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One of our agents bought this old 4' long picture at an auction.  No one seems to have wanted it and she knew I would like it.  She bought it to the RE/MAX office and has shared it with us.  Now doing a scan of this proved difficult so I just took pictures.  It is a real glimpse of how life was i...
A lady can brag, can't she? Here I am on the extreme right at some national or state REALTOR meeting.  I can't actually remember the date but we were all younger.  On the right, second row, was Chris Polychron, a good friend to all of us in Arkansas. On the front row with me was Tina Daniel, lef...
Bald Knob, Arkansas, located about 12 miles from Searcy Arkansas, used to be the strawberry capital of the world!  Now it is still a pretty busy little town but the strawberries are mostly pick-your-own.    I bought this card showing the Americana Motel located at Highways 64- 167 & 67 in Bald Kn...
What a great picture of a girl with extremely long hair, stockings and a little brother (probably) who is not at all happy with the situation.  Notice the little boy has on a dress and stockings just as the girl.  It must be the girl's hat on the stool.  This must have been about 100 years befor...
Look at this great group of graduating students at Searcy High School.  This would have been somewhere in the 1950's, I think.  Perhaps some of the Searcy Sleuths are in it?  Or perhaps the Sleuths know some of the students.  There are no dates on this picture and there are no names.  Sadly, we ...
A death in the family is always sad.  Then folks start trying to clean out the belongings of the deceased.  You never know what you will find and some things are from a past generation.  Such was my experience this past week. The book was "Grandma's Attic Treasures" and it was published in 1882. ...
So you think the 50's meant poodle skirts?  I grew up in the 50's and never heard of a poodle shirt. BUT........this picture is a perfect depiction of the 50's.  It is supplied by Super Sleuth Anita Fuller from her personal collection of photos.  These girls made up the junior Beebe AR basketball...
I attended a very small school in Georgia and their only sports activity was basketball but it was equal, a team of boys and a team of girls.  I was on the team and loved the trips to small surrounding towns to compete.  This photograph was loaned to me by our card-collecting buddy, James Whitlow...
We have been loaned another picture of Searcy AR by friend James Whitlow who puts his company name on them but they are still highly visible and he gives me permission to print the postcard on this blog. This one shows Arch Street facing the historic Methodist Church.  Streets are unpaved. Notice...
My friend and postcard collector, James Whitlow, has sent another picture that may be from our area.  The lettering on the card is just for his business.  He wrote this, "Barbara, here is a scan of the McRae postcard from the date of 1907-1918.  Maybe some of your readers can inform us about thi...

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