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Asbestos, a mineral known for its resistance to fire and heat and its durablity, was widely used in residential and commercial construction for most of the 20th century.  Besides insulation and roofing asbestos was also used in siding, ceiling and flooring materials in residential and commercial ...
Bridge under water I need Robert Hammerstein's Ark, but I don't want the hail that followed the rain in Bob's New Jersey location of Bergen County. By 11:30 Erie, PA had more than 5 inches of rain since 8:00.  More rain has fallen since.  This photo was taken approx 1:00 between downpours. Will t...
Heavy summer rain storms, overturned tractor trailer with building supplies, replacement supplies that were delivered, but the wrong size, tight working conditions as new home is only three feet from property line.                                                      Nothing that Mother Nature di...
What Hidden Dangers Lurk within Your Home:  Asbestos   Modern science has alerted us to numerous minerals, compounds and other substances that once were considered useful, but now are labeled hazardous and must be disclosed in most real estate transactions.  Asbestos, a mineral, is resistant to f...
  Extreme Makeover Home Edition will build Clara Ward new house at 650 E. 21st/Erie, PA The anticipation in the Erie community had grown to an extremely high level for days leading up to Ty Pennington's arrival at Clara's home yesterday afternoon.  Details along with video and photos are availabl...
Tomorrow Erie, PA will learn the name of the family chosen to be the recipient of the next Extreme Makeover home.  At the beginning of June Extreme Makeover Home Edition announced that it had chosen Maleno Development to build the home in one week or 106 hours at an undisclosed location. The exci...
If no one comes to your open house or just a few people come, do you feel like you are wasting your time?  Well, before you answer, let's me ask you a question? Why do you do open houses?  For many agents the answer is one of two reasons. The seller insists I do something to earn my fee My manage...
The Kuol Arop family received the keys to their new home yesterday at a dedication ceremony instead of traditional real estate closing.  What makes this home special is that this home was built by 400+ volunteers from local Erie churches in 21 days.  The Greater Erie Area Habitat for Humanity cho...
Summer Solstice:  This annual event when the sun is at the farthest distance north of the equator is best told with photos at Presque Isle.                                                         Waiting for Dawn When I left my home I was afraid the fog/clouds would block the sunrise Anticipation...
All day one torrential downpour after the other and what did I do all day?  Well, I camped out in front of my computer and wrote one post after the other.  Needed:  ARK BUILDER Walk Between the Raindrops Come Walk with Me at Presque Isle Peninsula                                                  ...

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