coaching: Ten Expireds = Ten Listings - 11/08/13 07:58 AM
"Real estate? Things are slow right now. Everyone wants to wait after the holidays. Nobody wants to list at the moment. There aren't that many good expired listings...."
Most agents believe all of that to be the truth. That's why most agents make $37,908.
And then there are exceptional agents. Ahead of the crowd. Moving forward. Focused, positive... and very successful. Like Mike with Keller Williams.
I met Mike about two months ago when he became my coaching client. Every week we've been working on strategies how to get more good leads and listings quickly. And it took Mike less than … (4 comments)

coaching: I was wrong - 10/03/13 03:38 PM
For years -- YEARS I was doing all wrong. You know, the usual: set goals, make a plan, work hard... 
Didn't work for me. 
And I have a feeling it's not working much for you either, right? So let me give you another, easier - and more effective way on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.
I'll show you how to have your BEST year in real estate. And I mean "knock it out of the park" year. You'll see a method I personally use all the time to reach my goals. And a 3-step process that will help you stick with the … (0 comments)

coaching: Listing expired listings in a hot market - 08/12/13 04:55 AM
Market is heating up pretty much everywhere... Inventory is low, not as many expireds anymore, and good listings are hard to come by.
So now what do you do?
I just put finishing touches on a brand new training for you. On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 I will show you four specific strategies to generate expired leads and good listings -- even in a hot sellers' market.
Sign up here (it's free)
If you're looking for a predictable, solid source of business, than this training is for you. 
And just to clarify... Some of my students use these strategies and get … (3 comments)

coaching: Brand New Stuff - 08/07/13 07:15 AM
I just got back from a week riding a bike and I have to tell you - it was awesome.
Tired? A little, sure. But also excited.
Before I went on the trip, I took my bike for a tune-up. It made a huge difference and it ran like a dream.
Let's give you and your business a tune-up, too. There are some brand new things we need to chat about. Summer real estate season is half way through and you have to be running at full speed.
Maybe you need a little help with a FSBO dialog... Or … (1 comments)

coaching: Oprah - the badass marketer (new video) - 05/14/13 02:57 PM
Real estate video is quickly becoming a dominant marketing force. In this new video series you will learn how to make awesome, interesting, and profitable real estate videos. You will learn why YouTube is the best real estate farm, why Oprah is the ultimate badass marketer, why video is becoming a huge part of marketing... And how to get started — even on a tiny budget.
Even if you've never done a video. Even if you don't have any equipment and don't know where to start, or what to put in your videos.
Take a look:

Expired PLUS … (3 comments)

coaching: Real Estate Success Stories - 03/25/13 01:12 PM
I have another Listing University Exclusive for you...   * Real Estate Rockstar Success Stories *   This Wednesday, March, 27, 2013, two successful agents will show you what's working for them right now (they are NOT trying to sell anything, just share and teach you some cool tips).   You will meet Cindy Rushton and Sarah Ford.   Free Registration   Cindy is a 25-year business veteran. She has been through good markets and bad, booming economy and a total slump. She has seen all the usual market ups and downs.   Her business has not only survived but … (5 comments)

coaching: Real Estate Success Accelerator (new video) - 01/31/13 12:01 PM
Boy was it fun to be back in California for a few days! Yes, I do like it on the East Coast but I tell ya there is something cool about the beaches, the ocean, surfing... Especially now when it's 32 here in DC.
Anyway, I made you a quick new video: The Three-Step Success Accelerator Formula. It's one of many new ideas I picked up from some smart people I hang out with.  Let me know what you think! Have a great (hopefully warm) weekend... And let's go get 'em!
Borino  Your Coach


coaching: Better CMA - 01/08/13 02:00 PM
"Plan A: You should quit selling real estate. I’m serious. Quit being an agent. Get a job doing something else. Some of you have been waiting to hear that. My pleasure."
That was the advice from the marketing guru Seth Godin during his talk to a large group of agents. Not exactly an inspirational pep talk peppered with words of business wisdom, huh? He continued...
"The ones that are left, that’s YOU, can consider Plan B:
You will not make a living by taking orders, by selling houses the way everyone else does -- and whining is not an option. In … (1 comments)

coaching: Best Real Estate Year Ever - 11/25/12 06:13 AM
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I don't know about you, but I enjoy the leftovers even more (turkey, cranberry, mustard, mayo on rye - oh man!).
Anyway, back to business. 2013 is here and I want to make sure it's a great year for you. No, not just OK (as in 'I have survived another year in real estate'). I mean you really kick butt, make plenty of moola, pay off those bills, even put some aside for a rainy day - that kind of GREAT.
So on Wednesday, November 28, you and I will put together a plan (not the traditional goal-setting BS … (3 comments)

coaching: The Client Frequency Strategy (new video) - 11/01/12 03:15 PM
Has it ever happen to you? You meet someone for the very first time -- a complete stranger -- and you two just CLICK instantly. And I mean, really CONNECT. The conversation flows as if you knew each other for ages. There is instant connection, trust... And it's FUN. 
I always wanted to connect with a prospect or a client like that, but without all those hokey "sales methods" like mirror and match, pace and lead... Yes, they work, but they just don't work for me -- for my style and my personality. 
So using principles of NLP, human behavior and … (8 comments)

coaching: How to List an Expired This Week - 07/23/12 05:50 AM
Want to know the secrets to listing one expired per week? Than you'll like this. On Friday (that's July 27) I'm teaching a LIVE training on expired listings.
Register hereIt's about:
How to help more expireds who want/need YOU Actually getting paid for your work (imagine that!) How to speed up the Contact-Lead-Listing process Why most agents screw it up, why expireds get angry, and how to fix it Three best marketing weapons... and tons more. Below is a short 2 minute video that gives you a little more info if you need it.  This will be 100% LIVE. I'll stay on at the end to answer your questions as well.
We … (7 comments)

coaching: My Apologies to My Brother Mario (new video) - 07/19/12 05:34 AM
First, my apologies to my brother Mario for showing him naked in this video. ;)
But don't worry, there are no shenanigans. It's all about a new strategy you can use to land more listings... And better listings.
Your listing presentation will be easier and more effective which means you’ll land more listings. And you will feel much better about yourself.
If you act like an average real estate agent, you are treated just like another average real estate agent. It's time to break away from the "average" crowd. Here is how....
Enjoy and please leave me a comment!
Borino The … (3 comments)

coaching: The Life Architect - 07/16/12 05:43 AM
I have something cool for ya - in case you're not where you want to be as far as commissions and business --or life. See, there is this tool I use personally every single day. No joke - this thing is responsible for most of the good stuff in my life. Money... Yes, sure, but more than just things, you know? Check out my brand-spanking-new video. I'll give you the whole thing -- and no, there is nothing to buy. Oh, and towards the end, I will actually reveal (for the first time) what that whole "Go Get 'em!" phrase really … (5 comments)

coaching: "Get the hell out of my race!" - 05/09/12 04:45 AM

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run The Boston Marathon.
After realizing that a woman was running, race organizer Jock Semple went after Switzer shouting, "Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!" However, Switzer’s boyfriend and other male runners provided a protective shield during the entire marathon. The photograph taken of the incident made world headlines. In 1974, Katherine won the New York City marathon with a time of 3:07:29! Sign Up! Show Up! Don't Give Up!
How to Communicate with Complete Confidence - Communication PLUS

coaching: Quick Jumpstart Plan - 03/29/12 06:55 PM
"I am really struggling financially and this really needs to be the time for my big push to make it in real estate. I have a young family and we can't go on like this for much longer. I believe if I get started in the right direction I can succeed at this goal. I needed your gift of inspiration right now like you can only imagine." -Shawn New Jersey Oh, I do know a thing or two about financial struggle. There is almost nothing as stressful as worries about money. Been there... More than once. But that's the cool thing … (11 comments)

coaching: EXPIRED LISTINGS: The Gold Rush - 11/07/11 06:28 PM

Are you ready for the gold rush? It happens every year: Last few days of December and the first few weeks of January there is always a flood of expired listings. And many sellers will be putting their homes back on the market right after the holidays. Will you be ready?
Imagine…. It’s 8 am in the morning. You’re in your office having a cup of coffee while chatting on the phone with an expired listing. Pleasant, easy, friendly conversation that lasts a few minutes. The sellers are interested in selling so you agree to stop by to introduce yourself … (3 comments)

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