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Today I went to the McCracken County Master Commissioner's Sale. It was held at 1:30pm inside the courthouse at the steps going upstairs. This was my first time attending one of these so when I had always heard someone saying "courthouse steps" I always thought they meant outside. Turns out it's ...
I had a pleasant conversation with a friend of mine yesterday at his step-granddaughter's birthday party. We began talking about housing sales and such and I started telling him some horror stories of a property I was familiar with. One such story was about a time in his life he lived in Alexande...
I talk to FSBO sellers all the time trying to get their listing. I have mixed results. They are usually persistent or know another agent that they intend to list with if they can't sell it themselves in a short period of time. Some of these FSBOs are marketing their house completely wrong. I was ...
I just found this article on I read the articles here sometime but I don't always pay too much attention to their stock recommendation because they sell advertising and newsletters and such that I believe taints their opinions. This article talks of the writers Home Equity Line of Credi...
I've always wanted to attend one of these so I know the who, where, what and such. On August 25th at 1:30pm, two McCracken County special commissioners will hold special auctions at the courhouse to auction off real estate that has been foreclosed on. The properties are valued anywhere from $24,0...
My kids think I'm crazy. But I'm excited. My wife supports it. College starts Monday. Why does that excite me? Because I'm taking 4 classes this semester. When I got my real estate license I took the two required classes at the college instead of paying a big fee for an online class. After I com...
I saw this in the news yesterday. It's about a woman who was cursing in a Houston Wal Mart while holding her two year old daughter. Not thinking anything about her cursing while referring to the batteries Wal Mart was out of for her flashlight, a fireman, who just happened to also a certified pea...
I checked stats today in the Wet Kentucky MLS as described below. These stats are comparing Jan -Aug 2007 against Jan - Aug 2008. Red denotes a decrease. Type Listings Sales Residential 13% 23% Commercial/Industrial 2% 44% Land 14% 30% Manufactured 54% 19% Farm 20% 27% The average sale price of a...
During my lunch break today I toured a home that was placed on the market yesterday. This home is a couple properties over from my own house. I considered purchasing it a couple of years ago. The home was in too bad of condition for me to purchase it and make repairs at that time. I was also inte...
Michelle, a client of mine, told me recently that Paducah Water (PWW) gives a one time credit each year to customers that fill a swimming pool. She mentioned this after we were talking about our pools and I told her it cost me nearly $25 to fill our portable pool at my house. That's when she told...

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