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Blowing Bubbles and Prospecting?? If you read my previous post  Do You Remember Who Could Blow the Biggest Bubble? this title might make sense.  Mary Yonkers has enlisted the help of Mad-dee, the Scientist, to help Real Estate agents blow grow their Real Estate Bubble Circle of Influence so that ...
Do You Remember Who Blew the Biggest Bubble?   I bet just about every ActiveRain member can remember blowing bubbles and having bubble gum contests as kids.  Right?  Maybe you are still chewing and blowing while writing an ActiveRain post or even while showing houses.  Well, any way, you are prob...
Yuk . . . Not left-overs again! Some foods just taste remind me of my mother's cooking while growing up.  One of those meals is stew, especially beef stew.  Usually I try to make it at least once during the winter, but this year it didn't get made. Well, until today. Well, not really.  Last weeke...
Did someone order snow? Just a few minutes ago I looked outside and noticed that it is snowing again in Erie, PA.  Who forgot to tell Old Man Winter that spring is here? Maybe it was the friend who sent me an e-mail this morning asking if I thought we would have another chance to cross country sk...
Irene Tron The BEST Need help with Real Estate, call Irene Tron   1-219-476-5459  1-219-476-5459 Recently I wrote a post asking for help with PowerPoint 2007.  Irene Tron not only responded with suggestions, but continued to follow up with me until I figured it out.   Go back and read the origina...
Real Estate Success:  Prospecting 101 Are you newly licensed and ready for business?   Are feeling like you are stuck in a rut and need a hand to climb out?   Do you need more buyers and sellers to work with?   Are you ready to kick your business back into gear?   If you answered yes to any of th...
Real Estate Success Series   Recently I asked the question:  How Would You Sum Up Real Estate Success in Three Words? and the answers came from many very experienced ActiveRain members. Here are a few responses I received: Barbara Todaro Success in Marketing . . .  "we are marketing agents first ...
Who thinks blogging is a time-waster?  Read this testimonial by Bob Haywood, ActiveRain member, then start writing your own blog. Lisa has received a lot of encouragement to build her business from fellow ActiveRain members. Many of you know that I recently introduced Lisa Stafford to the Rain. ...
Homestyle Cooking with Mary Salmon with Curried Balsamic Orange Glaze   Start with the freshest and thickest piece of salmon you can buy.  Now if I could have salmon shipped from Alaska at a reasonable price I might do that because I can still taste the salmon we had there while on vacation.  The...
Real Estate Success in Three Words Recently I was asked by Carra Riley on BlogTalkRadio to sum up the three most important things a Real Estate agent needs to do to be successful in Real Estate.  Before I give you my answer let's review the basic tenet of Real Estate. Real Estate Is People    As ...

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