I have heard chatter over how the CFC program drastically effected the auto industry and how it is comparable to our HBC.         Example: Before, auto dealers were begging for a car to be sold and when the CFC hit, they were rolling off the lot.Some         Realtors compare how ...
I am always curious to know what disclosures other brokerages use to help operate their compliance run more efficient and safe. Anyone able to divulge what kind of disclosure they use for listings and purchases whether it is something they conjure up for themselves or a mandatory disclosure issue...
Short-Sale a complex process that entails calculating, vigorous marketing, and hard negotiations. Realtors are required to take on a huge load of work based on the hopes of a successful short-sale approval.Realtors Goal: A bank will not foreclose on a property in this economy due the decreasing v...
Many Californians have a lot of stresses right now; foreclosures, job layoffs, gas prices, and if our next governor will be sylvestor stellone!? As the saying goes, "the bigger you are, the harder you fall", californians did everything big to say the least. Californians who have suffered foreclos...
Many people have the notion that FHA is a magical program that helps a first-time homebuyer obtain their dream home under any condition. Although it is magical how long it takes, it is a very helpful tool in getting a prospective buyer a chance at the "American Dream".Here are things to know: FHA...

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