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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!
However, it may not be the best question. If you talk to any ten home inspectors and ask them if they walk the roofs they inspect, some will say never, some will say sometimes, and others will say everyone they possibly can. There are good reasons to not walk on roofs, and in the State of Washing...
Why would anyone say the following in an inspection report? 1.    The exterior finish has been updated. Is re-painting a house truly updating?  Maintaining the paint on a house is something that is expected---comes with the territory.  Updating to me would be replacing the siding with something t...
We go to great lengths to make homes safe electrically. The truth is, for both electric shock and fire, we have actually done a very good job. With all we have done however, our home’s electrical systems are only “safer”---not “safe.” The reason why they will never be 100% safe is because all ele...
Cracks in solid wood floor joists and beams are not uncommon.  Some do not even matter much.  This is especially true of ones that are the result of the natural drying process of the wood.  These “checks” as they are called, are especially common in larger timbers---like the 6x6 support posts you...
Broken seals on windows can be hard to detect or easy to see if they are badly fogged up. Sometimes they show up when the sun shines on them and other times they do not show themselves at all.  Sometimes the seals fail and moisture, either from inside the home or outside the home, finds its way i...
Home inspectors will often look for “circumstantial evidence” of issues around the home.  Things like water stains will be identified as evidence of at least past moisture conditions or possibly ongoing moisture issues. For example if it has not rained for 2 months, a roof that leaks and stains a...
Seems like this would be an odd juxtaposition because the last thing our houses would need would be Carpenter Ants on drugs. Carpenter Ants are interesting because they don’t eat our houses they merely mine the wood and other materials as a place to store their eggs.  The parent nest is typically...
Well in this case, it was more likely some over-handy homeowner. But let me digress for a moment. The electrical grounding of low voltage systems like the telephone, cable and even the dish antenna has evolved over the years. Originally we only had phone systems and they often were not grounded a...

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