virtual assistant: How to Hire a Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant! - 04/13/14 09:23 PM
As we all know, the spring and summer seasons tend to be some of the most busy for the real estate professional. With listings rolling in, prospective buyers eager to find that perfect property and each client at different stages of the real estate process, most of you are probably very happily busy and maybe even wondering if it's the right time to begin searching for some extra help. Whether you're just looking for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant team to handle your website and social media presence or you're seeking something more in-depth and all-encompassing, finding the ideal help can … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: Tips for Using LinkedIn to Your Professional Advantage! - 04/01/14 05:48 PM
Out of many social networks, each with their own pros, cons, audiences and suggested uses, LinkedIn has long been the overall standard for professional virtual networking. With a user base of over 259 million professionals across the globe (Source:, it covers just about every industry, trade and profession. While most people realize that creating an account, filling it in with your experience, education and other resume points and connecting with colleagues past and present is key, what many don't realize is how much more this social network can offer! Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team tends to be very active … (4 comments)

virtual assistant: 3 Things to Take Out of Your Marketing Budget! - 03/26/14 08:20 AM
As a longtime Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we are very well-versed in all different aspects of marketing, advertising and listing coordination and project management. We enjoy staying on top of evolving technology and strive to think outside of the box – Which means that we often have many brand new ideas and recommendations for real estate professionals as well as many thoroughly researched suggestions as to what the best avenues are to dedicate your marketing budget dollars. However, as many places as there are that are worth spending some time and money on, there are also a few marketing ideas … (4 comments)

virtual assistant: How To Stay Healthy in the Spring Season! - 03/18/14 06:08 PM
As a longtime Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we are very familiar with the ins and outs of a real estate professional's busy life. The spring season can be exceptionally chaotic, filled with new listings, buyers eager to begin property shopping and a seemingly endless amount of tasks that must be done before each client's closing date. It goes without saying that it is incredibly important to stay healthy throughout the year, but particularly during the busy times to ensure that deadlines aren't missed and clients feel attended to and satisfied. With so much going on throughout the day, it can … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Social Media Marketing Statistics to Remember! - 03/11/14 06:38 PM
Everyone has heard the age-old phrase that “knowledge is power”. This is particularly true in business, and especially within the real estate industry. Professionals are highly dependent on themselves for clients and referrals, and the ability to reach out will certainly determine success. As a professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant team, we often field questions about social media marketing and its importance. While we can cite many examples of social media success and how its now an integral part of a real estate professional’s life, oftentimes the facts speak for themselves. Here is just a sample of some mind-blowing, eye-popping social … (13 comments)

virtual assistant: 5 Great Apps to Boost Your Productivity! - 03/04/14 04:36 PM
In today’s world of smart phones, clouds and technology at your fingertips, downloadable apps can be fantastic tools used to boost productivity and increase convenience in your daily life. With technology changing quickly and new apps being released every day, it is essential as a real estate professional to know what’s out there and how it can make your life easier. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team are big proponents of working both harder AND smarter, and understand that staying abreast of evolving technology can make a big difference in your day-to-day business in the long run. We understand how chaotic … (14 comments)

virtual assistant: Spring Postcard Ideas to Get in Touch With Clients! - 02/26/14 04:40 PM
With the spring real estate market upon us, client outreach can be a very powerful tool to get in touch with past clients and introduce yourself to future ones! One of the most common, inexpensive and easiest ways to do this is by a simple postcard campaign. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has planned and executed hundreds of custom print mailings for our clients and can recommend a few ideas for what works well in a postcard campaign. Some suggestions include:
-Spring forward. A simple reminder of the upcoming time change and letting homeowners know to when to set their … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: 4 Must-Have Features for Your Real Estate Website! - 02/14/14 09:33 AM
A real estate professional’s website may very well be one of their most important marketing tools! Ensuring that yours is working for you and meeting the criteria of a successful website in today’s rapid-paced information age is important for seeing a return on your investment. While there are many essential aspects to a quality, successful website, there are a few things that are of the utmost importance. These “must-have” features include:
-Mobile Capabilities. The great majority of property searches are conducted online, and the mobile industry is only expected to continue its explosive growth. This means that more and more property … (14 comments)

virtual assistant: The 4 Steps to Owning Your Social Media Presence! - 02/11/14 08:56 AM
Over the years, our Real Estate Virtual Assistant team has recognized the importance of social networking, online marketing and how it relates to a real estate professional's brand. As experts on the ins and outs of social media, we wanted to share a few tips for getting a foothold in all of the various networks out there, what exactly they do and how they can help your business. For those starting out, there are four major categories that most social networks (used by beginners) fall into:
1. The Local Networks. Localized social networks, such as Yelp!, Angie's List, Google Places, … (2 comments)

virtual assistant: Creative Ways to Touch Prospects Before the Spring Season! - 02/04/14 11:15 AM
With spring (and the beginning of a new real estate season!) just around the corner, outreach to prospects and clients is critical. While there are many creative ways to “touch” your connections and get in front of those that may need your services this year, there are a few tried and true methods that are always a good idea. Some ways to consider reaching out in the coming weeks include:
1.       Use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great social media tool for professionals in all industries, but for those of us who depend on referrals from our connections? LinkedIn is one … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: 3 Ways to Connect with Your Clients & Community This Holiday Season! - 11/07/13 09:47 AM

If you’ve been in the real estate industry for some time, you understand the importance of connecting with your clients.  Finding connecting points helps to build trust and develop a relationship that goes beyond the sale of a home.  
This is one of the reasons we encourage real estate agents, brokers and others we work with in the real estate industry to get involved in the community in which they serve!  Showing your care and support for the community will not only make you look like an expert in your area, but will offer clients a way to … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Don't Be Scared to Delegate! 3 Simple Tips to Get Started! - 10/31/13 02:50 PM

Being a little scared during Halloween festivities is part of what makes this spooky holiday so fun.  However, when it comes to business, fear shouldn’t be a part of the equation!  
No one wants to admit that fear holds them back in real estate success, but if we really think; it oftentimes does.  In fact, fear can be the biggest reason we are overworked and stressed out!  
Now, you may be wondering what the correlation is between fear and having too much on your plate.  The answer?  Delegating.
Delegating your work to others can be … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: 5 Tips from Halloween to Help Your Business Thrive! - 10/24/13 11:18 AM

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m sure you’ve been inundated with stores filled with costumes and candy, or have your own trick or treaters who are anxiously awaiting the upcoming sugar fest.
And, while this can be a fun time to indulge in sweets and dress up in the best costumes, Halloween can also provide great insight into how we manage our businesses in the real estate industry!
Sound a little far fetched?  Read on to see how these five Halloween tips translate into your career!
1. Don’t wear last year’s costume- Trick or Treaters … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: Never Run Out of Blogging Topics with These 3 Tips! - 09/26/13 04:51 PM

As a blogger, I know that one of the hardest parts of blogging is coming up with a subject.  Perhaps you’ve been in the same boat!  You sit down to write your weekly post and find yourself searching for an idea.  You look at what you’ve written over the past few weeks, check your email, begin to glance over your “To Do” list and, before you know it; you’ve given up and are on to the next thing.  For anyone who’s attempted blogging on a regular basis; we’ve all been there.
So, how can you consistently come up with … (7 comments)

virtual assistant: What Do Your Colors Say About Your Brand? - 09/19/13 01:35 PM

Have you ever thought about what the colors of your branding say about you and your company?  I came across an article that noted the meaning of colors and, while so much of this is subconscious, colors really can play into how people perceive your brand!
So, does choosing colors for your company logo, website and marketing come down to more than picking your favorites?  Absolutely! 
Here are a few tips for choosing the right colors for your company:
1. Know what emotion you want to convey- Do you want your real estate service to evoke trust?  … (8 comments)

virtual assistant: 5 Simple Tips for Achieving Your Fitness Goals! - 09/12/13 03:15 PM

As a busy real estate agent or industry professional, you are constantly on the go.  Whether you’re heading off to your next showing, are in the office talking through marketing strategies or are meeting with a potential client; your life is filled from the moment you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow.  
So, it comes as no surprise that creating a healthy lifestyle with a focus on getting enough exercise can oftentimes feel like a lofty goal.  You don’t have an hour to sit down to a relaxing dinner let alone an hour to … (4 comments)

virtual assistant: The Power of Pinterest- 5 Tips to Effectively Use Your Business Page! - 09/05/13 02:55 PM

Pinterest has quickly grown into one of the top social media sites online.  What began as a place for individuals to collect recipes, home decorating ideas and other inspirational projects has grown into a major way to market for businesses!
If you don’t currently have a Pinterest page for your real estate industry business; we would love to help you set one up!  
But, if you do have one and aren’t quite sure where to go next with making Pinterest work in your favor; read on! 
Here are five key tips for creating a compelling … (5 comments)

virtual assistant: A Zig Ziglar Approach to Real Estate - 11/29/12 01:03 PM

“Stop selling. Start helping.”
When it came to motivational speeches and inspirational quotes, Zig Ziglar seemed to be full of them.  We can all probably think of a few of our own favorites from this world renown salesman turned power consultant, and speaker to millions.  

For many, his passing on Wednesday at the age of 86, was a day to look back and remember his positive life with a sense of resolve to be more like Ziglar.  He had faced many hurdles in his life growing up in a home of twelve children with a single … (3 comments)

virtual assistant: Your RealBuzz Update: Getting in the Halloween Spirit - Facebook Style - 10/29/12 10:41 AM

virtual assistant: Get Noticed on Twitter Using 5 Strategic Tactics! - 10/23/12 04:18 PM
Twitter can be a tricky system to get the hang of. Trust me – I’ve been there. But throughout my time as a real estate virtual assistant, I have helped many real estate agents reach their Twitter potential using the latest tips, tricks and techniques. One of the main goals of any social networking platform is to be noticed, right? Whether we are promoting are website, blog or new office space, we want our posts to be seen and we want to get results. So, how do we get noticed? How do we stand out from the rest? Take a look … (2 comments)

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