maryland mortgage mama: SHOP AMAZON SMILE AND DONATE TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY FREE - 06/02/14 06:36 PM
I am not a fan of going shopping. Any shopping, really, I avoid most stores as often as I can. If I absolutely must shop, I like to get in and get out and shop local when do shop. Luckily I have a husband who doesn't mind grocery shopping and trips to Walmart (Actually, he enjoys it!)  
When possible, I tend to do my shopping online. I am an Amazon Prime member.  The fee is worth it to me for quick shipping and easy returns.
Amazon has a great new program where they will make a donation … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Consider a local bank on your next home purchase. You'll be glad. - 05/30/14 07:12 PM

Mike Cooper brings up several stories of big banks causing great stress to buyers and real estate agents alike because there were last minute turn-downs for things that should have been caught at the beginning of the process.  It is SO important that lenders review all documentation early in the home buying process to ensure smooth sailing through closing.  If you are working with a lender who gave you a prequal without reviewing your documentation thorougly, you may be in for a surprise!  This doesn't happen all the time, there are some great folks that work for big banks, but sadly … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: First Time Home Buyer Grants and Loans in Maryland - 05/29/14 01:37 PM
First Time Home Buyer Grants and Loans in MD
Did you know that there are special loans and grants available based on who you work for?
The program is called:
House Keys For Employees (HK4E). 
The companies are not all huge corporations, city governments and universities as you might expect.  There are small and mid-size companies including hair salons, locksmiths, tire companies, bakeries and more!  Each company/organization will have their own rules that will apply to the availability of funds, so be sure to check with your human resources department to see what they have available.
The really … (2 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Germantown, Maryland Has Lots To Offer Residents! - 05/29/14 08:10 AM
Germantown, Maryland Has Lots To Offer Residents!
Beautiful home in Germantown, Maryland!  The all brick home has 3 bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs and plenty of bathrooms in the end of group property!  Great for commuters to DC (only 25 miles to the the capitol!), Frederick and beyond.  If you are not familiar with all that Germantown has to on!
Did you know that Germantown is a commuter's dream?  Not only are there 3 on ramps to 270 nearby and the ICC (use the Intercounty Connector-avoid the traffic and get where you are going faster!!), there is a Marc train, and it's a … (1 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Maryland and Delaware USDA Loans-EXTENDED CONTRACTS NEEDED - 05/22/14 05:58 PM
Maryland and Delaware USDA Loans-NEED MORE THAN 30 Days on those purchase contracts!
USDA Loans are great loans that offer no money down financing to folks purchasing in Rural communities.   You may be surprised to know that this does not mean that you must purchase farm land. Property eligibility is determined by the density of the population.  
As you might imagine, in Maryland, Baltimore City does not offer any USDA financing. Much of Carroll and Frederick Counties qualify for no money down financing with USDA.  Parts of Baltimore, Howard and Prince George’s County also qualify for no money … (4 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: A Beautiful Send-Off For A Special Husband, Father, Friend-Lee Rome - 05/19/14 07:04 PM
A Beautiful Send-Off For A Special Husband, Father, Friend-Lee Rome
I have been blessed to know Margaret Rome both professionally and personally for several years thanks to ActiveRain.  
I had met her husband Lee at some of the ActiveRain meetups and was always in awe of their relationship and the mutual adoration they shared. Each time she finished a radio show on Sunday afternoons, he would say "That was the best one yet" or "I think you could have done better".  He didn't mince words, and Margaret took in his thoughts, some she took, some she left, but she always appreciated … (5 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: This Mother's Day Is Full Of Sh**! - 05/11/14 04:02 PM
This Mother's Day Is Full Of SH**!
This Mother's Day is full of sh**, but not in the way that you may think.   
You see, I have an appointment for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy at 8:45 on Monday morning.  When I was scheduling the procedure, I realized that I would be "prepping" on Mother's Day.   At first, I considered changing the appointment. Since the first part of the prep day is a clear liquid diet, this would mean no breakfast in bed, no brunch, no special dinner or chocolate covered strawberries for me in "honor of my special day". … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Second Saturday Open Houses North Baltimore - 05/10/14 06:56 AM

I am so excited to be able to spend this beautiful Saturday before Mother's Day with Margaret Rome-Open House Master!! 
There are 7 homes available for viewing today!   Stop by 413 Calvin Avenue to check out this listing....Let me know you found out about it on ActiveRain and you will be entered into a special drawing!
If you know someone who is considering a purchase in this or any other area of Baltimore, please feel free to send them in today.  I will be available to start the APPROVAL process!
Looking forward to seeing you there!!  Be sure to tell the … (2 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: READ the fine print on those internet loan offers! - 05/01/14 08:28 PM
Be SURE to READ the fine print on those internet loan offers!
I do my best to build rapport with my clients, go above and beyone to help them to navigate the loan process and the buying process and make myself available for questions (many times at all hours of the day and night-often when "bankers" hours are done)
In this market, that can mean updating lender letters multiple times, running numbers again and again and providing counseling services.
My rates and fees are competive and often better than the competition. My service, top notch.
By the time some folks finally … (5 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: What Real Estate Agents Won't Tell You - and WHY - 04/01/14 06:02 AM

This is great information from Margaret Woda of Crofton, Maryland.  Margaret shares why Real Estate Agents ARE NOT ALLOWED BY LAW to disclose certain information to you as a buyer. 
It is really important for buyers to do their own research on neighborhood, schools and crime. This is the age of the internet.  It is easier than ever to find out information with a few clicks of the mouse!
Go to the neighbohoods at night and on the weekends, check things out for yourself!  Do your due diligence and understand that the agent is doing his or her job, but you have to … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Passing On A Great Legacy - 03/31/14 08:44 PM
Passing On A Great Legacy
Today would have been my mother's 85th birthday.  Unfortunately for the world, she did not make it to her 52nd here on earth.  I was 12 when she died.
She was a great lady.  She was the youngest girl of 7 children, studied music at Peabody, sang and acted in many performances, worked at Bethlehem Steel,  was engaged several times before marrying my dad, sang in the church choir, was a military wife and mother of 4.  She "followed the Gypsy" (my Army dad) around the world after they were married. While all of her family stayed in … (2 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: 4 Reasons Why Your CONDO May NOT Qualify for Traditional Financing - 03/31/14 01:12 PM
4 Reasons Your Condo May NOT Qualify for Traditional Financing...and what to do about it.

There are less than 51% of the properties that are owner occupied.  (There are lots of renters)
There is too high of a delinquency rate for HOA dues.  (More than 15% of your neighbor's are 30 days or more past due) 
The Association is involved in a lawsuit.  
1 entity owns 10% or more of the properties. 

I often get calls from excited clients about purchasing condos.  Often there are "great deals" on fabulous homes with tons of community amenities that may not be available in a single family homes. 

The first conversation we have is that condo purchases … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Is Your Business Being CRUSHED by CANDY? - 03/20/14 09:05 AM
Is Your Business Being CRUSHED by CANDY?
"My name is Bridget, also known as Maryland Mortgage Mama, and I am a recovered Candy Crush addict."  

"Hi, Bridget!"
These days there are so many things to distract us from our work, our kids, our spouses, our passions, our mission in life
How many times do you check facebook in a day?  Email?  Pinterest? Etsy? Online shopping?  News outlets?  Text messages? Twitter? LinkedIn?
How much trash TV are you watching -Real Housewives of every major city in the United States, The Bachelor, Honey-Boo-Boo? 
Not to mention real life distractions-good … (2 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Today We Laid To Rest A Wonderful Lady - 03/17/14 07:00 PM
Today We Laid To Rest A Wonderful Lady
St. Patrick's Day is a big day (weekend/week/month) in our large, extended Irish family.  Today it was made even more special as we laid to rest my Aunt Ellen.
I wanted to take some time today to share a little about this wonderful lady.  Aunt Ellen was one of my mother's six siblings, nine years older than my mother.  At 93, she had lived a good, long life, outliving her husband by too many years and one of her daughters, who passed just 2 years ago.
I don't want to share with you about her death, I … (3 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Spring Meetup In Maryland, Will You Join Us?? - 03/11/14 09:07 PM
Spring Meetup In Maryland, Will You Join Us??
The amazing Martha Brown & Margaret Rome, will be hosting the spring meetup in Annapolis, Maryland on March 25th from 12:30-2:30pm at:
Brios Tuscan Grille,
305 Sail Pl
Annapolis, MD  21401

You're Busy, I'm Busy, but you have to take some time to sharpen your axe!
We always have a great time at the meetups in Maryland.  Annapolis, our capital city, is a perfect location.  We had our holiday meetup at Brios, the food was delicious and the service was wonderful.
Though Brios is not on the water, there is … (1 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Happy Birthday Doctor Seuss! - 02/28/14 06:31 PM

Today my daughter's school celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday.

They got to dress up as their favorite character from any of Dr. Seuss' book.

Syd picked to dress up as "Cindy Lou Who". 
Meet Sydney Lou Who!   She was a huge hit at school.  I posted the photo on facebook and it was the most "liked" photo/comment I have ever posted!
I loved helping her with the costume and hair...such fun!
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

maryland mortgage mama: Margaret Rome and Floyd Wickman on ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE - 02/16/14 03:31 PM
Margaret Rome and Floyd Wickman on ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE
I listen to Margaret Rome on Sunday's from 12-1 PM on All About Real Estate as often as I am able.  Not only is it because I love Margaret both professionally and personally, it's because she has great content.  She doesn't just take the hour to talk about the homes she has for sale (though she does, because it is a great service for her sellers), she provides an open forum for folks to share and learn about real estate, not only in Maryland, but across the country.
I have … (10 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Thanks For My Valentine Flours Honey - 02/14/14 04:37 PM
Thanks For My Valentine Flours Honey
We have been together for over 22 years.  My husband is very romantic.   He shows me he loves me in lots of ways every day.  
He picks up our daughter from school.
He is our primary grocery runner.
He does laundry.
He picks up wine without being asked and he doesn't even drink!
He buys me clothes because he knows I am not a fan of shopping.
He fixes dinner on a regular basis, and even does the dishes.
We had a family birthday party for my brother at our home on Sunday and he … (5 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: A Maryland Purchase Settlement For The Book! The BABY Book That Is! - 02/07/14 10:29 AM
A Maryland Purchase Settlement For The Book!  The BABY Book That Is!
One Of My Very Favorite Settlements!
Once upon a time, Maryland Mortgage Mama met with a lovely couple to talk about their interest in buying their first home in Maryland.  They brought their beautiful, smart and incredibly well-behaved five year old princess to the appointment  and were very pregnant with their 2nd. 
We talked a bit, reviewed their financial health and credit history, discussed their loan options and and by the end of our meeting we determined they were ready to head out with their realtor, Bridget Oppenheimer, to find the right place for them … (0 comments)

maryland mortgage mama: Baltimore City Low Income Senior Citizen Water Discount Program - 02/05/14 08:05 PM

This is very important information to share.  The water bills have increased for so many, this will at least give our low income senior citizens a break.  If you have questions about the program, June has included the phone number and a link in her post.
Thanks June, for getting the word out.  June is always looking out for her clients!
Maryland Mortgage Mama
Baltimore City Low Income Senior Citizen Water Discount Program
The Low Income Senior Citizens Water Discount Program reduces water bills by 35% for eligible applicants. 
To receive a Low Income Senior Citizens Water Discount, … (1 comments)

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