north branch: It is a beautiful day here in North Branch, Minnesota. - 03/18/14 08:09 AM
It is a beautiful day today in North Branch, Minnesota.
25 degrees and...

North Branch was to get 3-6 inches be the Wednesday morning.
We have almost 5 and is is barely 10 am, and snow is falling at about an inch an hour or more right now.
Not complaining. 
It is only mid Marchand we are supposed to have snow. 
Neighbors are calling already asking to be plowed out in the morning so they can go to work.Hopefully the roads will be plowed by then.
Looking for a great place to live...North Branch, Minnesota is … (9 comments)

north branch: Do You want to buy a home In North Branch Minnesota? - 03/16/14 04:46 PM
Looking to buy a home In North Branch, Minnesota...
Then you need to get your ducks in a row.
You need to have your financing in order first of all.
If you  don't, you have no chance at all.
No one will accept your offer if you don't have this important detail ready.
Good homes don't last long, and when they come on the market, you most likely will be in multiple offer situations.
The offer that is all in order with now questions...will win the bid!
North Branch, Minnesota is a great place to live...Gets your ducks in a row … (4 comments)

north branch: Local gardeners talking plants. - 03/03/14 06:26 PM
Some of the local gardeners are talking planting during the morning coffee sessions.
I enjoy my garden, but I am no where near the fanatic as these guys are.
Of course if you want to talk fishing, well that is another story. 
When I asked when they thought they would start planting with nearly 4 feet of snow on the ground one of the said...About 6 weeks ago.
Yes, the die hard's have started many plants already.
Me, I will go to them and buy a few for my needs.  Hey, they are the best stuff around!


north branch: North Branch Minnesota's Market on the rebound! - 04/22/12 05:23 PM
I got a call late last night...
"Hi Bill?  This is Frank.  I talked to you about a year ago on some homes to rent.  I am wondering if the market is near the bottom yet?"
I replied..."Hi Frank...Yes I remember.  Yes the market is near the bottom."
F:  "Well, when do you think it will hit the bottom?"
ME:  Well Frank...That boat has sailed...prices are on the increase."
F:  "They can't be.  The media..." I stopped him...
Frank, remember I told you not to listen to the media.  They talk in general terms adn their info is many times months … (7 comments)

north branch: You never know what you will find in your yard in Rural America. - 02/09/12 11:35 AM
I heat my home with an outdoor wood furnace.  Last night I went out to load the furnace before hitting the sack for the night.
Walking across the yard I saw a larger black colored figure.  I thought it was a cat.  I yelled, but it didnt' move.  So...I walked a bit closer.
I was careful because I had no idea what it was and many animals hibernate at this time of the year.   Those that should be asleep  but are up and around are usually sick with Rabies being one of the reasons.
Upon closer examination of this critter I … (8 comments)

north branch: Low Ball offers are being accepted LESS and LESS in North Branch, Mn - 02/02/12 03:02 PM
If you are looking for a steal...Ask you agent where you may be able to find one.    North Branch Mn. is not a good place to look for a steal.
Because, our inventory is low.  Many homes that are in good shape are selling near or above list. 
Now to qualify that just a bit.  If you find a home price 25% over current market and can get it for near market...that may be the steel you keep hearing about.
North Branch, Mn is on two major highway arteries and is an easy commute to the twin cities. 

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