Today, I looked up into the heavens and said... Yes, there is a God!  With little time to spare, but plenty of fret to waste, we held our breath as I presented our 5th written offer for my clients.  For a moment, I felt like Moses pleading with God... Please don't let my people be homeless! With ...
It occurred to me some years ago that settling isn't part of my DNA.  In fact, the mere idea breeds contempt in the depths of my soul.  Why so?  I probably inhaled a little too much smoke as a child.  When I was 5 yrs old, my brother turned my wooden sandbox on the side of the house, then pushed ...
You, Me & The Apricot Tree.  You know the ole' saying... The apple doesn't fall from the tree.  In my family, it's all about apricots.   It was 1939, and World War II threatened every American household occupied by teenage boys.  My father was the son of a single mother, and the youngest of four ...
There's a new buzz on the streets of Oregon.  The voters have spoken and we're now a state that allows the recreational use of pot.   Whether you agree with the people of Oregon or not, this day seemed inevitable. While I respect the medical benefits of the plant, I'm not a toker and never have b...
If you're like me, you probably aren't too keen about seeing your mug on video. Yet, it seems to be a big reason why most of us don't use video in our marketing efforts.  I know I'm not the only Realtor on the planet who still needs to jump on the video train.  Admit it... you need help too!   He...
Some woke up this morning asking themselves, what just happened?  Their date last night was either a huge hit or a complete disaster.  The morning after always provides a clue. Did you find yourself totally stag or enveloped with your love muffin for morning hugs?  No matter which side of the bed...
It's not everyday that a woman receives something sparkly, brilliant, shiny, flawless and flashy in a beautiful white box.  At least, not this woman.  I've waited (what seems like) a lifetime for this moment.  Sure, there were others that took my breath away.  But, not like this.  This one's epic...
If you haven't seen the Internet blitz about Rene Zellweger's new look, you've obviously been hiding under a rock.  From a Chickypoo who doesn't have TV (by choice), even I've had difficulty escaping the eye-brow raising controversy.  So what's the big deal?   Russell Brand offers a most entertai...
Thank-You's Matter!     This is a brilliant marketing video from Coca-Cola with a simple take-away message for all of us.  People matter.  Kindness matters.  Thank-you's matter.  Smiles are priceless.  Happy Sunday everyone!  Let's make someone else's day a little brighter =) 
I got to thinking about something the other day... What's the point of having a gazillion contacts in our database if there's no real contact?  It may puff our egos to be connected with that cheerleader on Facebook, or that nationally recognized speaker on LinkedIn, but if we never reach out and...

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