realtor: What has happened to Root Beer? Does anyone still drink it in Searcy AR? - 04/15/14 05:19 AM
Here's a picture of A & W Root Beer which used to be located on East Race Street.
It was located where the big building that says "Lunch Box" is located now.
Somewhere underneath all that construction lurks the delightful little old food and drink place shown in this photograph found in a 1967 yearbook.
So tell me what happened to the Root Beer place?  Was it a chain?  Does anyone drink Root Beer anymore?


realtor: Searcy AR loses another old home. East Market Street house comes down. - 10/16/13 06:06 PM

Here is one last look at the old historic home on East Market Street.  It is going down and will be a memory by the end of the week. It was definitely tired and worn out.....kinda like we humans we are not losing a treasure.  But we sometimes think that anything that reminds of the early days of Searcy Ar becomes a treasure.  It was featured in another blog. Old blog on Market Street house
Here is the house in 1987 when it was for sale in one of our advertisements.

It did have some charm with … (4 comments)

realtor: Probably unchanged old home in Searcy AR. Sleuths, can you find it? - 09/15/13 10:18 AM
Several of the Searcy Sleuths no longer live in Searcy but are proud of the town where they grew up.
I'm thinking that this house dates back to their youth in Searcy and has probably had no changes since that time.  It has been on this big pretty lot since I have been in Searcy.  I once wrote a blog about the bigger the tree, the older the house.  Go review it if you'd like.  The tree was at the old home of Wilbur Mills in Kensett.
Now look at the size of the tree in this front yard!
Each time … (15 comments)

realtor: It must have been a custom built house.....back in 1964. Why else would it have pink? - 08/01/13 06:35 PM
In all my 30 plus years in real estate I have not seen a wall oven like this.
I tried to figure out how to open it.  You grab hold handles with both hands and Presto!  It opens.

Did I mention that it is pink?  I can't imagine a spec house having a pink oven or a pink stovetop. So my thinking is that this was a custom built house in 1964 and it still has the original appliances.  I'd be willing to bet that those cabinets are knotty pine painted over!  And the white does match the pink … (18 comments)

realtor: Good cartoon from 1976 advertising Newman Real Estate at the corner of Race and Main Searcy AR. Fred Stewart, artist. - 07/21/13 05:47 AM
Looking through an old stack of newspapers is always interesting if you are in the real estate business and you are an old art instructor.
Look what I found!  This cartoon was signed by Fred Stewart '76.  Since the item had been clipped there was no other way to date it but the artist had done it!  We have featured this building before on this blog.  Check this old blog.  
The Newman team redid this little building that had been a filling station (I think) and turned it into a real estate office and considered it as being on … (1 comments)

realtor: I worked all night and brought home a gift for you so just leave me alone! Cat's gift. - 07/20/13 07:14 AM
Cat's are funny creatures.
They are selfish as can be but also as arrogant as they can possibly be.
They go out huntin' and instead of eating their prey they bring it home to brag about.
Here's what I found on the porch today.

Well, you can see the frog looks nice and juicy with only one or two broken limbs which could have been done as the cat gently brought it home to present to the humans who feed her boring old cat food.
And what does SHE have to say about it?

Actually, she does have a … (17 comments)

realtor: Luxurious living for some pet in Searcy Arkansas. Pet step and separate entrance. - 03/28/13 06:55 AM

Viewed at a big and luxurious house that is for sale.
Entrance steps for a pet.  It can't be a Great Dane, which we also saw as we toured new listings in Searcy AR, because the entrance appears too little.
We were impressed by the corner steps which were wrap around and led to the entrance of a separate room inside that was designed for the pet's comfort.  That appears to be a light above the entrance.
Impressed?  Yes, we were.  It displayed how important pets are to the American family of today.  I'm wondering if it is for a … (10 comments)

realtor: White County Packing Company, Searcy AR. An old picture when it was for sale. - 03/20/13 06:42 PM
I had a few free minutes and looked back at some old advertisements.
I have been in the real estate business for over 30 years!  Geesh!  The old ads that we used to run are now possibly becoming precious.
Look at this one.  Who would have thought we'd ever find it interesting to look at this old building again.
Sleuths!  A question to test your memory.....
Where was it?  And you may need to explain to the new generation what a packing house was.
They called it a high traffic area then.  What would they call it now?
I like … (18 comments)

realtor: Tina Daniel. Searcy AR. A tribute to someone who has been in my life for over 30 years. - 03/04/13 03:31 PM
Tina Daniel was special.  I say "was" because she has passed away completely unexpectedly and her friends, including myself, start thinking of how we loved and respected her.  She was a tireless worker and she loved being in front of a group and teaching that group with grace and humor. 

We started out together.  My career and hers started in the very late 70's and very early 80's.  We went to classes together to learn more.  GRI, Graduate REALTORS Institute was our first accomplishment together. Note in one of the pictures she was noted for the highest score.  She was … (7 comments)

realtor: Police Chief Dick Hart on horseback in downtown Searcy AR long ago. - 02/20/13 02:41 PM
Here's another great picture from historic Searcy Arkansas.  Correct me if I am guessing wrong but I think this would have been Arch Street downtown.  The vehicle can be a good approximate date.
Perhaps it was at the White County Fair Parade when so many people ride horses.  Or might we have had a mounted patrol?  Note the parking meters that have been gone for a long time.

Our new blog friend, Bridget Hart, loaned us this picture.  Dick Hart, Police Chief, was her father-in-law.
Thanks, Bridget.

realtor: Beebe AR, White County, old pictures reviewed. Historic Beebe. - 02/03/13 05:57 PM
Beebe Arkansas is getting a Wal-Mart supercenter.  It is under construction right now.
So perhaps we need to review Beebe.  This picture was just on ebay and sold for $43.56 and I hope someone from Beebe bought it and will treasure it.  It is over 100 years old.

Here's another one from old Beebe.  But now we have motor vehicles.

And another one.

This one shows a thriving corner with a filling station. 

Beebe Arkansas is a thriving small town in White County.  If you have not been to the historic downtown of Beebe lately, … (8 comments)

realtor: What do you do with this thing? Sleuths, even my hubby didn't know what it was. - 01/31/13 04:45 PM
Ok, Sleuths.
Here's a change of subject from historic Searcy.
I stumbled upon this in the back closets of a relative.
"What the devil is this?"  I asked Hubby.
He turned it this way and that way and finally admitted that he didn't know

Here it is.  Some of you will try to read the paper inside.  That's ok.  All is fair in trying to determine what this thing is. 

realtor: Sleuths needed. Was this Searcy in 1911 and where was it in Searcy AR? - 01/27/13 02:15 PM
Facebook creates friends.
I found a new one with Vac Veterans who posts often on facebook.  He has a lot of old picture of Pangburn.
He posted this photo and said it only has Searcy 1911 written on it.  In fact, we can see that in the upper left corner.
So I'm curious too.  Do any of these buildings look familiar to any of you sleuths? 
Here's the picture.

It is a nice, clear picture so study it and see if we have any answers.


realtor: Yarnell Ice Cream Co old billfold. What approximate date was it, Sleuths? - 01/22/13 07:28 AM
I have too much stuff?  Not expensive stuff but just stuff that the family has stuck back over the years.
One of these things is this billfold given away by Yarnell Ice Cream.  It has a neat picture on the front and it has the info saying that it has a secret compartment for hiding really good stuff.  I didn't unfold that secret compartment so I may be missing something.
The picture on the front looks good and is encased with plastic.  I'd like to know what the approximate date of this billfold was.  It was actually a nice giveaway at … (8 comments)

realtor: Bragging about an ex-student, now a competitor.....and his listing of historic hotel in Letona Arkansas. - 12/14/12 01:13 PM
When I taught Art at Searcy High I had several students who have now wound up as competitors of mine in this real estate business.
One of my favorites was David Lorton.  He actually got himself an art degree and then switched to business, worked all over the country with Wal-Mart and other businesses and has now become a very good real estate agent. 
His newest listing belongs on this blog.  He has listed the old hotel at Letona!  And he put the old picture of it in with his current pictures!  NOW, that is an artist for you!  He appreciates … (12 comments)

realtor: Sophomore Class Searcy High School, AR. Teacher Lois Thornton. Thanks Don Thompson. - 12/10/12 04:44 PM

Blog buddy Don Thompson bought an old yearbook from ebay that shows the classes in Searcy AR in 1920.  This one is of the Sophomore Class and gives the class roll.  What was significant to him was that one of these lovely young women, second from left middle row, was Lois Thornton who because his teacher at Searcy High when he was a student many years later.  The name of the yearbook was The Reveille.  Somewhere, sometime later it became the Lion.
Here's the closeup of Lois.  She influenced many student's lives.


realtor: Remember the Dictionary House? Named that because the Word's lived there? Let's relook. - 11/08/12 05:05 PM
I wrote a blog that was actually supposed to feature the V. W. Duncan car lot in Searcy AR when it was first beginning and there was ole Po Dunk, as he called himself and as others called him, strolling across the car lot with a cigar in his mouth and a cocked hat on his head looking just like a car dealer who'd just made a deal!  Refer back to this blog right now by clicking here.
The comments started coming in about the house in the background.  Comments said they remembered it as the Dictionary House because the Words … (21 comments)

realtor: Morris School for boys. Closed now but once very active on Morris School Road in Searcy AR. - 11/07/12 04:32 PM
I don't believe we have talked about Morris School for boys.  It was a Catholic school for boys who were boarded there.  It was located on Morris School Road and had nice buildings and lots of land.  It was probably about 6 miles from town.
The thing that I remember the most about it was the presence of the boys on Saturday afternoon in downtown Searcy.  They were almost like an original "gang."  My kids would see the boys and immediately recognize them as being from the school.  Young girls, my daughter included, looked them over very carefully and may have … (13 comments)

realtor: Black Cat Found!! Our blog has had a response and we know more about Word's Grocery and Bakery in Searcy AR. - 11/06/12 08:24 AM
Below is the blog that I put up just a few days ago.
No one seemed to know the meaning of the black cat.  But a call from Benson Robbins, Searcy scion, gave me the information we lacked.  His grandfather was a partner with Mr. Word and they owned the store. It was the grandfather on his mother's side....Benson.  They used the black cat as a logo because of the fact that "a black cat always returns" just as they wanted their customers to do.  He has the black cat that sat at the store.  Here he still lives. Benson said … (10 comments)

realtor: Searcy AR paper drive. Kids happy with lots of magazines behind them. - 11/04/12 07:29 AM

Here is another picture loaned to Searcy's history by Benson and Betty Robbins.  It was in a frame and I scanned through the glass so that explains the strange lighting in places. 
Look at all those papers and magazines!  Look.  Collier's. Life and others.  Was it the beginning of recycling?  Benson, second from right, says they had gathered up all these items for a paper drive.  He told me the other's names but let's see if you know who they were. 

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