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  We should see inventory levels start to rise in January and most likely a large buyer pool to go with it.  We have had a shortgage of inventory over the past two years and the large buyer pool helped to drive up prices, good news for sellers.     Hastings Single Family Home Sales   Sales Unit ...
  Many home sellers often ask when is the best time to put their home on the market in Westchester County NY.  They hear people say "wait until the holidays are over" and the "spring is always best".  I agree with the first part but in my expert opinion the months leading up to the spring market...
This is such a great reminder of how we can obsess, stress, and worry about something but when it's finally here we soon forget.  A journey can be full of twists, turns, excitement, sadness, happiness, and some dark moments.  It's these times that we need to be most aware and and practice the too...
  Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac announced a new program, Home Possible Advantage, this week that allows a 3% minimum down payment for first time home buyers.  One of the most popluar questions I get is "how much dow we have to put down".  Many buyers have great credit and income but don't have 10 o...
  The comfort zone is a neighborhood that we are all very familiar with, some more then others.  From an early age we are taught that stepping outside of our comfort zone will open us up to many opportunities.  This mindset can be very lonely and it may take others in our life to help make us aw...
  Talk about having your glass half full.  This list shows us that anything can be turned into a positive.  The ability to see the positive is completely up to us.  Study this list and try to apply it to anyone in your life this coming week or even yourself.  You might just like someone a little...
  Over the years I have had many clients buy, plan to renovate, but decided to hold off because they were comfortable in the home.  Then, when it came time to sell they seriously considered making improvements just to get a higher dollar amount for the home.  A home owner never see's a dollar fo...
  "Talking About Our Problems Is Our Greatest Addiction, Let's Break The Habit And Talk About Our Joys"   It's hard to realize how much we can talk about our problems and not enough about what really makes us happy.  Some can't see happiness because their problems seem so great.  If we start, on...
The holiday season is well underway, locally and nationally.  If you thought Christmas was too much to handle try adding two handfuls of holidays dedicated to food.  I can't think of a better place then NYC to enjoy a month of food holidays.  We have a never ending list of eaterys and new ones p...
  "The Only Person You Should Strive To Be Better Then Is The Person You Were Yesterday"   Everyday is a chance to be the best person you can be.  To me this means trying to see the good in everybody and everything, staying positive, and being nice to others.  The time I need to practice this mo...

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