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   There are two relatively new practices which I admit that I don't fully understand.Real estate yard signs have been cropping up with riders that say "Coming Soon." I'm not sure what stage of the listing process those Coming Soon houses are in, but no one can find them in the MLS. So I suppose ...
  Next summer I will celebrate my fiftieth year of continued service as a licensed Texas real estate broker. And in the main, it is how I've earned the major part of my living, and still do, now as a Keller Williams agent in Dallas. It's interesting how real estate brokerage has allowed itself to...
OK, here's how it went.  Are you ready?I studied real estate courses at University of North Texas when I was there in graduate school.  It wasn't that I had any intention of ever being a real estate agent at all.  In fact, I was working on being a professor, an English professor. I was enamored w...
              Every Year at Christmas Time I Miss My Friend, Mel Torme   By Bill Cherry                         I’m never sure exactly when it’s going to happen, but every year at sometime during the Christmas season I realize how much I really miss my dear friend, jazz singer Mel Torme.        ...
   An economists' concept and term that everyone should be aware of and understand, at least by definition, is known as Broken Math. Broken Math refers to the fact that the US national debt has well surpassed the annual Gross Domestic product, resulting in massive deficit spending. That will furt...
Do you ever wonder how much your personal stubbornness costs you in commissions and other negotiated settlements every year? I suppose the amount primarily depends on our individual personalities.  But left unchecked, it can dramatically affect our business. Let me give you an example.    It has ...
  So how much will you have to save each month to accumulate enough money to be able to retire financially safe, and be able to live un-financially assisted for the remainder of your life?   Here's what you'll need to save  each month to have about $50,000 per year to spend and with only a margin...
  How to end up with enough money    Thursday, June 5, 2014  - Galveston County Daily News   By BILL CHERRY Bill Cherry is a financial coach with   If you listen to the radio as you drive about on weekends, you probably hear the 30-minute — sometimes hour long — inf...
If you're forty years old and you believe you will be anxious to retire at seventy, you've got thirty years remaining to accumulate the wealth you will need to sustain your non-working retirement years. The trick is to have enough saved so that no matter how long you live after retirement, you'l...
HERE'S HOW   There are three objectives, and I am going to list them in the order of the most important Your primary objective is to make certain that every dime and every dollar you accumulate is safe from loss and, as much as possible, from exposure to taxes.  We call this your Safe Money. Your...


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