searcy ar: 1959 View of our old Rodgers Hospital in Searcy AR. And we had a taxi service! - 03/17/12 12:11 PM
The old Rodgers Hospital was located on West Woodruff Street and we have seen quite a few views of it before.  I like this one, found in the 1959 Searcy City Directory.  It gives a good view of the part of the hospital on the East side.  It appears to have been covered with asbestos siding which was popular back then.  There were sidewalks on both sides of the street too which I wish we still had.

And let's imagine you were home alone and needed to get to this hospital.  We had a taxicab service which was also in … (18 comments)

searcy ar: More car dealerships in Searcy AR in 1965. - 03/13/12 09:51 AM
Here are two more car dealerships that were active in 1965 in Searcy Arkansas as seen in a 1965 high school yearbook.  Sleuths, do you know who they are and where they were?

And while we are at it, we might as well show this dealership that is slightly out of Searcy but not very far. They advertised New and Used Parts, Car Parts Galore, Lots of Good Used Cars, A Bonanza of Bargains and Wrecker Service.


searcy ar: Richard Wooten Motors from 1965 Yearbook Searcy Arkansas - 03/09/12 05:44 PM
Old yearbooks are a great source for historical pictures.  I borrowed one from 1965 and it was the year that my brother-in-law Montie Duncan graduated.  Because of his being from a car dealer's family and also being on the yearbook staff, they must have called on all the car dealers in town.  Here's a good one to show you.

This one was located at 1104 W Pleasure Street in Searcy Arkansas.  Phone number was CH 5-5536 and his ad bragged,
"King of the Cleanest Used Cars & Trucks in the State." 
And there is still a car lot but just not as … (17 comments)

searcy ar: White County Arkansas resident comes out of hibernation. - 03/07/12 05:55 PM
I have a friend who just does farms.  He loves farms and he is extremely knowledgeable about them.  He does not mind getting out and tramping around the farm and specializes in listing or selling farmland.
Now he can take his phone with him and send back interesting pictures.  He found this one a lot of fun.  He says it is a copperhead coiling up from the hole where he has been hibernating.  It wasn't clear to me whether the copperhead comes up head first or tail first.  But it is a fun picture, isn't it?


searcy ar: OMG! Is that our haunted house in this 1918 Mulberry Street Quitman AR postcard?? - 02/24/12 01:25 PM
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has this popular feature called Arkansas postcard past by Steven Hanley and they print an old postcard each day.  This is Feb 24, 2012 and the card of the day is shown below.

It just so happens that we have a house listed on Mulberry that is inhabited by spirits as local legend goes.  We have permission from the seller to advertise it this way also.  So I peered at this dirt street and read underneath the picture.  It reads, "Quitman, 1914.  There was no traffic on the Cleburne County rural hamlet's tree-lined Mulberry Street when … (21 comments)

searcy ar: Unexplored? But not ignored. Searcy Sleuths, how about the Cookie Basket building? - 02/13/12 12:22 PM
We give a  lot of attention to the grand old buildings and stores and architecture in Searcy but we have not looked at this little building located downtown on Market Street.  I'm hoping the Searcy Sleuths will be able to give us some history.  I can remember a little of the history.  Seems it was turned into a restaurant by someone who served Cajun food.   That didn't last.
After that a lady decided to open a cookie store!  A cookie store!!  Was she out of her mind?  Who ever heard of a cookie store in Searcy Arkansas?  She made it!  … (22 comments)

searcy ar: Safe at last! They took care of the tree danger in Searcy AR between two historic homes. - 02/08/12 08:57 PM
Now I can feel safe driving between two of Searcy's most historic homes.  They are located on E. Center Street and the tree looked like this.  It was obviously diseased and depending upon which way the wind blew we had two homes in danger.

To the East we had the historic Pascall house.  Those limbs would have demolished it.

To the West we had the Deener house, in whose yard the tree dwelled.

Driving between the two of them was little ole me....but not little ole me if the weather was stormy. 
While driving to work a … (14 comments)

searcy ar: Stotts Drug Store, Searcy AR. Was this handsome dude the beginner? - 02/01/12 08:06 PM
For sale right now on ebay!
Photo of Leo Stotts of Stotts Drug Store.

On the back of the picture it says Leo Stotts Hendrix College, Conway Searcy Ark, Stotts Pharmacist.
It is beautifully hand tinted and should hang in Stotts Drug Store if it is one of the original owners of the drug store.
Stotts has been redone within the last two years so that it has its old original look as shown here.  We in Searcy Arkansas appreciate the character that has been preserved by the owners of this drug store.


searcy ar: A glimpse of the past. Check writing for the missus.... - 01/29/12 09:39 AM
This was found by a banker member of the family when going through old items left behind.  He chuckled and handed it to me.

Notice the check was signed with "by wife" underneath the name.  It was also "for rent" and was check No 2.  The banker member of the family thought it was somewhat amusing that the check was sent through with that signature and indicated that he doubted that it would be possible to do that today.
It just dates back to a time when the writer had perfected handwriting, the town was small, the bank was small … (12 comments)

searcy ar: You need to join the White County Historical Society. White County Mounted Patrol. - 01/26/12 02:52 PM
Why join the White County Historical Society?  Many reasons but the main one could be to get their newsletter that is sent monthly....with pictures!  They have given me permission to use their pictures on this blog so I am going to share this one with you. It was in the current issue and I have never seen it before.  Look at all these handsome guys of the White County Mounted Patrol.

Now that you see overall, I'm going to show you up close ones.

Now for the names if you are curious.
Top row, left to right.  … (14 comments)

searcy ar: How to cross a barb-wire fence. Hand-rails should be required on stairs. - 01/19/12 10:09 AM
Of interest today while driving in the country was this neat set of steps going over a barb-wire fence.  No house was nearby.  No barn.  No nothing.  But there was this way of getting over the fence.

Seems as if I can remember a few of these steps from my childhood but not as precise and well done as this one. It has a stair-rail to hold onto and a stair-rail is SO often missing in the houses we offer for sale.   I am amazed at how many houses (nice houses) have steep stairs and no rail.  Sometimes I just … (23 comments)

searcy ar: I think a sculptor lives here. Bear family on Hwy 36 West near Quitman AR. - 01/16/12 08:07 AM
What a delightful and interesting view from our vehicle!

We were just cruisin' along Hwy 36 West in White County Arkansas between Rosebud and Quitman Arkansas and gazed to the side of the road and found a bear family,  I think they are bears but they may just be critters.  We turned into the driveway and snapped the picture and nothing chased us or begged us for food and no human shot at us.  They appear to be carved from tree trunks or perhaps they have been carved elsewhere and placed on tree trunks.  However they are made, they … (27 comments)

searcy ar: Wonder if they had the same architect way back then. Old banks in White County AR. - 01/08/12 05:28 PM

Great picture, isn't it!!  This old picture of the Bald Knob State Bank with an approximate date of 1910 shows how lovely the building was.  Evidently the fashion was to have a corner entry. 
I started comparing.  Here's a picture of the Kensett Bank, now closed.  Look how similar.

And let's add another one.  It is still open and thriving.  McRae Arkansas has this fantastic old bank built around 1900 so says the county records.

I did a blog on this bank once before and loved the bullet proof glass that is still inside.  Here's a review.


searcy ar: A truck to match my shoes!! How lucky can a girl be? Searcy AR collectibles. - 12/30/11 09:33 PM
I saw the truck and had to turn around and go back for a picture.
It had a for sale sign on it so surely the owner wouldn't mind if I snapped a picture.
My ulterior motive?
It would match my shoes!! 

You don't believe it?
Have a look.

Wouldn't they go well together? I may need some orange socks to make them match a little better.
Now, just a little history about the shoes.  My mother-in-law never threw anything away.  Upon her death, I decided I had to keep these shoes even though they don't fit.  They came … (8 comments)

searcy ar: Compare this old train schedule with our "now" airline schedules. From Searcy AR by rail. - 12/25/11 09:41 AM
Jim Bohannon sent me this interesting info with this note. Barbara, Enclosed is a copy of the 1895 Searcy & West Point Railroad schedule to Kensett. The schedule is from my 1896 copy of the Rand McNally USA railroad schedules & time tables. It appears there is a 2:30 AM early bird special leaving Searcy.   The early departure must have been for allowing Searcy railroad travelers to board early morning Iron Mountain Railroad trains via northbound to St. Louis or Southbound to Little Rock via points into Texas.   I thought your viewers might enjoy reading the old Searcy & … (11 comments)

searcy ar: A great Searcy AR Christmas blog. Worn out picture from some Dad's billfold of his beloved children. - 12/22/11 01:45 PM
Sleuths came through and guessed the last picture.  Here's another and I think it is absolutely perfect for a Christmas memory.
The picture is so worn.  And it is probably worn from being in a billfold.  There is a fireplace for Santa. The kids appear to have on robes with one reading from a good book....Bible?
The little girl has a doll.   Sweet!
The little boy looks like a possible mischief-maker to me.
Who are they? 


searcy ar: Great photo of Searcy AR folks. - 12/20/11 01:17 PM
Borrowed photograph from a facebook friend with permission.
I just love this photo.
I can tell you who they are and will but I think it would be fun to see if any Sleuths know who they are.
The old car is great.  The happy smiles of the boy and girl are great. And look at the thick wavy hair on the guy.  She has on a fashionable cowl-necked dress with a sashed waistline and looks all dressed up.
I can't quite make out the thing in the background, can you?  Is it the rest of the car???


searcy ar: Another historic house....but not in Searcy AR. It's in Griffithville. - 12/18/11 05:32 PM
You know how kids are?  They hold it against you because you never owned a two-story house so they could slide down the banisters like they do in the movies? 
I had one like that.  Now she's grown-up and in fact, is helping me with my real estate business. 
This house came on the market and she was hopping up and down like a 12 year old because she used to play with kids who lived in that house and she wanted to go preview it!
I had a wee bit of curiosity myself since I heard the envy plea … (10 comments)

searcy ar: Memories of East Park Avenue near Harding University....soon to be new construction in Searcy AR. - 12/05/11 08:21 PM
Some of you may remember some of the older homes on East Park near Harding University.  I actually do remember some but I had to go to Google to refresh the memories.  Here's the way the street used to look.

Harding is expanding and has eliminated a few of our memories.  I sold this little house once.

I showed this one once AFTER DARK and swore it was ridiculous to show property after dark. It had the neatest side porch that had been added when someone restored the house.

Here's another that is just memory.

And another.

searcy ar: Phone service in 1916 in Searcy Arkansas. Courtesy of Jim Bohannon. - 12/02/11 09:19 PM
We know what the phone service is like today.  Do we ever!  There's a phone attached to every person's ear and the person is likely to like that phone better than they like you.
Let's review the phone service in 1916. This is typed from a 1916 Bell Telephone Directory shared by Jim Bohannon who grew up in Searcy but now lives in Montana.
     Signal the operator in the regular way and ask for "Long Distance."  When "Long Distance" answers, give her the telephone number from which the call is … (6 comments)

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