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In love, they say, fools rush in.  In the Twin Cities real estate market, right now, investors are rushing in!  It is the dark of winter (literally) here in Minneapolis, MN.  There are 13.44 homes for every one buyer, in the Twin Cities metro area, more than ever before.  It's hard to find buyers...
NOTE: Views and opinions expressed in this blog are not those of the LHiNC (Linden Hills Neighborhood Council), nor does LHiNC endorse or support the content posted here.  This is the personal blog of Ben Kolkman.  Ben is a Realtor in Minneapolis, Minnesota he is also the Chair of the Linden Hill...
They say if you don't help save your neighbors house from burning, yours might catch fire too.   Solutions to the "foreclosure crisis" are being floated everywhere you turn, by congress, internet pundits, even the President.  Their "solutions" generally involve government regulation of the market...
According to Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman, just interviewed on the Today Show, computer scientists have proven that Realtors have it all wrong...sellers should be listing on Craig's List, and should just give up if there is a foreclosure on their block!Realtors we need to get our act together; I am fu...
Inman news today includes an artical (only available for a short time) by Marcie Geffner, a real estate reporter in Los Angeles, saying blogging isn't good business.  Web 2.0 tactics she argues are, "questionable proposition since no one has demonstrated that Web 2.0 works as a marketing tactic"....
Much has been written about the President's rate freeze plan, and I am not an economist, nor a mortgage pro, but I do find history interesting.  We all forget the lessons of the past, in the heat of the moment.  The current proposal is imperfect, yes, and it is a government intrusion, true.  If t...
So Brad Pitt is building green homes in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward.  Good for him.  I just hope Brad's smart enough to use proven effective, and MARKETABLE green building and not just "green washing" these new homes.  In my opinion, there are a few very un-sexy things we could be doing that would...
Real estate values in Southwest Minneapolis have traditionally been strong.  Even during the slowest periods, values in Southwest have appreciated and demand has been high.  Unfortunately, condo owners in Southwest may not fair so well this time.There are very specific reasons the real estate mar...
The Edina City Council (ECC) decided not to vote on the proposed moratorium on teardowns at last nights meeting.  With respect for the massing and appropriateness concerns, a temporary ban helps no one.  ECC will continue to research the issue and work on developing effective policy that balances...

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