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 A Visit to The Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) with Jacob / Erie, PA The Tom Ridge Environmental Center, TREC for short, is Erie's premier tourist attraction year-round.  Located at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park and across road from Waldameer Amusement Park.  Kids of all ages fin...
Is Spring Right Around the Corner?  The Flowers Think So!   Yes, the date is December 30th and spring Flowers are poking their heads through the ground in Erie, PA.  Normally snow covers the ground at this time of year along the shores of Lake Erie and the wind howls as we dream of spring Flowers...
Have You Noticed the Didactic Tone in Many Year-end Posts?  Now, if you know the meaning of didactic/didactics/didactical that is not a bad thing. (instructive, the art of teaching, convey information to others as well as entertainment) If you think about quite a few posts you have read here at A...
Have you followed Facebook Friday?  If not, read Jerry Newman's post on the last Friday of 2011.  You won't be sorry and you just might meet a new friend. As I always do when I re-blog I will disable comments so you can go directly to Jerry's site to leave a comment. Happy New Year! Facebook Frid...
It gives me great pleasure to re-blog Kathy Streib's post.  Note her use of photos, color and white space to illustrate her points.  Over time I have become one of Kathy's raving fans.  This re-blog is my way of spreading the word.  Check out Kathy's work yourself and follow link to her page to l...
Your Real Estate Career Begins with Pre-license Classes Erie, PA  Real Estate Fundamentals Pre-license classes, Real Estate Fundamentals, offers a comprehensive overview of the technical and legal aspects of real estate. Topics covered include rights and interest in land, how ownership is held, t...
Savor the Moment:  S u n s e t Savor the moment of Sunset  I remember a song from Girl Scout camp 'Day Is Done' and think about that song when I see a beautiful sunset.  In the summer we sit on our front porch to watch sunset, but in the winter I just run outside to take a quick shot to savor in ...

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