reno real estate: Easter Sunday 2014 in Reno - 04/13/14 10:01 PM
Easter Sunday 2014 in Reno
This Sunday, April 20th is Easter Sunday 2014 in Reno.  Even though the Easter Bunny will have had a busy Saturday evening hiding eggs, I have it on good authority that he will be making appearances around the City of Reno throughout the day.  Where is he going to be popping up near you?
What: Brunch with Bunny
Where: Circus Circus (500 N Sierra)
When: 9am to 1pm
Contact: (775) 329-0711
The Easter Bunny is holding court at the Circus Circus Courtyard Buffet on Easter Day in Reno.  Make sure you bring your camera to take advantage of this … (0 comments)

reno real estate: I Think Reno Can Be... - 04/07/14 08:51 AM
I Think Reno Can Be...
Personally, I think Reno can be amazing.  I've thought so for the many years I have lived here, worked here and raised my family here.  The City of Reno recently began their #thinkreno campaign to find out what Reno citizens think Reno can be.  Now is your chance to let City officials know what you think.
How #thinkreno Works
Do you have an idea on how to improve our way of life here in Reno?  The size and scope of the idea isn't the issue.  In fact, there is no such thing as "small ideas" … (2 comments)

reno real estate: Rastro Reno 2014 Opening Day - 03/31/14 09:55 AM
Rastro Reno 2014 Opening Day
El Rastro de Madrid is an open air market held in Spain that goes all the way back to medieval times.  While our version doesn't go back nearly as far, Rastro Reno was inspired by El Rastro de Madrid.  This annual open air market takes the average farmer's market to a whole new level.  Rastro Reno 2014 opening day is April 6th and you won't want to miss what's in store to start this season off.
What: Rastro Reno 2014 Opening Day
Where: ReTRAC Plaza, downtown Reno (3rd St & Virginia to W Commercial Row & W St)
When: Sunday, … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Jazz Festival 2014 - 03/24/14 09:11 AM
Reno Jazz Festival 2014
For more than 50 years, the Reno Jazz Festival has brought the most talented musicians (both professional and students) that jazz music has to offer to the Reno area.  For the Reno Jazz Festival 2014, this trend continues to be on point.  Whether you are a jazz connoisseur or have simply been a little curious to find out what it's all about, be prepared to be wowed.
What: Reno Jazz Festival 2014
When: April 10-12, 2014
Where: University of Nevada, Reno (1041 N Virginia St)
Cost: Varies
Contact: Lawlor Events Center Box Office (800) 325-7328
School bands from all over the … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Real Estate Market in February 2014 - 03/10/14 08:08 AM
Reno Real Estate Market in February 2014
Spring is in the air.  The sun is just now beginning to peek its shiny face out from behind the clouds.  The Reno real estate market in February 2014 saw a slight change from the previous month.

While the number of active Reno listings has remained similar to those in January, the mix of homes on the Reno real estate market in February 2014 has made an interesting shift.  For example, short sales now make up 30% of the Reno real estate market...a 6% decrease over the previous month.  Also, Reno homes for sale … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Senior Giving Tree 2013 - 12/02/13 10:40 AM
Reno Senior Giving Tree 2013 Christmas is easily my favorite holiday of the year in Reno.  The air just seems to be filled with magic and everyone tends to be more cheerful, especially now that Black Friday is over.  When making plans to spend the holiday season with your loved ones, it's easy to forget that many senior citizens don't have anyone coming to see them.  Also, since many of them are on a fixed income, it can be a struggle to keep up with the day-to-day items they require.  You can help by visiting a Reno Senior Giving Tree 2013 … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Northstar California Opening Weekend 2013 - 11/18/13 10:41 AM
Northstar California Opening Weekend 2013 One of the benefits of living in the Reno area is our access to some spectacular skiing.  This winter is no exception.  This Friday, Saturday and Sunday marks the Northstar California opening weekend 2013 near Reno and there are several fun events planned to start the season off right.
What: Northstar California Opening Weekend 2013
Where: Northstar California Resort (5001 Northstar Dr, Truckee, CA)
When: November 22-24, 2013
Time: Lifts start up at 8am
Contact: (800) 466-6784
During Northstar California opening weekend 2013, skiers will be the first to receive opening weekend gifts and prizes from the Northstar California Resort.  For example, an … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Veterans Day Parade 2013 - 11/04/13 09:28 AM
Reno Veterans Day Parade 2013 If you weren't aware of it, Veterans Day is next Monday, November 11, 2013.  In observance, all government offices in Reno as well as public schools, the DMV and the local public libraries will be closed for the day.  A special Reno Veterans Day Parade 2013 is scheduled throughout downtown Reno on Monday to honor those brave men and women who have fought for our freedom in the past.
What: Reno Veterans Day Parade 2013
When: November 11, 2013 11am to 12pm
Where: Powning Park to 5th St, Reno
Those marching bands you hear and the flag waving … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Food for Fines at Reno Libraries 2013 - 10/28/13 09:21 AM
Food for Fines at Reno Libraries 2013 Books are a wonderful way to pass the time.  Reno libraries are a great resource to find classic novels as well as new releases.  In addition to books, you can rent movies, surf the internet, learn how to work a computer and so much more.  In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, sometimes, we forget when our books are due.  This incurs a fine.  For three weeks in November, you can put away your wallet and settle your debt with canned goods with Food for Fines at Reno libraries 2013.
What: Food for … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Decompression 2013 - 10/14/13 10:21 AM
Reno Decompression 2013 What is Reno Decompression 2013?  You've probably heard of Burning Man.  That's the celebration of all things artistic in Nevada's Black Rock Desert held every summer.  A whole city springs up out of the barren desert, a community thrives and it is all torn down and returned back to nature by the end of the festival.  Reno Decompression 2013 is Reno's answer to Burning Man on a much smaller scale.
What: Reno Decompression 2013
Where: 555 E 4th St, Reno
When: October 19, 2013, 8pm
Cost: $10 presale, $20 at the door (must be 21+ years old)
Unlike the annual Burning Man … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Street Vibrations Fall Rally 2013 - 09/23/13 10:55 AM
Reno Street Vibrations Fall Rally 2013 Get your motor runnin'.  Head out OFF the highways!  For the 18th year in a row, the City of Reno will be vibrating with the sounds of motorcycles.  The Reno Street Vibrations Fall Rally 2013 comes to town this Wednesday through Sunday.  And there is so much to see and do, it can't be contained to just one city!
What: Reno Street Vibrations Fall Rally 2013
Where: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Virginia City and Lake Tahoe
When: September 25-29, 2013
The Reno Street Vibrations Fall Rally 2013 celebrates motorcycles, music and much more.  Daily motorcycle tours throughout the … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Air Races - 09/09/13 10:42 AM
Reno Air Races Who says you need a strip of land to race on?  This week, the Reno/Stead Airport brings racing to the air at the 2013 Reno Air Races.  Watch as pilots compete against each other in the world's only closed course pylon racing event.  It's excitement at its best!
What: Reno Air Races
Where: Reno/Stead Airport (4895 Texas Ave, Reno)
When: September 11-15, 2013
You don't want to miss what USA Today has called one of the 10 Best Air Shows in the world!  There will be six different classes of airplanes battling it out just 60 feet in the air during the 2013 … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Great Reno Balloon Race 2013 - 09/02/13 10:13 AM
Great Reno Balloon Race 2013 Anyone who lives here knows that Reno has some of the most beautiful surroundings in the country.  September skies beg to be ridden.  The Great Reno Balloon Race 2013 is willing to take on that call.
What: Great Reno Balloon Race 2013
Where: Ranch San Rafael Regional Park (1595 N Sierra)
When: September 6-8, 2013
Admission: FREE
Past Great Reno Balloon Race events have been awarded the honors of both Best Special Event in Reno and the Best Special Event in Northern Nevada.  One visit to the Great Reno Balloon Race 2013 and you'll see why.  First of all, … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Photo Contest - 08/12/13 11:03 AM
Reno Photo Contest The City of Reno is going to be overhauling their website.  The new design will be rolled out in September.  You can be a part of the new look by entering and winning the Reno Photo Contest.
Thanks to a suggestion from a Reno resident on, residents are invited to add their submissions to the Reno Photo Contest that will help showcase what they like best about living in the Biggest Little City in the World.  From now until August 26th, 2013, the City will be accepting entries via either Pinterest or email from Reno residents that include … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Hot August Nights 2013 - 08/05/13 11:13 AM
Reno Hot August Nights 2013 August is finally here.  All Reno residents know what that means...Reno Hot August Nights 2013 has arrived!  Beginning tomorrow, August 6th and continuing through Sunday, August 11th, the streets of Reno will be buzzing with the sound of hot music and even hotter classic rides.
Owners of more than 5,000 classic cars and hot rods are expected to show up for Reno Hot August Nights 2013.  These cars will be on display for judging at several Show-n-Shine events throughout the week.  The Best of Show winners for each day of judging (45 total) will go on … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Dinner With Your Dog in Reno - 07/22/13 10:05 AM
Dinner With Your Dog in Reno For many Reno families, their pets are more than just animals...they're members of the family.  Unless you take them to the park, the doggy spa or a pet supplies store, your furry friends usually end up staying at home while you are out and about.  Leaving them in the car while you are running errands is a definite NO-NO for any length of time, especially during the hot summer months.  One local Reno restaurant offers a unique dining experience that includes your ENTIRE family.  How about dinner with your dog in Reno?
What: Dinner With … (3 comments)

reno real estate: Free Weekly Concerts in Reno - 07/15/13 10:57 AM
Free Weekly Concerts in Reno The City of Reno has long been known for its gambling establishments.  Its growing popularity has brought a wealth of other talents to the area as well.  Food and wine connoisseurs are quickly acknowledging the chefs and vintners found in the Reno area.  Musicians are seeing the value of honing their crafts here as well.  As part of Artown 2013, the Sierra Arts Foundation is holding free weekly concerts in Reno at their gallery located in the Riverside building throughout the rest of July.
One weekly concert isn't enough.  Two will hardly do at all.  That's … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Buildings, Bites and Brews - 07/08/13 10:45 AM
Reno Buildings, Bites and Brews As the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno is typically identified with its gambling establishments.  However, it has quickly become just as well known for its food and wine thanks to some tremendously talented chefs and vintners in the Reno area.  If you're looking for a way to combine tasty food, locally brewed beers and a bit of Reno history, look no further.  The Reno Buildings, Bites and Brews tour fits the bill.
What: Reno Buildings, Bites and Brews
Where: Reno Riverwalk District
When: July 13, 2013 from 1pm to 4pm
Cost: $20 per person in advance, $25 … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Summer Food Program - 06/17/13 10:14 AM
Reno Summer Food Program In a country like ours, there is no reason anyone should ever go hungry...especially kids.  The Reno Summer Food Program keeps children 18 years of age and younger fed at various locations in the Reno area throughout the summer break.  All this is provided absolutely free of charge thanks to both the City of Reno and the US Department of Agriculture.  This helps ensure that all children, no matter what their parents' financial position is, will be fed even when school is out.
Participating Reno Summer Food Program Locations Reno schools, parks and the community center will be … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Rate Update - 05/28/13 09:33 AM
You've decided to purchase a Reno home.  That's a smart move.  Home prices have begun to creep upward and real estate experts are predicting that they will continue to increase throughout 2013 due to an increase in demand.  The interest rate you pay will be a major factor in determining what your monthly mortgage payment will be.  Let me give you a quick Reno rate update so you know what you can expect.
According to, as of May 22, 2013, the average 30 year fixed rate mortgage (FRM) can be purchased at 3.7%.  That makes the third week in a … (0 comments)

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