historic buildings: Jacksonport AR, historic county courthouse, 1872 - 1892, Newport AR - 02/24/14 05:02 PM
Real estate can be trying.  Real estate can be fun.  But real estate is never boring!  Daughter Valerie Canepa and I had to go to Jacksonport Arkansas to check on a property.  I had never heard of Jacksonport and neither had she.  We found it just on the other side of Newport Arkansas. (Jacksonport served as an important steamboat stop and trading center at the confluence of the White River and Black River, until being bypassed by the Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad shortly after becoming county seat, according to Wikipedia.)
Today, it is a city of about 212 folks and … (14 comments)

historic buildings: 1908 Kensett AR building with businesses. Lots of people on the porch. - 02/03/14 05:57 PM

Another ebay goodie!
This card is for sale on ebay now and should be bought by the Kensett history keeper.  Kensett was once a thriving town with the railroad running right through the middle of it.  The railroad going through Kensett AR is still very active but the town has not grown.  Kensett was also the home of Wilbur Mills.
This great old card on ebay was taken around 1908 and shows a CC Pearson Grocerie, a restaurant and other businesses.  The building looks like new lumber in the picture and could be newly constructed. There even seems to be … (5 comments)

historic buildings: Searcy College and where it was apparently located. Late 1800's. - 04/25/13 11:20 AM

I've driven these streets so many times!  I knew that College Street sorta dead-ended at W. Race and then there was a small amount of North College off W. Academy.  But I am just now possibly understanding why.
These two buildings were probably located here at the end of N. College. 

Dr. Ray Muncy's book (Searcy, Arkansas: A Frontier Town Grows up With America) reports that a 1886-1887 catalog boasted two large buildings.  One was for men, one for women, and the sexes were not allowed to mingle.  It had been on the corner of Pine and … (5 comments)

historic buildings: Searcy AR has an improved building on Main, across from the old Rendezvous. - 04/21/13 10:05 AM
Mr. Google, who must be a big procrastinator, and that works in our favor, still has this image of the old filling station located on Main Street in Searcy AR, right across the street from the old Rendezvous.

I looked at it often and wondered what it originally looked like but no post cards or pictures ever showed up.  I liked the little column things.  Now when you drive by, it has a new look.  Look at this picture.

It has been made to look nice and they kept the columns and adorned them.  I tried a closeup … (6 comments)

historic buildings: One of the twin tins is getting a face lift. They didn't tear it down!! - 03/14/13 07:17 AM
A few months ago I wrote a blog when I suddenly noticed that buildings that I had driven by hundreds of times were alike!  They were on opposite sides of the road (once the tracks) and looked as if they'd had the same designer.
One of them recently sold and I watched as the wrecking ball got closer and closer to it.  I thought it was a goner for sure.
But look!  Here's what is going on.

The new owner decided that he would like to keep the character of the old building and is saving it.
Here's the other … (6 comments)

historic buildings: Did you swim here? Better not try to do it now? Noble's Motel Searcy AR - 01/14/13 11:20 AM
This old postcard shows Noble Motel with a big cool pool!  Folks were sunning and enjoying it.  The pool is no longer at the motel and the motel is no longer called Noble Motel but everyone who has been around Searcy AR for any length of time remembers the motel.  And they remember the restaurant that was beside it, Bill's Grill.
But what happened to the pool!  I approached one of the relatives about this the other day and he expressed his agitation at his dad for filling the thing in.  He couldn't remember the year but he must have been … (5 comments)

historic buildings: Bragging about an ex-student, now a competitor.....and his listing of historic hotel in Letona Arkansas. - 12/14/12 01:13 PM
When I taught Art at Searcy High I had several students who have now wound up as competitors of mine in this real estate business.
One of my favorites was David Lorton.  He actually got himself an art degree and then switched to business, worked all over the country with Wal-Mart and other businesses and has now become a very good real estate agent. 
His newest listing belongs on this blog.  He has listed the old hotel at Letona!  And he put the old picture of it in with his current pictures!  NOW, that is an artist for you!  He appreciates … (12 comments)

historic buildings: First Christian Church once in Searcy AR. Now gone but remembered. - 09/26/12 05:58 PM

Card on ebay!
Slightly ragged and wrinkled and very old.
And no, I was NOT talking about myself!  I was referring to the condition of this card.  But the condition of the card is better than the condition of the church.  It has been torn down and replaced by buildings owned and operated by United Methodist Church. 
It appears to have a basement.  Wonder if it was a successful basement or did it have a tendency to hold water. Surely some of our sleuths will know the answers to questions about this old First Christian Church.  And … (22 comments)

historic buildings: Three faces of 219 Market St., Searcy AR. Historic downtown building. - 08/03/12 05:04 AM
219 Market Street in Searcy Arkansas sold a few months ago.
  It sold to the folks who own Salon Bliss and Boutique and they have made it beautiful.  I like the fact that they appreciate history and have actually saved a building from Searcy's past and made it the location of a successful business location again.
So it is time for a review.  First is a picture taken in by Paula Windsor when she was a child and assigned a photography project.  She took lots of downtown pictures and we have had them on this blog.

Next we have … (8 comments)

historic buildings: They are not historic now but soon will be so save these pictures. Going down on E. Pleasure St. in Searcy AR. - 08/01/12 11:47 AM
 I remember.
I remember when this style construction was so popular.  I loved the look of native rock and frame combined.
I especially liked ranch houses built with this combination.  Evidently Harding University in Searcy Arkansas also liked the look because there are several apartment complexes built along E. Pleasure as you approach Harding that were probably built back then.
They are going down!

 Your roving blogster took these pictures.  I like best the rock walls.


They are being replaced with some gorgeous buildings that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  See that blog here.   … (7 comments)

historic buildings: Pershing filling station in Searcy AR.....another view from ebay. - 06/18/12 01:22 PM
We've had pictures of the evidently very popular Pershing filling station on this blog before.  In fact, we have had it on two times.  Check this blog and this blog for other pictures.
The station has cropped up on ebay and I made a bid or two but it has several interested bidders and I have lost out. But here is the picture on ebay.

I wish we knew who the gents were who were standing around gazing at the camera.  It was a nice brick building!

historic buildings: Wonder if they had the same architect way back then. Old banks in White County AR. - 01/08/12 05:28 PM

Great picture, isn't it!!  This old picture of the Bald Knob State Bank with an approximate date of 1910 shows how lovely the building was.  Evidently the fashion was to have a corner entry. 
I started comparing.  Here's a picture of the Kensett Bank, now closed.  Look how similar.

And let's add another one.  It is still open and thriving.  McRae Arkansas has this fantastic old bank built around 1900 so says the county records.

I did a blog on this bank once before and loved the bullet proof glass that is still inside.  Here's a review.


historic buildings: Cresting. I found some more of that stuff right here in White County Arkansas. - 10/19/11 09:38 PM
Reviewing some delightful pictures that I took last year of our famous "oldest documented church in Arkansas" I found another example of what I had never heard of until a few days ago when I put up a blog about a house in West Point Arkansas that was built in 1883 and had this stuff on the top of the roof which was defined by a reader as cresting. 
This oldest church is called Smyrna Church and is located just before Center Hill on Highway 36 West.   Suzy Ribeiro defined the trim on roofs in a comment.
The spindly metal trim on rooftops … (3 comments)

historic buildings: 1948 picture of a school in White County Arkansas. Kensett Arkansas School. - 06/22/11 08:49 PM

It is a neat old building that has the location and the date on the back.  It was in one of those little wood frames that someone a few years back had used to frame old copies of pictures and had them for sale at some store.  Mother-in-law found one with a picture of her husband's father and brothers lined up on a board.  I have blogged it.
She was able to buy one for each family member.  I found one of the ruins of Judsonia from the tornado in 1952 … (17 comments)

historic buildings: Reblogging Don Thompson's blog about Searcy Arkansas Sanitary Plumbing and Electric Company. - 06/17/11 10:10 PM
My blog buddy, Don Thompson, put this wonderful old picture on his blog.  Here's what he wrote.  It is one of the clearest pictures that I've seen of old Searcy Arkansas.  He'll probably have to tell us more about the Black Cat Cafe.  Sounds like a Honkey Tonk to me.
Look at that dirt street and the new concrete sidewalk. This must be in the early 1900s.
It  stood on the corner of Market and Spruce Streets near the Black Cat Cafe.
This picture was posted on Main Street Searcy  facebook June 10, 2011.

And, you know what?  That building … (20 comments)

historic buildings: Another chomp and another chunk of Searcy AR is gone. Where is this one, folks? - 06/15/11 04:29 PM
You like guessing games?  Yes, Searcy Sleuths who live elsewhere like to figure out where the things "used to be" in Searcy Arkansas.
While driving by today, I came upon this ugly, vicious machine tearing down another structure.  The ones who have to tear the building down don't look upon it as a vicious machine, however.  They consider it a work-saver, and it is.
I anticipated this building coming down so I took pictures of "before."  However, because you need something to challenge you, tell me where it is from this one.  Then I'll post the before ones.

Seary Sleuths, … (11 comments)

historic buildings: Ghost architecture in Searcy Arkansas. Makes you wonder what it once looked like. - 05/06/11 10:06 PM
My blog buddy, Anita, once had me distracted by looking for "ghost signs" which were old signs painted on brick buildings.  We blogged a few of those.
While downtown in Searcy Arkansas I looked up from my parking space and saw "ghost architecture."
Yes, that's a good name for it.  These brick buildings have been renovated but there are signs of the past all over them.

I wonder whether we could get someone who is an expert with Photoshop who could give us the original view of these buildings.  They liked curves!!

historic buildings: Downtown Searcy Arkansas Van Atkins and other stores. Parade! - 04/16/11 04:45 PM
In keeping with my popular blog about a parade in downtown Searcy Arkansas, I found another parade picture.  It has elephants!  It almost makes me want to visit the zoo and see those giant animals again.
It also shows a part of our town that has changed so much in the last few years.  It was taken near the Van Atkins store.  Some of our newer blog readers may not remember these business locations. Some of the smaller names on stores may need to be supplied by Searcy Sleuths.
Note the advertisement on one elephant for White County Motor Company and it also gives … (16 comments)

historic buildings: White County Water Company. Judge Cypert Law Office. Old picture of Searcy Arkansas historic building. - 04/13/11 09:06 PM
Searcy Sleuths are still working on the last blog about a rock wall in Searcy Arkansas.  They had a hard time enjoying the parade because of looking at the old buildings behind.
I found this great old photo and will let you, Searcy Sleuths, tell me about it.  It says White County Water Co. on the side and I think I know where it is but I'm not sure.  Help me out.

While you're explaining, explain that strange contraption in front!

historic buildings: Some buildings just don't show their age. Quattlebaum Music building is 151 years old! - 03/08/11 10:08 PM
Blog buddy Luke Jones wrote a great article about homes on the Historical Register in White County.  His headline picture in the Daily Citizen on March 5 2011 was the Quattlebaum Music building on the South West corner of the court square.  He said it was built in 1860!  That's old folks!  That's getting on up there in years.
Here's a picture of it now.  The man who runs the music store is someone I love and I saw him actually painting this building a few years ago.  Greg Geroy is his name and he babies this building.

An older picture of … (24 comments)

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