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You may not have even known, but last fall I made a big tadah about moving to Austin, Texas. But I'm moving back to the Greater San Antonio area next week. I didn't say San Antonio because even though my new house is surrounded by San Antonio, and has a San Antonio address, it's in the City of Al...
Trying to be creative, I decided not to write with a title. Kind of fun because I feel free - like I can say whatever I want and not be out of topic.   I really love the AR community in and out of the rain. I get to hangout with colleagues that are fun and innovative people. I live in a fairly co...
Step 1:  Read blogs and watch movies that are outside of your industry. Step 2:  Start writing before developing a title.   Step 3:  Have a brain storming session with sales colleages in other industries. Step 4:  Write from a room where you don't normally work. Step 5:  Read ideas on how to beco...
Small Business Footprint is a term I made up to play on Global Footprint.  I might need to explain Global Footprint to a few; it's the physical impact you make by consumption. In the GREEN world we talk about natural resource consumption, waste, pollution, etc. If you buy stuff, is it long-lastin...
I heard there was a time when REALTORS had to flip through a 1,000 lb property listings book - thank God I wasn't around then!  Then came the MLS and Internet when everybody thought REALTORs would be replaced by technology, like Travel Agents. But we're not dealing with $5,000 one time vacations,...
We had a great time today at Home Slice! Had a bit of a scare when we saw a sign "Closed Tuesday" - how weird is that? Turns out that only the patio area and second building was closed. It was a beautifully sunny day but chilly, in the 60s so eating inside was fine by us!! This little mom & pop p...
I said I'd post my Day 2 blog this afternoon but I jumped the gun! I was really inspired to do a video this morning so you could really hear my heart & know that it's not as hard as you might think.  I have many loved ones who share food photos on social media that are disease drivers and anti-he...
If you know me you know I have become fit focused. I'm on Day 2 of my newest journey but was swamped with work yesterday so I'm going to double blog today; Day 2 will appear this afternoon.  I am going to try to blog daily about the T25 experience for accountability and to encourage others. Today...
If you don't know Josh Altman from Bravo's Millionaire Listings show, you should! He's not the arrogant guy you see on TV; he's a witty, charming guy that knows how to market himself and close deals.  I had the fortunate opportunity to hear him speak at the Luxury Summit in San Antonio last week....
Eight years ago,  if you asked me to run a 5K I'd of said no! Today I run 4.25 miles twice a week and training for a 10K run (6.6 miles).  My WHY is to live healthier, have a higher quality of life with my children and future grandchildren, and to be the very best I can be. An agile body = an agi...

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