gardening: Garden Creating Program in Hartland in Windsor County Vermont - 04/08/14 10:04 AM
Garden Creating Program in Hartland in Windsor County Vermont,folks on Wednesday the Ninth day of April 2014 you can attend what sure should be a mighty fine learning program for folks.

The title of this program is Creating Natural Balance in Our Neighborhood. This will be a presentation and discussion of Invasive Plants and Insects. The program will be taking place at the Hartland Public Library which is located on Route 153 in the Town of Hartland, Vermont.

Folks the program has been scheduled to be held between the hours of 6:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. to be attended. The scheduled … (3 comments)

gardening: Festival is being held in the Town of Springfield Vermont - 05/11/12 10:41 PM
Festival is being held in the Town of Springfield Vermont, folks y'all sure don't want to miss out attending this here Festival which sure does have a whole lot enstored for ya.

On Saturday the 12th of May 2012 the Unitarian Universalist Church is hosting their May Festival, which will be held for folks to attend Rain or Shine. The Weatherman just said the sky will be clear in the morning, and clouds moving in the late afternoon. The Festival will be hold at Unitarian Universalist Church, which is located at 21 Fairground Road in Springfield, Vermont. Festival is … (6 comments)

gardening: Brown Recluse Spider - An Important Article by Carl Winters - 04/24/12 10:47 AM
Brown Recluse Spider-An Important Article by Carl Winters, my mighty good friend Carl in the Texas Hill County of Texas sure has post some mighty important information which folks  for sure should take the time to read. By doing so, it sure could very will save yours or a loved ones life.

Re-Blogged. Its sure is mighty nice to share the Re-Blogging love and the ActiveRain information we come along. Its sure a mighty easy thing to do, and it sure does help our friends and other fine members here in the ActiveRain Real Estate Community. 


gardening: Hartland Garden Club Meeting in Hartland Vermont - 03/06/11 01:10 PM
Hartland Garden Club Meeting in Hartland Vermont, the Hartland Garden Club will be presenting David Dibenedetto, Dartmouth College arborist today. The Hartland Garden Club Meeting will be held at the Hartland Public Library, the meeting will begin at 3:00 P.M. They suggest that folks attending make a donation of $5.00. Mr. Dibenedetto will be discussing Arbor Culture, the rights and wrongs of planting trees. Hartland Garden Club Meeting in Hartland Vermont, where to plant and the benefits of landscaping using trees. The folks attending will be able to view a photographic history of Dartmouth College and the Town of Hanover, New … (8 comments)