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First of all, remember this is a real estate blog so if you weren’t thinking in terms of marketing when you read the title, you may want to move on to, shall we say…. feistier subject matter. In two previous blogs I have outlined a couple of very important points that people should consider befor...
In the blog titled Reasons to Rethink “For Sale By Owner” I started exploring some of the things sellers should consider before putting their homes on the market without the help of a professional.  That blog focused on price.  It considered the idea of accurately pricing a home the first time by...
It’s true that I am biased because I am a Real Estate Professional; however, it is also true that I think the services we offer are for the good of our clients and the community as a whole.  Some people mistakenly think that by putting their home on the market themselves they will increase the mo...
In the April 26, 2015 blog “Buyers, Agents, and HOAs” I defined HOAs and generally described the evolution that made them so common in today’s communities.  In this blog, I want to step forward and look at some of the pros and cons of living in an area governed by HOAs for buyers to consider.  Th...
All home buyers are affected by HOAs.  No, really…. even people who buy a home that is not a part of an HOA are affected by its absence.  See?  In fact, the Community Associations Institute trade association estimated that HOAs governed 26.3 million American homes and 65.7 million residents in 20...
Like most specialized segments of business, real estate has its own language.  Well, not really, but many of the terms and acronyms sprinkled through each conversation about buying a house can sound that way to first time home buyers.  As a professional in the field, I’m always happy to offer my ...
When potential buyers or any visitors really, pull up to your home, one of the first things that grabs their attention is your yard.  Is it lush and green? Is it neatly mowed and well maintained?  The answers to these subconscious questions tell a great deal about you and what you invest in your ...
There is just something special about pulling up to a house with a well kept lawn.  Not only is the plush green grass aesthetically appealing, it also sends messages to the subconscious about how the owners take care of the house maintenance.  A perfect lush green lawn is a reflection of the owne...
Spring is here! And with that? The desire to garden!  Landscape brings curb appeal to not only homes preparing to sell, but also homes that have no intention of being sold, because A) the homeowner actually enjoys the look, and B) you are helping any other neighbors who may be preparing to list t...
You've probably heard of, possibly read, and might have even seen "50 Shades of Grey", but do you know what's even more impressive, catchy, and confusing?  How about 50 shades of neutral. Or, what you experience when you go to a local hardware store and attempt to pick out a "neutral" color... Ta...

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