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In 1979, business owner Carl Ligon lead the move to incorporate a half-square mile area of Lone Oak, KY to avoid being annexed by the city of Paducah. The effort succeeded, however, the city hasn't been able to grow because of the same reason the city incorporated in the first place - neighboring...
The Delta Queen riverboat left Paducah for the last time on Monday, October 27. The riverboat will no longer be allowed to sail the rivers of the midwest due to a refusal by Congress to issue an exemption as has been done since 1966. In 1966 Congress passed a Safety of Life at Sea Law that forbid...
After I got up this morning I checked the newspaper as I usually do. I always read the online version of the paper as it's easier and cheaper for me. A monthly subscription of the online version is about $5.50 / month. On the frontpage was an article about tax rates rising while property values h...
Meet Bruce Lunsford. Candidate for US Senate in Kentucky. There's a TV and radio commercial here in Kentucky advertising Bruce Lunsford's (D) bid for the senate. He's running against incumbent Mitch McConnell (R). One of the statements in Lunsford's ads says "He met payroll". What idiot thought ...
Last Christmas, my wife bought me a ticket for a "Discovery Flight" from Midwest Aviation. This business is located next to the Barkley Regional Airport just west of Paducah. Midwest offers aviation services to the area out of Barkley. This Discovery Flight was, IMO, cheaply priced at a mere $75 ...
Like anyone, I am always tickled when I get a reply off my website. In the past 2 weeks I've gotten a couple of strange phone calls. But I was glad to have gotten them. One call was from an insurance agent. She told me a gentleman asked her for an insurance quote on a home he had found on my web ...
Today my family and I spent most of my time watching TV. While channel surfing we came across a marathon on A&E called "Parking Wars". It's a reality TV show that shows the daily events of the Philadelphia Parking Authority. The show has periods where the camera crew follow "meter maids", tow tru...
Paducah's GPS RecycleNow recycling efforts have expanded hours and a new location! Now, you can bring your recyclables to 1830 North 8th Street during the following hours: Thursday 12pm - 6pm Friday     7am - 12pm Saturday  9am - 1pm Volunteers are needed to help. Volunteering information can be ...
When I married my wife back in 2001, the deal included a couple of winter tires! One of the things that intrigued us when we first talked on the phone before our blind date was the fact that we both owned Ford Broncos. She had the one her dad gave her and I had one I bought myself. Her Bronco was...

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