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We discuss different ways to reach buyers in this tight market including old ways with a new twist. It is about moving your property faster. Why "Change Marketing"? The company name is D3 which was based on the mathematical symbol Delta which means Change and the exponent 3 for cubed. Our goal has always been to accellerate business growth through a change in thinking when it comes to marketing.



As I was writing this article a friend sent me the following story.  It was coincidental and is way more detail than I intended for a Friday article, so if you are in the mood for detail, go to the Mashable story.  My quick question was if I visit your Facebook Business Page, Why should I Like Y...
Come Give me a Kiss.  You know you Like Me. Do you Like Me Like Me or just Facebook Like Me? Facebook in its ever increasing role to take over the universe has modified its Like Feature again.  Now you can modify your Like Button to be a Like/Send button allowing your visitors to just send the i...
If during Active Rain's outtage yesterday you missed it:  What does your site look like on a smart phone? No fancy pictures today, we are getting down and dirty and talking tech, though there won't be any code samples.  You want the keys to the car, here you go.  Here is how to make your site loo...
Last week we talked about QR Codes extensively.  QR Codes are great unless you take your user to a site that doesn't work well on a phone.  Then it could be detrimental to you. Smart Phone Specs The iPhone4 has arguably the best display out there so we will use that for our conversation.  The scr...
Check out this picture that is circulating the wires.  This early Easter Egg was found and is proof that the Easter Bunny not only exists, but his team is on the cutting edge of marketing.  What does it mean?  Where does that QR Code lead?  Is it virtual chocolate? Go ahead Scan It.  You know you...
Today is Earth Day.  The day that all of us roll out our spin on how our product is green and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done in our "green initiative".  Most of the time it is just spin, but my article is the real deal.  Why?  Well of course because I wrote it. This week, I have co...
A full series on QR Codes wouldn't be complete without looking at the opposite side of the coin.  I have to say this is tough for me because, well, let's face it, I firmly believe in the power of the QR Code.  But in fairness, let me cover the different arguments against QR Codes. I don't want p...
When do you QR? The biggest question we hear from realtors is "When (where or how) should I use QR Codes in my business?" By its nature, QR Codes are used to provide valuable additional content for people who scan it.  So with that as the basis of WHY you are using QR Codes, let's look at a list ...
If you are a parent and hear that coming from the other room, you know that disaster is about to befell you when you go in that room.  So often what they did by themselves is something like putting a PB&J in the DVD player or painting the wall or pouring a glass of milk and only getting 20% in th...
QR Codes As you may or may not know, we are in the process of launching a QR Code based product for realtors.  That being said, I am not pitching that product here, but rather sharing some statistics that we uncovered during the process of creating a white paper for the site. In a 2011 survey, 65...

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