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  It probably is not smart to advertise your competition.....UNLESS your competition is no longer your competition.  Thinking that the Searcy Sleuths need another challenge I'm putting up this old advertisement that was in the 1976 high school yearbook without giving the address or the owner of t...
  This blog is a lot of fun.  I put up an old picture of a hospital a few days ago and some of the Searcy Sleuths knew where it was and had actually visited there.  They called it the MOPAC hospital that was sponsored by the MOPAC railroad.  I dug down further and came up with this picture which ...
This picture dates back to home-made costumes, probably, for Halloween.  On the back of the old picture which was found in a stack of pictures, unwanted, was this address.  2019 Martin Stree, L. R. AR. The date was 1925.  I find the old pictures to be very interesting and they always make me won...
Back of the picture says "hospital" and that is all.  Looks sad and depressing to me and makes me wonder how far it was to walk to the hospital from what must have been the parking lot.  The sign says "Visitors park and enter here." Someone will know what this vehicle is and what the model was. ...
Remember this game? If you do, you have to be getting up in years.  I admit I do.....but barely!  So many games of the past have been forgotten and I suspect this is one of them.  What you did was put a stake in the ground several feet from where you were standing.  Then you had a horse shoe and...
Sherry Quattlebaum Person has shared a photo with us that might bring back memories for someone.  She says that the bus ran from Searcy to Rose Bud and Center Hill and Joy.  The only people that she recognized from this group were her mother, Frances Hall (to be) Quattlebaum and Willie Corrine Ru...
One of our agents bought this old 4' long picture at an auction.  No one seems to have wanted it and she knew I would like it.  She bought it to the RE/MAX office and has shared it with us.  Now doing a scan of this proved difficult so I just took pictures.  It is a real glimpse of how life was i...
A lady can brag, can't she? Here I am on the extreme right at some national or state REALTOR meeting.  I can't actually remember the date but we were all younger.  On the right, second row, was Chris Polychron, a good friend to all of us in Arkansas. On the front row with me was Tina Daniel, lef...
Bald Knob, Arkansas, located about 12 miles from Searcy Arkansas, used to be the strawberry capital of the world!  Now it is still a pretty busy little town but the strawberries are mostly pick-your-own.    I bought this card showing the Americana Motel located at Highways 64- 167 & 67 in Bald Kn...
What a great picture of a girl with extremely long hair, stockings and a little brother (probably) who is not at all happy with the situation.  Notice the little boy has on a dress and stockings just as the girl.  It must be the girl's hat on the stool.  This must have been about 100 years befor...

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