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  Horsey Friday Fun Facts - The Eyes Have It   The horse is considered to have the largest eyes of any land animal, except for the ostrich.  Their eyes are set on the side of the head and have binocular vision.  What does that exactly mean?   Horses are prey animals.  Prey animals eyes are set on...
  Motivational Monday - Advice From A Horse     We should all live for the moment.  Challenges will happen in our daily lives.  So. don't worry about the future and take things in stride.  Worry does not solve any problems or issues, which might not even occur.  We all need to relax and try not t...
  Horsey Friday Fun Facts - Pedicure For Horses     Even though we do not call it a pedicure, the horse's hooves do get done on a regular basis.  A farrier will trim a horse's feet on a schedule that is right for the horse.  Some horse's will even get new shoes or have their old one's refitted.  ...
  Horsey Wordless Wednesday - Riding Through Pennsylvania's Countryside      Pennsylvania is beautiful country.  It has mountains, farms, various terrains to see.  All having it's own beauty.  When driving through the countryside, a lot of it is missed.   The best way to see it is on horseback or...
  Horsey Friday Fun Facts - Over-sized Children     I have been involved in many aspects of horses for over 35 years.  During those years, I have learned that horses are nothing but huge children on four legs.     The way I found out the similarity, was when I had children of my own.  Training an...
  Horsey Wordless Wednesday - Friends Sharing   Pippa has fit into the herd very easily.  All the horses accepted her very quickly.  Not sure if this was because she is the only female in the herd or just that she is such a likable horse.  (She is very sweet.) Maybe it's a combination.  Who knows...
  Bring Your Horse For the Annual Spook-A-Rama     19th Annual Spook A Rama on Sunday, October 19, 2014 Bucks County Horse Park 8934 Easton Road - Revere, PA 18953) *8:30 am registration open* *1:00 pm is the last ride out* *7 divisions with prizes awarded* Lead line, Single rider, Family, Friend...
  Pennsylvania National Horse Show 2014 Set To Begin This Week   The Pennsylvania National Horse Show is set to begin October 9th - 18th, 2014 at the Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA.     The Penn National Horse Show is filled with hours of fun and excitement with various show cl...
  Watersheds: Important for Properties and Eco- Systems     Watersheds are very important  and most necessary for properties and eco-systems.  So what is the purpose of a watershed?   -  It improves water quality by reducing pollutant loads, for example nutrients, sediment, oil & grease, and heav...
  Horsey Friday Fun Facts - Horse Jumping Records     Over the years, horses have been known to break high jumping records of over 8 feet or 2.4 meters.  There is one unofficial record broken by King's Own, ridden by Freddie Wettach, Jr. on October 27, 1938.  They jumped a record 8 feet 3 1/2 inc...

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