I am reposting this because some of the posts I saw this week, and some of of the comments that followed. As a real estate professional you are held to a high standard.  You must be aware of these regulations.  It is your responsibility. I AM NOT A LAWYER and I am not qualified to dispense legal...
At the close of week two for Project Blogger we've seen a significant increase in content from our contestants.  If last week was tough to judge then this week is going to be really tough.  I want to thank Cheryl Johnson for making my life a little easier with Project Blogger links. Be sure to vo...
How do I get my post featured?I am asked this question on a regular basis, recently I was told that I should post a reminder on this. A message I received today reminded to post something about this.Here's a short response.Keep in mind that featuring is definitely subjective.    1.    When it co...
I was first licensed over 10 years ago.  At that time the industry was beginning to undergo significant changes.  Listings came in optional paper catalogs.  The main method of access was with a dial-up system.Today is a very different world and many innovations have forced sales people to stay on...
Hello everyone.  I realized today that I hadn't been around in a while so I'm here checking in.  It seems as if I spend all my day with The Network, however it's IN The Network more than it is talking to the entire group.Much of what I do is day-to-day.  As you can imagine with a team of over 24,...

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