maryland mortgage mama: Passing On A Great Legacy - 03/31/14 08:44 PM
Passing On A Great Legacy
Today would have been my mother's 85th birthday.  Unfortunately for the world, she did not make it to her 52nd here on earth.  I was 12 when she died.
She was a great lady.  She was the youngest girl of 7 children, studied music at Peabody, sang and acted in many performances, worked at Bethlehem Steel,  was engaged several times before marrying my dad, sang in the church choir, was a military wife and mother of 4.  She "followed the Gypsy" (my Army dad) around the world after they were married. While all of her family stayed in … (2 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: 4 Reasons Why Your CONDO May NOT Qualify for Traditional Financing - 03/31/14 01:12 PM
4 Reasons Your Condo May NOT Qualify for Traditional Financing...and what to do about it.

There are less than 51% of the properties that are owner occupied.  (There are lots of renters)
There is too high of a delinquency rate for HOA dues.  (More than 15% of your neighbor's are 30 days or more past due) 
The Association is involved in a lawsuit.  
1 entity owns 10% or more of the properties. 

I often get calls from excited clients about purchasing condos.  Often there are "great deals" on fabulous homes with tons of community amenities that may not be available in a single family homes. 

The first conversation we have is that condo purchases … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Is Your Business Being CRUSHED by CANDY? - 03/20/14 09:05 AM
Is Your Business Being CRUSHED by CANDY?
"My name is Bridget, also known as Maryland Mortgage Mama, and I am a recovered Candy Crush addict."  

"Hi, Bridget!"
These days there are so many things to distract us from our work, our kids, our spouses, our passions, our mission in life
How many times do you check facebook in a day?  Email?  Pinterest? Etsy? Online shopping?  News outlets?  Text messages? Twitter? LinkedIn?
How much trash TV are you watching -Real Housewives of every major city in the United States, The Bachelor, Honey-Boo-Boo? 
Not to mention real life distractions-good … (2 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Today We Laid To Rest A Wonderful Lady - 03/17/14 07:00 PM
Today We Laid To Rest A Wonderful Lady
St. Patrick's Day is a big day (weekend/week/month) in our large, extended Irish family.  Today it was made even more special as we laid to rest my Aunt Ellen.
I wanted to take some time today to share a little about this wonderful lady.  Aunt Ellen was one of my mother's six siblings, nine years older than my mother.  At 93, she had lived a good, long life, outliving her husband by too many years and one of her daughters, who passed just 2 years ago.
I don't want to share with you about her death, I … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Spring Meetup In Maryland, Will You Join Us?? - 03/11/14 09:07 PM
Spring Meetup In Maryland, Will You Join Us??
The amazing Martha Brown & Margaret Rome, will be hosting the spring meetup in Annapolis, Maryland on March 25th from 12:30-2:30pm at:
Brios Tuscan Grille,
305 Sail Pl
Annapolis, MD  21401

You're Busy, I'm Busy, but you have to take some time to sharpen your axe!
We always have a great time at the meetups in Maryland.  Annapolis, our capital city, is a perfect location.  We had our holiday meetup at Brios, the food was delicious and the service was wonderful.
Though Brios is not on the water, there is … (1 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Happy Birthday Doctor Seuss! - 02/28/14 06:31 PM

Today my daughter's school celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday.

They got to dress up as their favorite character from any of Dr. Seuss' book.

Syd picked to dress up as "Cindy Lou Who". 
Meet Sydney Lou Who!   She was a huge hit at school.  I posted the photo on facebook and it was the most "liked" photo/comment I have ever posted!
I loved helping her with the costume and hair...such fun!
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

maryland mortgage mama: Margaret Rome and Floyd Wickman on ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE - 02/16/14 03:31 PM
Margaret Rome and Floyd Wickman on ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE
I listen to Margaret Rome on Sunday's from 12-1 PM on All About Real Estate as often as I am able.  Not only is it because I love Margaret both professionally and personally, it's because she has great content.  She doesn't just take the hour to talk about the homes she has for sale (though she does, because it is a great service for her sellers), she provides an open forum for folks to share and learn about real estate, not only in Maryland, but across the country.
I have … (10 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Thanks For My Valentine Flours Honey - 02/14/14 04:37 PM
Thanks For My Valentine Flours Honey
We have been together for over 22 years.  My husband is very romantic.   He shows me he loves me in lots of ways every day.  
He picks up our daughter from school.
He is our primary grocery runner.
He does laundry.
He picks up wine without being asked and he doesn't even drink!
He buys me clothes because he knows I am not a fan of shopping.
He fixes dinner on a regular basis, and even does the dishes.
We had a family birthday party for my brother at our home on Sunday and he … (5 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: A Maryland Purchase Settlement For The Book! The BABY Book That Is! - 02/07/14 10:29 AM
A Maryland Purchase Settlement For The Book!  The BABY Book That Is!
One Of My Very Favorite Settlements!
Once upon a time, Maryland Mortgage Mama met with a lovely couple to talk about their interest in buying their first home in Maryland.  They brought their beautiful, smart and incredibly well-behaved five year old princess to the appointment  and were very pregnant with their 2nd. 
We talked a bit, reviewed their financial health and credit history, discussed their loan options and and by the end of our meeting we determined they were ready to head out with their realtor, Bridget Oppenheimer, to find the right place for them … (0 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Baltimore City Low Income Senior Citizen Water Discount Program - 02/05/14 08:05 PM

This is very important information to share.  The water bills have increased for so many, this will at least give our low income senior citizens a break.  If you have questions about the program, June has included the phone number and a link in her post.
Thanks June, for getting the word out.  June is always looking out for her clients!
Maryland Mortgage Mama
Baltimore City Low Income Senior Citizen Water Discount Program
The Low Income Senior Citizens Water Discount Program reduces water bills by 35% for eligible applicants. 
To receive a Low Income Senior Citizens Water Discount, … (1 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: I had lunch with Maryland's Newest ActiveRain Blogger today! - 01/29/14 07:29 PM
I had lunch with Maryland's Newest ActiveRain Blogger today!
Please help me welcome
Ellen Eylanbekov to ActiveRain. 

Ellen reached out to me after Laura, another realtor in her office, suggested that I may be able to help her to get started on ActiveRain.   Laura knows that I am a big proponent of ActiveRain, I am honored that she thought to send Ellen my way.  Ellen sent me a message about wanting to "Pick My Brain" a little about my experience with blogging on this platform.  She asked for a few minutes, instead we met for lunch at one of my … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: How Can I Be Successful In Real Estate In 2014? - 01/20/14 12:51 PM
How Can I Be Successful in Real Estate In 2014?
This post could actually be called, How Can I Be Successful in LIFE in 2014?
In a recent class taught by John Reynolds of Keller William Flagship of Maryland, we were talking about what you need to be successful in Real Estate in 2014.
The market has changed from the "order takers" of 9-10 years ago when you could put a listing on the market and be under contract OVER list price with multiple back-ups.  With interest rates on the rise (though they are STILL really low!) the refinance business for … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: How Do I Build A Database for My Business? - 01/20/14 11:03 AM
How Do I Build A Database for My Business?
Inspired by training taught by John Reynolds Associate Broker at Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland- 4 Laws of Database Management
How Do I Build A Database for My Business? 
1.   Choose A Database-  There are lots of them on the market.  Most brokerages have a database you can use, just be sure you know who owns your information.  Can you take it with you if you leave? Some lenders and realtors ® have multiple databases for different purposes.  This can be a huge cost, or a very small cost, depending on … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: How Can I Grow My Business In 2014? - 01/20/14 10:59 AM
How Can I Grow My Business in 2014?
As a Maryland mortgage lender, I am always looking for ways to help my business grow, educate my referral partners and overall to provide more value for my clients.  Of course, I work on and in my business year round, but a new year always brings an opportunity for a new plan.
Last week I was able to attend a business planning and coaching overview taught by John Reynolds, Associate Broker and Productivity Coach.  John is a sharp guy who has been in Real Estate for over 20 years.

Since … (1 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: I Was Quoted In The Baltimore Sun! Thanks ActiveRain! - 01/11/14 07:19 PM
I Was Quoted In The Baltimore Sun! Thanks ActiveRain!
It has been a great couple of weeks in the Rain!  I had 3 posts featured...THREE!  What an honor.  Knowing how many amazing, interesting, topical, smart, funny writers there are dancing here, I was wow'd!  I could not be more pleased to be ACTIVE on ActiveRain again. I have been so impressed by the comments on each of those posts.  They really added to the original posts and created such a wonderful dialog!

I know the information I read here and the research I do for some of my own posts … (35 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: OH NO!!! Here Comes Another Mortgage Rule To Make Loans Harder To Get! - 01/08/14 08:59 PM
OH NO!!! Here Comes Another Mortgage Rule To Make Loans Harder To Get!
Qualified Mortgage (QM) and Ability to Repay (ATR) are the newest rules to be implemented of the Dodd-Frank. Going into effect January 10th, there seems to be a lot of folks up in arms about it.   I have heard both lenders and real estate agents grumbling about this new rule that is going to cause more buyers not to qualify for mortgage loans.
Probably Not.
These “new” rules are in place to make sure that lenders make sure that buyers have the ability to repay … (58 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Postage Stamp Increase - January 26, 2014 - 01/03/14 07:24 PM

Looks like it's time to purchase a stack of forever stamps again!  The rates are increasing at the end of the month.
I have plans for some snail mail in my marketing plan and I don't want to use bulk mail...the increase in rates can be costly over time!  Thanks for the info Joan!  You may have just saved me a bundle!
Postage Stamp Increase - January 26, 2014
Effective Sunday, January 26, 2014 mailing a first class envelope will cost you an three cents going from .46 to .49.      Here is the a chart from the United States Postal Service … (4 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Should I Put My Girlfriend or Boyfriend On The Deed to the House? - 01/01/14 07:48 PM
Should I Put My Girlfriend or Boyfriend On The Deed to the House?
I got a call from a young lady buying her first home.  She asked about putting her boyfriend on the title to the home.  They plan to be married eventually, but have no current plans. 
Some things to note:  All of the money that is being put into the home for down payment and closing costs is coming from her accounts, adding him to the mortgage would hurt their ability to qualify for the home and they plan to share expenses.
The borrower is going to have to make her own decision … (49 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW - 12/18/13 01:05 PM
Is it better to stay with the devil you know? 

According to This is the shortened form of the full idiom, 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't', and means that it is often better to deal with someone or something you are familiar with and know, even if they are not ideal, than take a risk with an unknown person or thing.
Change is hard.
Change is scary.
Change is risky.
Change is change.
In looking at a job opportunity, a relationship-business … (27 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: It's Such Fun To Meet A Millionaire! I Met One Tonight! - 12/16/13 08:10 PM
It's Such Fun To Meet A Millionaire!  I Met One Tonight!
...An ActiveRain Millionaire that is! 
I was talking to Margaret Rome after her radio show "ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATAE" on Sunday afternoon. Margaret told me that Praful Thakkar was in town for a training and she was planning on meeting up with him for dinner on Monday.  If you don't know Praful (Though I am sure many of you do!) be sure to check out his blog, he is a wonderful Realtor and Rainer from Boston.
Unfortunately, I already had a full day of meetings scheduled, one for the exact time they were meeting for dinner.  I … (48 comments)

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