these CD's or read the book want to spead the word, for they have just went through a berakthrough in their life. The message is simple. It reminds us how to be positive. Life brings some struggle and we all have made choices we regret. This might hold some of us back or lead us on a path of worry. The Secret reminds you to let it go.
Stay positive no … (24 comments)

tips: Create your own "Community Website" It's Free! - 02/16/08 05:25 PM

Get Your Own Social Network!  I have been wanting to create my own community website for some time now but with the high prices, I have spent my time building my ideas and website on paper until I was able to fork out the big bucks $$$ Until Now!  I'm also a member of Real Estate 411. This is where one of the members/friend told me about Ning and how you can build your own community website FREE!  I just created my new community site called CROSSVILLE VOICE (Crossville is the name of the city I live in, Name your site what … (43 comments)

tips: My Idea is a new idea for you! - 02/14/08 10:52 AM
 I've been receiving e-mails from AR members stating that they like my community and localism posts for my area and they want to know if I mind if they do the same kind of post for their area! (or use my idea) I say "Go For It". Posting localism blogs on AR is how you are going to receive more business and it will allow you to dominate your local online search for customers. Over half of my latest listings and customers have came from my AR localism posts, I've been working on them for over a year and the calls are coming in. … (32 comments)

tips: Want to add your signature to your blogs? - 02/12/08 10:15 AM
 Would you like to add your personal signature to your blog posts and websites? This site allows you to create, copy and paste your very own signature. They have tons of signature fonts and colors to choose from, best of all the basic service is free. I created the two signatures below with my free account. When creating a blog designed for localism you will look very computer savvy when adding a personal signature to your onine status! This was so easy and I recommend it to anyone. My Life Signature Visit this site and you'll have your very  own personal touch … (85 comments)

tips: REALTOR Soup For The Soul. - 02/11/08 11:44 PM
The winter months are slowly coming to an end and before we know it, the spring and summer clients will be dialing our numbers. I've even noticed my phone jingle more often during this month alone. The sight of spring seems to bring in the clients and customers before we have a chance to finish our warm winter soup. If some of us spent more time warming our toes by the fire the last few months than thawing them out after a long day of marketing, It is time to get back to your marketing game. Most of my calls lately … (25 comments)


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