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Some days we stroll along our merry way, oblivious to details around us.  Perhaps it's a form of therapy, disconnecting from everyone and everything.  Just when you least expect it, something sneaks up on you and takes a bite out of your reality. Recently, I visited the Antelope Valley California...
I read a thought provoking post about the evolution and adaptation of sea turtles.  It was a fascinating piece (Biggest Business Challenge: Escaping the Past) offering a unique perspective about doing business in today's ever changing world. The author asked the following question:  "If you were ...
I walked through the door, dressed casually in my blue checkered flannel shirt, black leggings and furry boots.  It was a rainy Sunday, and I would've rather lounged at home a little longer in my pjs with a warm cup of joe in hand.  But, duty called. My new listing sold in just 6 days on the mark...
It might seem crazy what I'm about to say...  but I'm happy as a Minion =)  Okay, so I've been inhaling the usual pixie dust, but hey, what can I say... I'm happy!  What you don't know is there's this guy named Tyler Mancuso who's happy too.    I've blogged about Tyler Mancuso before, but now he ...
There's something incredibly appealing about being called gorgeous.  Even if one isn't gorgeous, being called gorgeous might make one revel the thought (even for a moment).  Recently, I had one of those moments. It's been a long and physically taxing week to say the least.  I staged and listed tw...
Mustard Seed Marketing.  Have you ever wondered why Jesus used the mustard seed as a reference to faith and growing His kingdom?  It's simple really. A mustard seed measures approximately 1-2 mm in diameter.  When the plant reaches maturity, it becomes a giant shrub/tree.  So it is with good idea...
Rock Me Gently.  It's a mantra I'm sporting for 2014.  Strange?  Perhaps.  But, it's precisely what you might expect from The Naked Blogger (I've even got a Pinterest Board with the same title).  Spring is upon us, which always brings a bit of reflection and hope for new beginnings.  I get excite...
The People’s Choice - Top 10 Posts to Ponder.  With the Oscars behind us, I thought it might be fun to take a look at the People's Choice posts.  I'm always curious what others find interesting.  While many of these posts  didn't receive a lot of comments, it's clear (from the click-thru number) ...
What do you call 40 years of friendship, sweatpants, no make-up, and divine secrets over dessert into the wee hours of the morning?  Some call it crazy.  I call it Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I consider myself an honorary member of the Ya-Ya club, along with my two BFF's from high school, Terrie Larson-Wil...
Because seriously... who is perfect?  I love, love, love this video for so many reasons.  The biggest being, it celebrates who we are, where we are, with all of our perfect imperfections.  And why not?! For too long, Hollyweird and the fashion industry have shaped our world view of beauty.  What ...

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