va: 3 Things to Take Out of Your Marketing Budget! - 03/26/14 08:20 AM
As a longtime Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we are very well-versed in all different aspects of marketing, advertising and listing coordination and project management. We enjoy staying on top of evolving technology and strive to think outside of the box – Which means that we often have many brand new ideas and recommendations for real estate professionals as well as many thoroughly researched suggestions as to what the best avenues are to dedicate your marketing budget dollars. However, as many places as there are that are worth spending some time and money on, there are also a few marketing ideas … (4 comments)

va: How To Stay Healthy in the Spring Season! - 03/18/14 06:08 PM
As a longtime Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we are very familiar with the ins and outs of a real estate professional's busy life. The spring season can be exceptionally chaotic, filled with new listings, buyers eager to begin property shopping and a seemingly endless amount of tasks that must be done before each client's closing date. It goes without saying that it is incredibly important to stay healthy throughout the year, but particularly during the busy times to ensure that deadlines aren't missed and clients feel attended to and satisfied. With so much going on throughout the day, it can … (0 comments)

va: Social Media Marketing Statistics to Remember! - 03/11/14 06:38 PM
Everyone has heard the age-old phrase that “knowledge is power”. This is particularly true in business, and especially within the real estate industry. Professionals are highly dependent on themselves for clients and referrals, and the ability to reach out will certainly determine success. As a professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we often field questions about social media marketing and its importance. While we can cite many examples of social media success and how its now an integral part of a real estate professional’s life, oftentimes the facts speak for themselves. Here is just a sample of some mind-blowing, eye-popping social … (13 comments)

va: 5 Great Apps to Boost Your Productivity! - 03/04/14 04:36 PM
In today’s world of smart phones, clouds and technology at your fingertips, downloadable apps can be fantastic tools used to boost productivity and increase convenience in your daily life. With technology changing quickly and new apps being released every day, it is essential as a real estate professional to know what’s out there and how it can make your life easier. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team are big proponents of working both harder AND smarter, and understand that staying abreast of evolving technology can make a big difference in your day-to-day business in the long run. We understand how chaotic … (15 comments)

va: Spring Postcard Ideas to Get in Touch With Clients! - 02/26/14 04:40 PM
With the spring real estate market upon us, client outreach can be a very powerful tool to get in touch with past clients and introduce yourself to future ones! One of the most common, inexpensive and easiest ways to do this is by a simple postcard campaign. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has planned and executed hundreds of custom print mailings for our clients and can recommend a few ideas for what works well in a postcard campaign. Some suggestions include:
-Spring forward. A simple reminder of the upcoming time change and letting homeowners know to when to set their … (0 comments)

va: 4 Must-Have Features for Your Real Estate Website! - 02/14/14 09:33 AM
A real estate professional’s website may very well be one of their most important marketing tools! Ensuring that yours is working for you and meeting the criteria of a successful website in today’s rapid-paced information age is important for seeing a return on your investment. While there are many essential aspects to a quality, successful website, there are a few things that are of the utmost importance. These “must-have” features include:
-Mobile Capabilities. The great majority of property searches are conducted online, and the mobile industry is only expected to continue its explosive growth. This means that more and more property … (15 comments)

va: The 4 Steps to Owning Your Social Media Presence! - 02/11/14 08:56 AM
Over the years, our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has recognized the importance of social networking, online marketing and how it relates to a real estate professional's brand. As experts on the ins and outs of social media, we wanted to share a few tips for getting a foothold in all of the various networks out there, what exactly they do and how they can help your business. For those starting out, there are four major categories that most social networks (used by beginners) fall into:
1. The Local Networks. Localized social networks, such as Yelp!, Angie's List, Google Places, … (2 comments)

va: Creative Ways to Touch Prospects Before the Spring Season! - 02/04/14 11:15 AM
With spring (and the beginning of a new real estate season!) just around the corner, outreach to prospects and clients is critical. While there are many creative ways to “touch” your connections and get in front of those that may need your services this year, there are a few tried and true methods that are always a good idea. Some ways to consider reaching out in the coming weeks include:
1.       Use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great social media tool for professionals in all industries, but for those of us who depend on referrals from our connections? LinkedIn is one … (1 comments)

va: RealSupport Gives Back! - 01/28/14 04:32 PM
At RealSupport, our close-knit Real Estate Virtual Assistant team believe in maintaining great relationships with one another both inside and outside of the office. In addition to keeping our team synergy strong with brainstorming meetings and collaborating in our RealSupport "Inspiration Room", we decided to band together for a very special volunteer day on January 14th.     Gratitude and giving back have always been a strong focus of our company core beliefs. Having the unique opportunity to package food for hungry children all around the world was an excellent way to work as a team outside of the office while doing something positive in our community. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team was tired but … (0 comments)

va: How To Blog Like a Pro in 2014! - 01/20/14 03:57 PM
One of the wonderful things about ActiveRain is having an open forum to discuss anything and everything related to the real estate industry with like-minded peers, colleagues and people in similar roles all over the country. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has had the pleasure of connecting with many knowledgeable real estate professionals from every corner of the United States by offering marketing tips, ideas and samples of work we’ve done for many of our clients. We consider our blog to be an important communication tool and asset to our company due to its reach. If you’ve been considering focusing … (2 comments)

va: Marketing Ideas for the Winter Time! - 01/09/14 08:03 PM
The winter season, after the holidays, can oftentimes seem like a bit of a drag. With the excitement of the holidays passed and several weeks (or months, depending on your location!) of slow, cold winter left before things pick up in the spring, it's no wonder that inspiration can be hard to come by! While it can be tough to think of good marketing and customer outreach tactics during a seasonally slow period, our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team is more than happy to discuss your marketing needs and provide samples of work we have done for other clients in your … (1 comments)

va: New Technology Trends Expected in 2014 - What Does That Mean for You? - 01/03/14 05:16 PM
In the last decade or so, it seems that technology has truly taken off at a much more rapid pace of evolution than previous years. Between smart phones, tablets, social media, apps and all sorts of other gizmos and gadgets, it can sometimes feel difficult to keep up with the latest trends and advancements! Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team is very well-versed in all aspects of technology, especially how it relates to marketing and business development for our clients. There will be some exciting new technology to expect in the coming year, and we have the low-down on some of … (2 comments)

va: 5 Ways to Best Utilize the Rest of Your Annual Marketing Budget! - 12/27/13 07:26 PM
Whether you utilize a set amount each year for your marketing endeavors or 2013 just happened to be particularly good for you, having a little extra in the budget at the end of the year is never a bad thing! You may be wondering how to best spread the extra around to truly benefit your business. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has a handful of inexpensive, easy suggestions to consider that are sure to be a great use of any leftover marketing budget! We suggest trying the following: 
Buy a Facebook Ad for Your Official Page. If you don't have … (1 comments)

va: 4 Tech Goals to Consider for the New Year! - 12/20/13 04:47 PM
With 2014 on the horizon, now is a great time to take stock of your technology and marketing efforts for the previous year and create attainable goals for the new year! By taking a few hours to outline what you’d like to see happen with your technology and marketing in the new year, and the steps it will take to reach those goals, you’ll already be ahead of the curve by the time people start shouting “Happy New Year”! With technology now an integral part of the real estate industry, successful marketing and reaching new and current clients, here are a … (5 comments)

va: 4 Inexpensive Ways to Show Clients You Care this Holiday Season! - 12/12/13 11:03 AM

With all the holiday festivities swirling around us this time of year, you may be enjoying the slower pace of the real estate market this time of year can bring.  Your clients are probably taking more time to focus on other things like holiday parties, shopping for gifts and enjoying time with family and friends.  This means you’re probably doing the same!
Yet, it’s important to not let an opportunity to boost your client relationships fall to the wayside.  This time of year is all about giving and taking the time to give your clients a little something special … (5 comments)

va: Boost Your Marketing & Business for 2014! - 12/05/13 01:52 PM

As we approach the end of 2013, you may be brainstorming ways to boost your marketing and your business for the new year!  If you’ve experienced a surge in your real estate business over the past year, you’ll want to note what worked for you and how you can continue to make those various aspects work in your favor.  On the other hand, if things didn’t go quite as planned as you look back on your goals and how your business did overall, it’s time to change things up!
Creating a business plan is vital for your success in … (0 comments)

va: Avoid Burnout with These 3 Tips! - 10/17/13 11:30 AM

We all know the life of those in the real estate industry is non-stop.  There are always clients who need your attention, showing appointments, meetings with potential clients, phone calls, endless emails and then all of the marketing and daily tasks that keep your business running.  Weekends aren’t free and you never have regular hours.  So, when do you get a break?
It can be easy when the majority of your businesses’ success relies on you, to become consumed with work.  But, as countless studies show, burnout can prevent long term success for your real estate business.  While it … (0 comments)

va: 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Webmaster for Your New Website - 10/03/13 03:23 PM

Your online presence is one of the greatest tools you have for obtaining new clients.  A well thought out website and use of social media and blogging can help build trust, grab attention, fill a need for information and much more! 
So, how does your online presence stand up next to your competition?
Today, I want to talk specifically about websites as they are foundational to your online success.  Without a website, your real estate company won’t feel legit to potential clients, and that’s not the message you want to send!  Taking it a step further, an unfinished … (31 comments)

va: The Power of a Logo & 3 Signs You Might Need a New One! - 08/22/13 12:04 PM

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks when passing by a stack of mail or a rack of business cards?  Something catches your eye and makes you take a second look, you may even stop long enough to find out more.  What is it that makes you take notice?  A great logo.
Logos are a visual way to represent your company in a single glance and can give the mind a quick point of reference whenever that logo is seen.  Having a fantastic logo for your real estate company shouldn’t be underrated, and is something for which each … (4 comments)

va: Who Sees Your Posts? Here are Facebook's Latest Guidelines! - 08/08/13 02:27 PM

Wondering who sees your Facebook posts?
Recently, Facebook let us all in on a little secret about their mysterious algorithms for posting items in the news feed.  Gone are the days of EdgeRank being a factor, in fact, one Facebook spokesperson noted that EdgeRank is a term that’s never used internally, but has been pushed by the media.  
The algorithm that was EdgeRank was one of Facebook’s earliest ways to determine which news items showed up in user’s feeds.  Now?  It pretty much comes down to you.
As you know from using your own personal Facebook … (2 comments)

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