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Unmistakeable is the drawl, unexplainable is the tone and unfortunate is the target of the Southern Woman's disdain. As the social barometer rises in the sultry sweet south, one thing goes unaffected by the heightened humidity and lowered productivity. Clearly heard in garden parties and cocktail...
Typically my Sunday mornings are guarded moments of motherhood mixed with necessary bursts of house cleaning topped gently with the occasional extended cup of coffee. It is rare that I am exposed to television chatter on anything other than Mickey Mouse. Due to some wrinkle in time or remote cont...
As our sleeves become shorter, the days longer and the smiles broader, evidence of our favorite season decorates the sweetest of Southern seaside towns. Like someone kicked an ant bed, we scurry about in every direction soaking up all that is sun drenched and soul laden as we turn towards the sun...
It is ingrained in my very being, nestled deep in the fiber of who I am. Hard work, dedication, determination and drive all come standard. Easy never has never been a friend, never stopped by for a visit, never called when times were tough. Difficult is my favorite song and I know the words by he...
There is a certain purity in the dark throes of exhaustion, a time in which there is no desire for pleasantries, pretension fades into perspective and instinct prevails. A gentle nudge from the edge of reason and a slight thump from the hand of humanity is all that threads the final cloth of the ...
All jobs require a specific skill set, a particular professional swagger, an acquired air of ability that translate into an unquestioned competence. The world of real estate is no different. Unlike the thirty minute episodes of HGTV, pairing home seekers with a new home doesn’t always consist of ...
In the blink of an eye, the change of a diaper and the heartbeat of healing recession, Trulia takes over the world. Doubtful that I am remembered by the current movers, shakers and blogger extraordinaires; but there was a time when I enjoyed the raindrops quite frequently.    I blinked. It is pos...
  It is similar to the famous Running of The Bulls without the horns, it separates the weak from the strong, the social from the awkward and men from boys. Nomads from near and far hear the call and make their way towards the water, the sun, the sand and the beer tent. It is an awakening of sorts...
As thin as the fading line may be between self-restraint and self-discipline there is still a line. Discipline is one of my oldest and dearest friends, always arriving in times of doubtful disdain making difficult decisions less of an evil acquaintance. Discipline, although not my most gregarious...
Standing at the entrance of the seemingly endless black hole that was the hallway to my parent’s bedroom during a strong Southern storm, explaining to my father the unfortunate misplacement of my little sister while playing Cowgirls and Indians in the woods, confessing to my third grade math teac...

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