It's not everyday that a woman receives something sparkly, brilliant, shiny, flawless and flashy in a beautiful white box.  At least, not this woman.  I've waited (what seems like) a lifetime for this moment.  Sure, there were others that took my breath away.  But, not like this.  This one's epic...
If you haven't seen the Internet blitz about Rene Zellweger's new look, you've obviously been hiding under a rock.  From a Chickypoo who doesn't have TV (by choice), even I've had difficulty escaping the eye-brow raising controversy.  So what's the big deal?   Russell Brand offers a most entertai...
Thank-You's Matter!     This is a brilliant marketing video from Coca-Cola with a simple take-away message for all of us.  People matter.  Kindness matters.  Thank-you's matter.  Smiles are priceless.  Happy Sunday everyone!  Let's make someone else's day a little brighter =) 
I got to thinking about something the other day... What's the point of having a gazillion contacts in our database if there's no real contact?  It may puff our egos to be connected with that cheerleader on Facebook, or that nationally recognized speaker on LinkedIn, but if we never reach out and...
In our fast-paced egocentric world, it's easy to get peeved when someone pisses in our Cheerios.  We see it all the time with Facebook rants and Boardroom beats.  Oh... the shame that comes (for some) the morning after. In the midst of a bonafide drama fest, the question we must ask ourselves is...
There's something yummy going on in Bend, Oregon, and it's a screamin' BIG deal to the locals.  I'll let you in on a creamy little secret, if you promise not to call the police! It ain't your typical babe or BFF, but it rivals both, and it's name is Bonta!  It's the most wonderfully delicious ge...
I spent the last week visiting my BFF in Colorado preparing a Memorial Service for a dear friend.  Losing a loved one is never easy.  Although, even in the midst of pain and sorrow, there's always room for cheers and chuckles. My best friend and I shopped till we dropped, ate all the bread and g...
Who needs a special day to celebrate?  Not this Mocha Mama!  Although... if you're looking to put a kick in your step today, here's a good one!  Dutch Bros Coffee is offering 9 punches on your stamp card for every coffee you buy... all day!   And if that isn't enough to get you perked up... check...
Certain things ignite my senses.  It could be the sun shining brightly on a cloudy day, or a daffodil reaching full bloom, or the smell of French bread baking in an oven.  I'm never lacking for things that make me smile.  Simple things speak to me.  Some more profoundly than others.   While on a...
I've encountered some colorful people along both sides of the real estate aisle.  What amazes me most are the things that sellers do (sometimes unknowingly) to kill a potential sale.  Ode to dreadful seller mistakes! In my early years of showing property, I witnessed a 950-pound pig giving birth ...

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