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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!
This post will be an attempt to clarify the title of the post. While this simple fact may seem obvious, we constantly hear stories about what the inspector should have been able to see, superman style, when the remodeling starts.In the best of scenarios the inspector will note the warning signs t...
Not everything home inspectors discover during an inspection is “important” in the sense of whether it will make or break a deal.  Lots of times those major kinds of issues are already obvious to everyone involved.  Sometimes I wonder if some of the homes I am asked to look at is more of an attem...
Stack effect can be so minimal as to not even be a factor in your home, other times it can be like a wind tunnel that can open doors or slam them shut. So what is the definition of “Stack Effect?” Stack effect is the movement of air into and out of buildings, chimneys, (and other things) as the r...
When things need to be fixed or replaced we either fix them or repair them ourselves or hire someone that can.  Sometimes we even build additions onto our homes—hopefully by qualified parties, but that is not the point. All of these things are an opportunity for mistakes to happen. Even with the ...
The roof was replaced 15 years ago. The roof surface was in very good condition, with not much to write home about. In the course of the inspection I like to verify that all exhaust equipment terminates where it is supposed to terminate—as in outdoors. The Inspection of the kitchen was pretty cas...
There are several words and phrases in the English language that we could probably do just as well without. Words like “should.” What a deal breaker word this is. I mean really, who are we to say what anyone else should or should not do?religionsWords like “try.” Either you do something or you do...
It was explained to me that the owner had installed the vinyl tile floor about 13 years ago and this “crack” had developed about a month ago.  The settlement at the crack was about ½ inch but 10 feet away it was close to 3 inches of drop. It is not uncommon to see cracks and slopes in 100 year ol...
Most of us that have been in the real estate industry for any period of time have witnessed a shift in what it looks like to be a home inspector.  While I was not a home inspector 35 years ago, I know some that were. 35 years ago there were no fancy report writing systems and no digital photograp...
Take a look at this nice bench seat in a large custom shower enclosure. It may or may not jump right out at you but there is something seriously wrong, seriously illogical, about the installation. The problem is the glass does not sit "on top" of the tiles; it is instead trapped in place by tiles...

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